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You're watching VisiHow. In this video, we're going to demonstrate how to get free applications for the Mac.

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    First, click the App Store
    The App Store icon is blue with pencils in the shape of an "A". Once App Store launches, you will be at the "Featured" menu. This menu has some of the applications that Apple is recommending at the time.
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    Click "Top Charts" at the top of the window
    "Top Charts" shows us the top paid, free, and grossing applications. For this tutorial, we'll focus on the free apps.
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    Click "See All" at the right side of the "Top Free" applications heading
    You will view more of the applications.
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    Click "GET" under the application you want
    For instance, to download the YouTube application, click the gray button under "App for YouTube..." that reads "GET". The button will turn green and read "INSTALL APP".
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    Click "INSTALL APP" to begin installation
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    Once the application has been installed, you can open it from the same location by clicking the "OPEN" button
    You will see an option to "Unlock Pro", which is a paid option. Like a lot of free applications, this app does allow in-product purchases.
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    To find out more information on in-product purchases before downloading the application, click the application name
    It is a hyperlink. On the next screen, you'll see the "Top In-App Purchases" section at the right side of the window. In this case, it's "Go Pro" for $2.99 that you can click.
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    As you scroll down, you will see user reviews and comments
    On the right side, you can also view information on the price, size, and language of the software.
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This was a tutorial on how to get free software for your Mac. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the space below. Thank you for watching VisiHow!

Video: Get Free Software for a Mac

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