Find Help As a Youth When Facing Challenges

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Are the challenges facing young people today harder than in times past? If your answer is no, you may feel that today's teens are the most blessed of any group of young people in history. In many countries, medicine controls diseases that formerly robbed the young of health and life. Technology makes electronic tools and toys that previous generations only dreamed about. Economic development has lifted millions of families out of poverty. Many parents work hard to provide their children with living conditions and educational opportunities that they themselves never had. Youths today have many advantages. But they also face exceptional challenges. One reason is, that humans are living in a period of time that the bible calls the end of this world. (Matthew 24:3) Jesus said that this era would be marked by social upheaval. These conditions are hard to deal with. ( 2 Timothy 3:1) Some of the issues that young people have to face today are as follows:

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    Increased Isolation. Movies and television shows have portrayed youths as constantly surrounded by a group of friends who grow with them through high school and keep that bond as friends.
    The reality for most teens is quite different. Researcher Barbara Schneider who analyzed interviews conducted with thousands of young people in the United States, found that relatively few students regularly had the same best friend or a small crowd of friends over time. Many young ones have few close friends with whom they feel comfortable with talking over problems or sharing ideas. Teens who do make friends have little time to spend with them. One study in the U.S. found that most teenagers spend about 10 percent of their time in face to face contact, but up to 20 percent of their waking hours alone. They eat alone, travel to places by themselves, and find entertaining things to do themselves. Encouraging the trend toward isolation is electronic devices. Young people in America between the ages of 8 and 18 years old, spend on an average of six and a half hours a day watching television, playing video games, or just being on the internet. Young persons do report that they seem to have lower self esteem, are not as happy, and they feel like they don't even want to go out in the outside world anymore.
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    Pressured for Sex Teens are under tremendous pressure to experiment with sex.
    Nathan, a boy who lives in Australia said that most kids that he knew were with someone intimately starting anywhere from the ages of 12 through 15. Those who don't participate are considered strange. Researchers in the You.K. studied a thousand young people between 12 and 19 who were from a variety of backgrounds. They found that almost 50 percent regularly participated in some form of sexual activity. 20 percent were 12 years old!
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    Fractured Families Youths in the U.S.
    have experienced quick changes in family structure and a shifting set of values. The size of the average American family has been declining. Adolescents have less brothers and sisters. As divorce rates continue to increase, more children are spending part of their childhood with a single parent. More mothers of kids are under 18, and working, so it is less likely that there is an adult home. Whether children are living with one or two parents, many feel abandoned from their parents when they need them the most. 7,000 teens over a period of years found that most of them considered their mothers and fathers to be loving and accepting. Only a third said they receive special attention and help when they had a problem. The Bible offers constructive counsel on how adolescents can improve their lives. Our Creator, the Author of it,desires to teach young ones how to cope with challenges. (Proverbs 2: 1-6) He really wants them to have a good life. How can they get good help?
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What You Can Do

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    Choose Association Over Isolation The one isolating himself will seek his own selfish longing.
    (Proverbs 18:1) Some young people find it awkward around people and find it easier to watch television or play a game. Others are shy, so they hide themselves from others. Elizabeth, a girl that is very backward, finds it hard to approach people and talk to them. How does she deal with this? Wherever she goes whether it be church, the library, or store, she makes it a goal to try to speak with one person that she meets. She said this has really helped her overcome this problem. Why not write down the names of two or three people you would like to get to know better? Try to learn something new about one of them. Then you could write down one nice thing you could do for each of these people over the coming month, and then do it. If you lock yourself away from problems and people, you will become more concerned about yourself than is healthy. The bible tells us not to keep an eye just not on ourselves, but in others too. ( Philippians 2:4) If you take that advice to heart and use it within your family and others, you will be able to handle your problems much better.
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    Flee From Sexual Immorality 1 Corinthians 6:18.
    How can you avoid being pressured into engaging in intimate contact when it is so popular among youths? First, you need to think about this before you face temptation. A young girl in school said that she was persistently bothered by a boy in class who was very attractive. All her friends kept pressuring her to date and have sexual relations with him. She knew right from wrong and made up her mind as to what she would do long before she faced that kind of situation. Second, you can pray for God's help in sticking to his moral standards. Maggie, a girl from England said that talking to God helps give her the strength to not engage in sexual misconduct. I always talk to my parents and other mature friends to help me out she commented.
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    Show Kind Feelings Toward Your Parents 1 Peter 3:8 tells us to show compassion and affection for others, especially our parents.
    You can't control whether they will separate or not, neither can you prevent whether they both must work full time. But you can stop whether you allow such challenges to destroy your relationship with them. One way you can ease your anxiety and try to be happy, is by developing consideration for your parents by trying to understand the obstacles that they face. A girl by the name of Amber admitted that her relationship with her Mom is sometimes stressful. There are misunderstandings, and frustration. But she says she is trying to understand that she has been through so much in her life raising 4 children on her own. She always provided a roof over their heads, put food on the table, and we always had clothes to wear. If you try to put yourself in your Mom and Dad's shoes, and feel the emotions they feel, it can help you to keep your problems in perspective. It can help you recognize and imitate their good qualities.
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  • Read the Bible Daily - The bible is God's word and God usually speak to us through His word. By reading His word, you will be encouraged and you will be able to overcome the challenges.
  • Pray to God For Help When Facing Problems - Pour out your heart to God. He is merciful and will never abandon you forever if you pray to Him however sinful you may be.
  • Visit Friends For Support - Have some friends who are positive and can encourage you rather than giving you more problems. Associate with those who have good character to avoid being influenced by peer pressure into bad behaviors.
  • Seek guidance and counseling - If you realize that you have a problem that you cannot manage on your own, seek some advice and counseling from a professional counselor.
  • Be responsible and set your priorities right - You need to have your own principles. Know what is right for you because you have to live your own life. People may give advice but you have the right to the final decision on every issue concerning your life. You don't have to please everyone because this is next to impossible. However good you may try to be, others will still hate you.

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