Fix a Minor Roof Leak

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If you discover your roof is leaking, you need to address the problem as soon as possible, or else the leak is going to cause damage to your ceiling. If the ceiling board or boards are exposed to too much water, there is a strong possibility of that they will come crashing down.

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It's important to remember that even the most meticulously built home can end up with a leaking roof as the building ages. Sealing agents either erode or are dislodged by expansion and contraction that occurs as a result of temperature fluctuations.

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If you are dealing with a major leak, then it goes without saying that you would be better off calling a professional company. If it's only a relatively small leak, you should be able to repair it yourself. This is of course providing you aren't afraid of heights, and that you are physically capable of getting onto your roof. Aside from that you may need to get into the ceiling space. In order to make your job as easy as possible, it's crucial that you follow a few basic steps.

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Steps For Repairing A Minor Roof Leak

  1. 1
    Your very first step is to make sure you have all the materials and tools you need
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    This includes a suitable ladder, a flashlight, a screwdriver or two, and whatever sealant you intend using.
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    The first step for repairing the leak in your roof is for you to establish exactly where the actual leak is
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    You could climb on the roof and look around, but if it's only a minor leak, then you're unlikely to find it this way
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    Instead, you need to climb into the ceiling/roof space and then look for signs of water and/or water damage.
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    Once you find where the water has been dripping, you need to look directly above it and check for any possible leaks
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    If you fail to see anything, then you need to determine if the water has come in further up the roof and then run down one of the rafters
    Continue investigating until you the cause of the leak.
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    Now that you have pinpointed the leak, it's time to go and repair it on the outside
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    If you have no type of lining below your tile, you can often lift a tile slightly with a screwdriver and then slide a piece of paper or some thin wire under it, so as to mark the spot where the leak is.
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    At this point, you need to get on the roof with your sealant, and then locate the problem area
    Once you have found it, you can go ahead and carry out the actual repair.
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    The final step involves testing the repair job
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    If you have somebody to help you, ask them to check for the leak inside the ceiling space while you spray water on the area that was formerly leaking, or get your help to spray the water while you inspect the ceiling space.
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  • When you enter the ceiling space, it is best to sit down somewhere for a few minutes with your flashlight turned off. Quite often, you can spot the leak this way.
  • Take some paper or thin wire into the ceiling space in case you need it for marking the area.
  • Always use a good sealant in order to avoid having to repair the same leak repeatedly.


  • No matter how comfortable you feel on the roof, you should always exercise a great deal of caution, and particularly if the roof is wet.
  • Always have someone nearby to keep an eye on you in case you fall.
  • Be mindful of power lines, etc.
  • Never attempt to stand on ceiling boards.

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