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Famous for its creation of pizza, Naples is a wonderful stop for an authentic pizza culinary delight. Naples is the home of pizza, but that does not mean that every pizzeria in the city serves up a good one. They are very different from the kind of fare offered in certain famous US chains. The crust is thicker and doughier, and they don't pile it down with tons of toppings, but the ingredients they use are so fresh and local that the result is invariably delicious. Naples does take its pizza very seriously indeed, and they hold annual competitions to decide which local eatery is serving up the best. The classic Pizza Margherita was invented to mark the visit of Queen Margherita of Savoy to Naples. Last year the contest organizers decided to create some new pizza toppings dedicated to some of the current royal families. One famed pizzeria created a "William and Kate", dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and featuring Sorrento lemons. Another Naples pizza-maker opted to use local chestnuts and dedicate his pizza to the Swedish Royal family. However, it's the traditional toppings that remain the favorites. And this is what makes "Da Michele" at Via Cesare Sersale 1-3, the main contender for the title of best in town. Locals and visitors alike queue around the block for two main flavors: Margherita and Marinara. The little pizzeria has no interest in fancy decor, and is singularly lacking in charm, but devotees say that its fabulous tomato sauce and light, airy, pancakey base make it worth the wait in line.

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If you are in Naples and are wondering where you could possibly taste the best pizzas in town (and probably in the world), here is a tour for you:


On The Hunt for the Best Pizza in Naples

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    Il Pizzaiolo Del Presidente .
    This restaurant is situated at the center of Naples. One of the known names who has visited the pizzeria was former US President Bill Clinton. He was in Naples when he attended G8 in 1994, and he was invited by the owner. In honor of the ex-leader, the store was renamed and that is how it got its present name.
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    Da Michele.
    Though the store only serves two pizza - the pizza margherita and pizza marinara - this pizzeria indeed has one of the best tasting pizzas. The place is not too fancy and carries with it a Spartan-like ambiance. While Il Pizzaiolo Del Presidente had Bill Clinton as a guest, this pizzeria had the known soccer player Maradona.
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    Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro.
    Started in business in 1923, the pizzeria is larger than most of the pizza stores around it. It has three floors which can accommodate a larger number of guests. They serve 29 types of pizzas with salsiccia (Italian sausage) as their specialty. One of the best and most exquisite toppings they have? It is their buffalo mozzarella cheese.
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    Di Mateo.
    This pizza store was founded by Salvatore Di Matteo in 1936 but is currently under the management of Raffaele Marigliano, the same creator of the pizza con alici e cicinielli. One must-taste is their pizza fritta, a pizza which is deep fried with tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, sugna and provola cheese.
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    Da Ettore.
    The pizzeria is frequented by several known names in politics, showbiz and foreign tourists. While you enjoy their pizza, you get to look at the view of a seafront overlooking the beautiful Castel Dell'Ovo. Besides their undoubtedly delicious pizza on the menu, they also serve the best frittura all'italiana; a mouth-watering mix of aubergines, cauliflower, zucchini, mozzarella, potato croquettes, arancini and zeppulelle con alghe deep fried together.
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    The known creator of he famous pizza margherita, Raffaele Esposito used to work here. The pizzeria was established in the year 1780 and it still serves one of the best in Naples. Of the many pizzerias in Naples, Brandi can be considered as one of the most elegant stores. Besides pizza, they also serve traditional Napoletano dishes.
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A Few Pizza Trivia For You

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    Authentic pizza can only be cooked in brick ovens using wood.
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    A pizzaiolo or pizza maker should be an apprentice for 2-3 years before he can be considered a maestro.
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    Dough for the best pizzas is made a day before it should be used and that will be about 10-15 hours.
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    Pizza Margherita was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy.
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