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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Using Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time, you are required to fully charge it?


If you are using your Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time, you are required to fully charge it, Do we need to drain battery first and then charge? ""


Yes, it is recommended that you fully charge your device fully upon your first time using the device. It is also in the manual upon getting your device that you should first charge it fully before use.

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Hello. Normally, my Galaxy S4 takes around 2 hours to charge, for the green light to appear. Today, it took almost about 4 hours for the green light to appear. May I know the reason for this please?


Charge times depend on a number of factors: battery temperature, how much battery was left before you charged it, what apps are running, your location and how much coverage you're in, etc. You might have charged your phone while it was running intensive apps and searching for more bars. Four hours is not an exceptionally long charge time, anyway, so nothing is wrong with your phone.

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Battery icon changed color since I have new cover. It's gray now instead of green. How to change it back?

Hi, on my Galaxy S4 the battery icon has turned from green to gray color. It still seams to work, but it's disturbing me. How to get it green again? The problem is existing since I put a cover on my phone. Did I touch something by accident?

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Some of the covers for the devices will in fact cause a color change on your device, but if that were the problem then not only will the battery icon be a different color but also all other colors on the device. There are no options on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to change the color of the battery icon so the only logical explanation will be that you have downloaded an application to your device which has changed the color of your icon. Reply back with the applications you have downloaded since the problem first occurred in order for me to help you effectively.

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How to remove auto charge on Samsung Galaxy?

How to remove auto charge on Samsung Galaxy

On the Samsung Galaxy S4 there is no option that will allow you to remove the automatic charging method on the device. There are other ways to charge your device other than plugging it up into your charging port.

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Look online for help on alternate ways that you can charge your device as to not overcharge or damage your charging port in the process. Below is a link where you can view the alternate ways of charging your device but there has been no talk on removing auto charge on your device:

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4
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Samsung S4 battery gray in color?

I haven't used this phone is 7 months. I then decided to use it, and when I went to charge it a gray battery appears and does not show any signs of color

Yes, this will happen when you first plug your device up when it is completely drained out from not being charged. Ensure that the USB chord that you are using is in fact in good condition for this can in fact cause your battery to not charge itself up completely.

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My phone (S4) died yesterday for about 2 hours and when I plugged it up it took about 1 minute for the battery icon to show up as charging. I was stuck on the gray battery with a spinning circle for about 40 seconds before it began to charge itself up.

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Along with the charger being the issue the battery may also be damaged being that it wasn't used in over 7 months causing it to discharge completely. You can purchase a new battery on ebay using the link below:

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