Extend the Battery Life on a Computer Mouse

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Some research has shown that an average person spends at least 13 hours, or more than half a day, every week in the internet. This is just for an average user who checks his email and does a little bit of surfing and social networking. This means that people who use the internet for other purposes as well generally stays longer than 13 hours. While we can keep our Laptop or desktop computers plugged in all the time, a wireless mouse needs to run on battery. This may result in its battery being drained quickly because of the time we spend keeping it in use. Although you cannot stop its battery from draining, you can at least extend its life by following some simple steps that we will provide below.

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What drains the battery of my mouse?

You cannot stop the batteries of your mouse from draining, but if you know why it drains so fast then you can certainly do something about. Here are some factors that will affect the battery life of your mouse.

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    How much time do you spend on the internet? I, myself, often complain that my battery drains so fast, but I never realized how much I use it. If you are a heavy internet user, or your job relies on your computer and the internet, then you have to consider getting extra batteries to make sure your mouse doesn't run out of power.
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    Every single move that you make using your mouse consumes power - the navigation, scrolling up and down and clicking. It will help if you are familiar with some keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste, rather than using the mouse to highlight the text and right clicking to copy and paste.
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    Where do you put your mouse? The tracking sensor is the number one consumer of battery power. The type of surface where your mouse is placed affects the consumption of power. Dark and glass surfaces drain batteries more.
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    Unintentional motion.
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    Even if the mouse is not in use, if it is moved unintentionally, it will still consume power since it's still on standby mode
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    Battery type.
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    Using old batteries or cheap ones? Expect a worse performance from your mouse then. Old or cheap batteries are not much better than no battery. This will reflect on the performance that you are going to get from the mouse.
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Extending battery life

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    Use alkaline batteries.
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    Alkaline batteries are expected to last for up to 36 months. Non alkaline and rechargeable batteries drain a lot faster.
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    Use fresh batteries.
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    When the batteries drain, make sure that you use those that are new and within the manufacturer's expiration date. Mixing battery brands also affects its life span. It is best to use batteries of the same brand.
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    Avoid glass surfaces.
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    Using the mouse on dark or glass surfaces makes the sensor consume more power. Use the mouse on a surface which is lighter in color to save battery life.
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    Switch it off when not in use.
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    A wireless mouse goes on standby mode when not in use, but still consumes its battery. If your wireless mouse is not in use, switch it off so it will no longer consume power.
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  • Check the manual of your wireless mouse to see how you can check its battery status, so that you can have new batteries ready when it's about to drain. This will help you avoid interruption with whatever you're doing on the computer.
  • If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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