Get Pregnant with a Girl or a Boy

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If you have a platoon of sons or daughters, it is a sign that you have left everything to chance and probabilities in the past. Perhaps, you have already decided against adding another child to your growing brood of sons or daughters fearing that the next one will still be of the same gender. It is a fact that many couples have bred more kids than they originally wanted or planned for trying to have a son or a daughter.

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Most would-be parents will not trade the health of a bouncy newborn to a preferred gender, yet it is undeniable that many would secretly fancy their babies to be either all-bundled up in pretty pink or soft, cuddly blue. Many still think that it will just remain a fanciful dream because determining the gender of child is something not within their control. However, this is not necessarily so if you understand a little genetics or you have explored savvy methods to have the baby that will complete your brood.

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If you seek the wisdom of the elders, they usually have a word of advice for you on how to make your first born a girl or a boy, or how to break a chain of straight girls or boys. Call them myths or old wives' tales, but most parents of this generation find it hard to believe these insights. Hard as it is to believe, a few of these have biological basis. You must have heard some fallacies and beliefs - pick the right time of your intimate act, change your position when making love, or alter your diet.

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Yes, you heard it right. You can choose the gender of your baby by influencing certain variables during conception or the act that leads to it. The question is, how you can control the variables involved in the gender determination during the fertilization of the egg. Maybe you need to start with a little understanding of human genetics - the science behind sex determination and the behavior of the X- and Y-bearing spermatozoa.

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Science behind the genders

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    Defining Gender/Sex Selection.
    When you decide you want a daughter or a son and you adopt a particular method to help you increase the probability of attaining the sex you selected, you are doing sex selection. There are various methods that you can use to increase the odds of getting what you want.
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    The Genetic Basis of Gender/Sex Selection:
    1. Normal humans all have two sets of 23 chromosomes (2N) in their cells; one comes from the mother and the other from the father.
    2. The eggs come from the ovaries; each has 23 chromosomes, with the 23rd having an X chromosome.
    3. The spermatozoa are produced in the testes; each also has 23 chromosomes with the 23rd either having a smaller, lighter Y chromosome or a large, heavier X chromosome.
    4. During fertilization, if the egg (with X chromosome) is fertilized by a larger spermatozoon carrying an X chromosome, the baby is predestined to become a "SHE."
    5. However, if the egg is fertilized by a spermatozoon with a lighter Y chromosome, the baby will be born as a "HE."
    6. The X-bearing spermatozoa are heavier and slower, but they have a longer life span. Conversely, those that carry the smaller Y chromosome are faster swimmers, yet their life span is short. These are the two points used as bases in the process of sex determination.
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Gender Selection: Science-assisted techniques

The odds of successfully conceiving a baby with a gender you prefer through scientific or medical procedures has been increased as it becomes greatly explored and investigated. If you are desperate, these can be the answer to your quest, but note that these procedures are expensive, invasive, and even controversial.

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    Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
    1. This is a highly controversial procedure that is only encouraged when there are serious medical reasons why a gender has to be selected.
    2. It is also considered as among the most effective technique in gender selection with an almost 100 percent precision in selecting a healthy embryo.
    3. This technique was designed to assist couples who are confirmed to be carriers of sex-linked genetic disorders.
    4. This is an intensive technique that utilizes in vitro fertilization (IVF) method. Healthy cells are extracted from the embryo and biopsied for certain specific results. Once the desired gender and heritable defective genes have been isolated, the embryo is implanted in the mother's womb.
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    Sperm Sorting Technique:
    1. The procedure sorts the spermatozoa into Y-bearing spermatozoa (boy-producing sperm or Y-sperm) and X-bearing spermatozoa (girl-producing sperm or X-sperm) through a method that entails measuring the DNA.
    2. Using the desired sperm (X-bearing or Y-bearing), the spermatozoa are allowed to fertilize the egg or ova either by intrauterine insemination (IUI) or by in vitro fertilization (IVF).
    3. The former (IUI) refers to the insertion of the preferred sperm of into the uterus of the host or mother. The latter (IVF) uses the selected sperm to fertilize an egg in vitro before it is implanted on the mother.
    4. The success rate of this technique is about 92 percent for girls and 81 percent for boys. Meanwhile, the pregnancy rate for IUI cycle is 15.6 percent, which is lower than the general clinical pregnancy rate of 32 percent using IVF/ICSI.
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    Ericsson Albumin Method:
    1. In this method, the sperms are separated using albumin. The ones that swim faster through the albumin are decided to be the Y-sperms and the sluggish ones to be the X-sperms. Depending on what the couple wants, the sperms are separated.
    2. These are then inserted through intrauterine insemination (IUI) or artificial insemination.
    3. If a girl is preferred, the woman can takes Clomid® to increase the odds for girls.
    4. The success rate of this method is about 75 percent. The success for girls is around 70-72 percent.
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Gender Selection: Low-tech Methods

If budget is a concern or you prefer the traditional way of conceiving, that is without any expensive medical-assisted procedure, there are certainly gender selection methods you can try. These are not as reliable as the PGD or sperm sorting technique, but have been proven to work.

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    The Shettles Method:
    1. This is still anchored on the facts that X-bearing sperms (X-sperm or girl-producing) are large, sluggish and can live longer, while the Y-bearing sperms (Y-sperm or boy-producing sperm) are lighter and faster, but with shorter life spans.
    2. So if you want a daughter, couples must have the intimate act two to four days prior to the woman's ovulation. This way, only the X-bearing sperms will be waiting around in the fallopian tubes by the time the woman's ova are released by the ovaries.
    3. If a boy is yearned for, however, the physical intimacy must happen as close to ovulation as possible. This will allow the light and fast-swimming Y-bearing sperm to get to the ovum ahead of the rest.
    4. There are also certain physical positions that can increase the chance of conceiving the desired gender. Deeper penetration can take the fast swimming Y-sperm closer to the ovum.
    5. This type of gender selection boasts of about 75 percent success rate, though there are no actual reports or documentation of this claim.
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    The Whelan Method:
    1. This is the reverse of the Shettles Method. It is the biochemical changes in a woman's body during her cycle that determine which sperm will fertilize the ovum.
    2. To conceive a boy, intercourse four to six days before ovulation is necessary. This is, however, thought to be too distant from the actual release of the egg and the spermatozoa are unlikely to live that long.
    3. To conceive a girl, the intimate act needs to happen two to three days prior to ovulation or on the same day of ovulation.
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    Use of gender-selection kits:
    1. To make the female tract more conducive to either type of sperm, the chemical conditions can be altered using certain kits containing douches or nutritional supplements.
    2. Medical experts, however, cast doubts on the claims.
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Gender Selection: The Old Wives' Tales

If neither the science-assisted techniques nor the low-tech methods appeal to you, there are old wives' tales that can tell you how to conceive a girl or a boy. While there are things that you can try on your own, there isn't much guarantee that you can select the gender of your offspring with precision. Some of these theories include:

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    Diet can influence baby's gender.
    1. If you want to have a son, you can encourage Y-sperm with salty foods, red meat, and foods rich in potassium. You can also include wheat grass, cucumber, kale, oregano, almonds, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, parsnips, sweet potatoes, pine watermelons, and nuts.
    2. If you want a daughter, make sure to have yogurt, eggs, and chocolate in your diet.
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    Your position when making love can also decide your baby's gender.
    Those positions that result in faster transmission of sperms to the egg are likely to result in conceiving a boy.
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When you and your partner start envisioning a "third wheel" in your life and you have visions of pinks or blues, trying some "old wives' tales" or low tech methods can work just fine. However, if you have genetic problems that are sex-related or you already have a big family and just want a girl or a boy added to that brood, maybe it is time to consider a science-assisted technique. Having a healthy baby is more than enough, but to pine for a son or daughter is quite normal. Be glad there are ways to get pregnant specifically with a girl or a boy.

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Questions and Answers

Want a baby boy medically with pgd?

I am a mother of a girl aged 30 months. I want a second boy with 100% surety, please help

IVF is extremely expensive for just using as gender selection. Put your husband and yourself on a diet rich with the foods in potassium if you are trying to conceive a boy. Track your ovulation cycles and only try to conceive on as close as possible to actual ovulation. Elevate your hips after making love to encourage a boy conception. It is important to note however that all of these methods may still result in a girl. The only 100% way to have surety is IVF and many infertility specialists will not perform the costly procedure simply just for gender and if they do the cost will not be covered by insurance plans.

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