Get Back at Your Girlfriend for Cheating

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Forgiving a simple mistake in a relationship is one thing; having been cheated on with another is different. If your girlfriend cheats with another man, it is a blow to your pride, confidence, and character. While you don't want any more pain arising from your girlfriend's mistake, getting back at her may sometimes work to alleviate the pain or teach her a valuable lesson, that is - never to cheat again. Read on!

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First Things First

Before you even start imagining how to get back at your girlfriend for cheating, you may want to reconsider the situation, or otherwise, look for more concrete evidence that she really is cheating on you. Remember that getting back at your girlfriend can end up in two ways. Either she realizes her mistake, apologizes and gets better, or instead hates you for getting back at her, whatever way you choose to do so. No matter what the issue is, it's best that you truly know she has cheated before you plan revenge. Check the signs below to determine if your girlfriend really is cheating.

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  • She is very secretive and guards her conversations on the phone, or even leaves the room altogether whenever she gets a call.
  • If you're the one who texts her first every time without getting a message in response, that probably is a sign.
  • She lies often, causing you concern about why she has such a bad attitude.
  • She picks fights too often. This may be due to her attempts to get away from you and spend more time with the other guy.
  • If your girlfriend suddenly becomes over-worried with her looks/appearance, which she doesn't normally do, then she may be trying to look good for someone else.
  • She flirts or chats with someone of the opposite sex.
  • She has been receiving or giving gifts to members of the opposite sex, who are not related to her.

Important: These are but a few of the signs that your girlfriend might be cheating on you. However, if you're really convinced that she is indeed cheating on you, or you have a strong evidence (ex. a friend saw her holding hands with another man, or you saw them yourself) if everything is settled and you're ready to get back at her, read on.

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Ways to Get Back at Your Cheating Girlfriend

  1. 1
    Run away.
    Sometimes it is best to just leave her when she has cheated on you. This does not mean you're breaking up with her, though. Allow two to three days with no contact between you two. Refrain answering her calls. If she comes to your house, ask your family to say that you're not available. Don't answer the door when you're home alone.

    If your girlfriend gives up easily, then it's obvious. If she truly treasures you, even a little bit, then she will probably feel lost without you. Cheating may feel good at first, but when the excitement is gone, the cheater will often look back with regrets for what he or she has lost. Make sure that she regrets losing you.
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  2. 2
    Direct Confrontation.
    What better to get back at your girlfriend other than a long, winding guilt trip? Sit down with her and deliver that critical speech. If nothing else, it's important that you consider treating the cheating head-on, and do so while it's still fresh. This way you will be able to draw from your pain and the anger you felt toward her. Confront her. Say what you want to say without using vulgar terms. If you want to go so far as to break-up with her (if you're that sure), then by all means, do so.

    Once you're done airing your anger and getting back at your girlfriend this way, it's usually good to turn your back on her and leave, at least for a while. Otherwise, stay and listen to her, and make amends if that is what you want. Just remember not to intervene when it's her time to talk. You can disagree without being disagreeable. If you want to hold on to your relationship, then it's important that you don't go overboard.
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  3. 3
    Counter Drama.
    Give her a dose of her own medicine. In this step, you should ask a girlfriend of yours to go along with a drama about you two having an affair. The girl should be game and willing to see this drama through to the end, though, or you will only look like a fool in front of your girlfriend. Go to a place where you know your girlfriend usually goes. Get close to your friend, and act as if you two are lovers.

    Girls are naturally territorial with their boyfriends and possess pride in them, so once your girlfriend sees you, she might rush the both of you and start making a scandal. You'll know that you got her back when this happens. There could be two endings to this scenario. First, your girlfriend will realize how depressing it is to have been cheated on, or second, she will just let it go and leave you altogether. If it's the first reaction, then there is a good chance to mend the relationship, although now she might think twice before cheating on you.
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Other Revenge Tactics

  1. 1
    Take back your items.
    If you moved in together with your girlfriend, you can get back at her by clearing all of your items out of her place and moving to your own pad or even staying at your parent's house for a while. Take everything you own, even if it includes cooking ware, her favorite couch, the flat iron you bought her. Everything. Just remember not to take anything that rightly belongs to her, and that wasn't a gift from you, as she might go to the extreme and get legal help.
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  2. 2
    Spread the word.
    Cheating is looked down on, basically anywhere, so what better way to get back at her than getting the news out on the street. Hi, it's not a crime to tell people that someone you trusted and loved cheated on you. Tell it to your friends, her friends, and classmates, both your parents, her relatives and other people in her life. Just remember not to overdo it and slander her beyond talking about her cheating. Also take note that this can be a double-edged technique, as it can backfire on you. Some might look down on you because you've been cheated on, and for gossiping.
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  3. 3
    Break up with her.
    Yes, why not? Did she cheat on you right? Once a person in a relationship has cheated, it's very hard to look at him or her the same again. You will always see the guy she cheated on you with, every time you look at her. It will break your heart to think about how this person who you cared for, got steamy with another guy. That's just wrong. She might appeal her case, but you should know better; many people say that "once a cheater, always a cheater". Just remember that this all boils down to your decision. If you love and trust her that much and are willing to bridge this gap, it's up to you.
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Food for Thought


While it's true that seeking revenge and getting back at someone feels good at the moment, it doesn't necessarily bring satisfaction in the long run. Yes, it will probably make you feel better, at least for a while, but revenge is not always a healthy option. Sometimes you will only hurt yourself in the process. So do not overdo it as it will get tiring, and the negativity will make you feel depressed. Try the subtle art of "forgiving" once in a while and who knows - it may do you wonders.

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Tips, Tricks and Warning

  • Do not resort to violence.
  • Love conquers all - even cheating.
  • Realize that no one is perfect.
  • Be objective, despite your emotions.
  • Refrain from slandering your girlfriend.
  • Allow her to explain the circumstance if you must.
  • Do not let cheating go without sanction.

Questions and Answers

She is not cheating on me but her attitude with me is not good. So can you give me any solution?

If your girlfriend is being mean to you, there are a number of things you can do to remedy the issue. First, sit your girlfriend down and explain that the way she is acting towards you is hurting your feelings. She will likely feel embarrassed or sorry at this point; continue telling her that the way she was treating you was hurtful to you, and be sure to include examples. Your girlfriend will then realize that the way she was treating you was hurtful, and she will likely apologize and ask how she can fix the problem in the future. Explain to her what you want her to change, and she will change it so you can continue your relationship. After she has promised to be nicer to you in the future, tell her that your relationship together means a lot to you. In addition, make sure she knows that you care a lot about her. The relationship will get easier from there.

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However, if you sit your girlfriend down and she continues to treat you poorly, you may want to consider breaking up with her. Since she is not cheating on you, cheating back on her is not a good idea and will further complicate things for the both of you. Instead, tell her that you plan to break up with her if she continues to treat you this way. This will do one of two things for you. She will either realize that you're serious about the issue and apologize, or she will continue to treat you poorly. If she apologizes, you can follow the rest of the steps in the first paragraph to make sure that your relationship continues strongly. If she continues to treat you poorly, however, then you know you will need to end the relationship since you do not get along with each other.

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My girlfriend dumped me a few weeks ago?

My girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago. Since then she is still texting me and teases sometimes but won't follow up on it. She just says we're in a day to day situation and she needs the space. Meanwhile, she just joined a dating site again. I'm going to create a profile just to mess with her. What's the best way to do this?

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You can use a picture of yourself that does not give away facial details. Add information to the profile that you know would peak her interest and send her a wink from the site. However, if you would like her back this is not the way to go about it. She joined a dating site but maybe she did it when you first broke up. She has left the door open for you on a day to day basis so consider that before you make the dating profile.

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How to take revenge from my ex without hurting her bad just to teach her a lesson?

I am not living in the same city for past 6 months but I will be going back and she knew that, she was breaking up with me without giving a valid reason and I calmly said OK and thought maybe there is some issue going on with her family, but later I came to know from my friends that she is taking her tea and lunch breaks and week offs with some guy since a month. I verified from a couple of people in office, but when I asked her she denied. But what is pestering me is that, why didn't she tell me if he was just her friend. Usually, she tells me about everyone, and later people told me some more and I was sure that something was fishy, but she is not accepting it, and at the same time she is not ready to talk to me. She did once and we had a big fight. Now I know she is lying, I want two things 1> Her to accept that she had feelings/relationship with that guy 2> Revenge and all of my money I spent on her, and that was a lot. Half of the furniture at her place I purchased from my card

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She may have accepted that she has feelings for this other man already and has chosen not to tell you because they are just feelings of a friendship. It is sneaky that she did not tell you about him. You can take her to civil court and request the furniture that you purchased but unless she signed an agreement to pay you back for them, the furniture will be viewed as a gift.

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What to do if your gal cheats on you with another man? best answer?

I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me, I talked to her and managed to make her tell me the truth. She admitted, she slept with the other guy, and then apologized for that and said she will never forgive herself for that. Now she is asking for a second chance. What should I do?

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As you are looking for the right answer, then you are in doubt. If you have no firm action, then it is best that you understand the downsides of even a single occurrence of cheating: you will be reminded of that throughout your lives, you will remember everything during small quarrels, and you might be trying to fight the thought sometimes when you are with her, along, or with her being away. What can be done is breaking up for a while to see if you want to see each other later. Give a minimum term: 5 months, 12 months, or even more. Ask each other, to be honest, and tell about your thoughts, adventures, and actions after that term. Will you like the changes? If you will then stay with her. Your relationship may be felt as new.

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I had a girlfriend. She was not a time pass. I would like to marry her. But now she is skipping away from me. What would I do?

I had a girlfriend. It is very strange to speak that we met only one time, but I am very serious. I have waited 1 year to meet her, but she didn't try to see me. We kept our relation through texting and calling. Eventually, I asked her to come to see each other, but she did not admit that, and we started to quarrel with each other. Now she is trying to avoiding me. When we were calling and texting she used to say our moments together in future, and I started to dream about it. Nowadays she is not talking to me with love. She told me the reason her family would not admit our relation. If I want I can ask her father for marriage. She is acting like she has no responsibilities. If I want I have to do everything. This attitude is hurting me. What would I do? I have tried: I have no idea what to do. I have scolded her because I was angry and sad. I think it was caused by: No idea

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Sounds like you were a fantasy relationship for her and her parents brought her back to reality so she is backing off. Long distance relationships are hard enough when you have already met in person and unfortunately, you never got that chance.

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How to win my boyfriend trust back without making him feel angry all the time?

I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex. I regret it and I really want to come back to him. I don't want to break up with him. We've been dating for three years. It's just too hard to let him go. He doesn't want to be with me anymore but he still loves me. How do I get his trust back?. I have tried: We've actually lost contact for a couple of days but I tried to send him an email, created a new Facebook to text him, asked his new phone numbers from his friends and tried to contact him through Skype. I think it was caused by: I cheated on him with my ex. I slept with my ex and I told my boyfriend

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Time is what is needed here for him. He has purposely cut all contact with him and you need to respect that. Hopefully, his love will heal the pain that you caused but you need to let him get to that point without pestering him.

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My girlfriend cheats and hates me, how to impress her?

First of all, she is my cousin and we talk to each other on the phone a lot of time. I feel she loves me so my feeling get started and I loved her. I told her, she told me I like you but not love you, because I have no feelings about you. I bought her so many things, watch, guitar, dress, imp chocolates etc. She feels very happy but she may not talk with me when I am with her she called another person to talk to him so I feel bad and told her I have a work and left. She stopped talking to me directly or over the phone, but I am getting mad. I love her very much, how to impress her, can you help you. I have tried: So many ways I have to propose but she cannot accept she rejected. I think it was caused by: My style and education, I have little forehead, she like hair very much

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One sided love is a difficult situation. She expressed that she likes you, however, you may be overwhelming her causing her to feel suffocated and boxed in. You can't buy love so more gifts will not change the situation. Write her and let her know that you are sorry for pushing her to love you and that you are willing to be friends for now so that she can get to know you better.

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How to end the affair and get her back home?

Wife loves me but won't come home yet. Living in hotels.

To end the affair, you need to regain a connection with your wife. Ask her out on a date with no expectations. You may have to start dating her again before she comes home. Seeking a marriage counselor will also help so that you both can mend the relationship with help and begin to gain trust with each other again.

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She loves me too much but she suddenly says to me she wants to break up with me?

She comes back again in my life or she never loved me. I have tried: Many times tried to contact her but all contact is blocked. I think it was caused by: I don't know So sorry that she suddenly ended the relationship and blocked all contact from you. Sometimes it is true that it is not the right timing to have a relationship and this may have been one of the reasons for her.

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What will you do if you saw your girlfriend's phone and she's having a sweet conversation with someone else?

I'm in her house, that time she's asleep. and I'm trying to look at her phone and read some messages.. then, kaboom!!! I saw there .. and it really hurts .. I don't even know what would be the right thing to do. I can't bare to leave her .. because I love her that much. Now, can you help me fix this kind of situation?. I have tried: I always try to understand the situation .. considering her mistakes.. but she keeps on doing the things that I don't want her to do. I think it was caused by: I don't have enough time for her .. as of today I am still studying ... we always have a conflict with each other.. sometimes when we were fighting .. she always said that I'm a story maker, but I'm just telling what I feel.. and until now .. we are still having that kind of situation ..

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It seems you have the foresight to understand that most likely she is seeking attention. Sit her down and tell her that although you can't give her the time and attention she needs right now, you are building a future for both of you. Some girls require lots of attention to feel confident so reassure her that she does not need to contact other guys because you love her.

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My girlfriend watched a movie with her ex-boyfriend and didn't tell me?

I got to know about this by her friend then I asked her about it and she accepted and she is feeling guilty. I'm not talking to her but, I love her a lot and she loves me too but I'm so angry at what she has done. What should I do now, I don't want to lose her but I have some self-respect too.

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It is understandable that you feel hurt right now. Self-respect sometimes means that you have to make concessions for situations for the sake of the relationship. Since you both love each other, request an "honesty" meeting. Discuss how to resolve what has happened and let her know that you are experiencing trust issues. Give her the opportunity to explain why she did this. Perhaps she is just friends with her ex but if this bothers you and she feels the need to hide it and then experiences guilt then there is an issue with your relationship. It sounds like you want to move on. This does not mean that you have to lose your self-respect when you do this. Instead, call a truce and new beginning in the relationship before you lose her for good.

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What do I do now? was it right to leave her? I'm confused?

I was in a 5 years relationship with my girlfriend and during the 3rd year she was talking to another guy, I found out during the end of the 3rd year about it and I told her to stop, apparently she did. We got intimate during the 4th year because of that. Midway through the 4th year, she confessed to me that she kissed the guy. Being stupid as I was, I forgave her since it was just a kiss. Half a year has passed and my friends found conversations about that time that my ex and the guy kissed, they made out and almost got intimate. I also found out that she sends pictures to the guy and was still in contact with the guy but they have never done anything else. I tried to mend it back together but everyone kept telling me to move on. Even her parents and sisters supported me. I realized to myself that due to those 5 years I haven't been close to anyone else but her. She was my life. Now I don't know what to do, I hate being with my friends and when I'm with her friends, they just remind me of her? She's also alone now and everyone hates her. but I don't want her to be alone.... I have tried: As soon as I found out about being in contact and about the kissing situation, immediately stopped the relationship, but I gradually tried to get back to her because I felt sorry for how people were treating her. I want to help her but every time I look at her it just reminds me of that situation. I think it was caused by: Apparently, during my third year, she was trying to find attention that I couldn't give her, I have done so much for her and I don't know what else to do. The guy who she cheated on me had an ex who was my family friend, the only reason why they became close was because apparently, my family friend was close to me. (I don't even talk to her)

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What a mess! 5 years is a long time to invest in a relationship but it appears that you might not be able to trust her ever again. Staying with someone just because you feel sorry for them is a deep emotional mistake. You need to trust for a relationship to grow and currently, the relationship is a standstill of distrust and hurt feelings. It also sounds like she is not willing to give up this other person. She has been communicating with him for two years which points to the fact that there is definitely something more going on than she is admitting. Cut your losses and run!

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What can I do when I know that my partner cheated on me?

I've been knowing this girl for around 1 year. The truth is she is divorced with one daughter. Knowing that fact, I accepted her because I truly love her, so much like I've never been in love before. For your information, I don't stay with her and our family doesn't even know that we're having this secret relationship. It's because I'm still a student and I don't even have the credibility to show to her family. So we've been keeping the secret to ourselves. Recently, she's been acting strange for some reason, and never answers to my calls/WhatsApp messages during night. Somehow I trail her car and found out she's living somewhere else, not her parent's home as she mentioned before. So I looked around her house and found out her car, and another car which belongs to her ex-husband. I'm pretty much breaking down right now. I'm still keeping it to myself, though, and still waiting for the perfect moment to ask her about that. I know she definitely would counter me for "stalking" her right? So here I'm asking for your opinion and suggestion on how do I solve this matter. Should I keep it to myself and act normal or should I tell her the truth that I know about that? Please, help me

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I think you got played by her. Your "secret" relationship was more of an affair than a relationship. Are you sure she is actually divorced? You need to confront her. It could be a simple explanation that she is living right now as a co-parent with her ex and nothing else but she should have told you. Do not be worried about her reaction to finding out that you followed her and instead get some honest answers. Request that she introduce you to her ex as well as to her family if this relationship is to move forward. This will be the only way to know for sure if she is serious about you and actually divorced.

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See more questions like this: My girlfriend is now my wife, we have done court marriage two years ago. She cheated on me?

Has been 3 years and I am still irritated with ex-girlfriend of over 10 years, now she has a kid with another guy, problem is she is my brother's ex also and he has two kids with her, my niece and nephew aged 13 and 11, I live in AZ and she lives in VA, but daily I become more irritated over things she said to me after the breakup?

Listed above are the details, I misunderstood in the beginning. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Her consistent use of Facebook

Unfriended her on Facebook. It has been 10 years since you broke up with her but you are actually stunting your future relationships by living in the past with memories of her. This is not good for you. Classify her as the mother of your niece and nephew and nothing more. Also, this is a woman that had children with one brother and then dated another brother. Not exactly a model character for a relationship gold standard. Do not let this woman enter your mind any further. Move on. You will feel so much better emotionally once you release all of your anger and let things go!

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When your girl don't listen to you after you told her what's up?

So basically, I told my gal not to hang out with this dude and she did it anyway. Looking back at it, we were both immature at that time. I have tried: Trying to control my emotions and my attitude. meditating and working out. I think it was caused by: I was unemployed

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You can't control what another person does. If they love you and want to be with you then they will heed your advice but it sounds like you were both still young and not exactly ready for a serious relationship. Do not hold it against her and do not look for excuses like you were unemployed. The risk is that you become even more controlling and no one wants to be in a relationship with someone like that. The right person will honor your requests and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

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My girlfriend is acting funny, she say she loves me but, I don't know?

My girlfriend is acting funny, she tells me that she's deep in love with me wants a family and all, she's the kind of girl who lives with the phone in her hand. I find it strange when the other night her phone magically dies or she finds an excuse not to talk to me at night. I asked her is there someone else she always says no. What should I do?

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