Earn Extra Income This Holiday Season

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When the majority of the people are resting during the holidays, it does not mean that you yourself will slow down. Your workaholic or your entrepreneurial spirit is still in fast gear and you want to find ways and means to earn extra money during this special season. You very well know that some people during this three months or so (September up to December) have extra money in the bank due to bonuses and end of year perks.

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This means if you have some ideas up your sleeve to earn that extra buck, you need to organize the details and make it a go! It could be extra work or a business idea that you are yearning to explore. Either way, do not let the opportunities pass you by.

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Ideas for extra income during the holidays

  1. 1
    Get hired at a business that operates during your day job's off time
    A lot of shops, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars experience brisk business during the holidays, so it is not surprising that they will be hiring extra hands. If you have an office day job but you have a passion for mixing drinks, then you won't mind the extra work into the early hours of the morning concocting liquor-based drinks for a bar. If you are fond of coffee and like to do creative things with it to make it more delightful, you can be hired as a barista for reputable coffee shops and make creative coffee-based drinks. If you have an affinity for electronic music, and your forte is mixing music, then a part-time disc jockey (DJ) gig in a local dance bar could be your forte, or you could be hired as a special DJ for Christmas parties for different companies. This could keep you very busy because Christmas parties are often scheduled starting in November, and all the way through the later part of December, even after Christmas itself has passed.
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  2. 2
    If you want to become an extra hand during the holiday season, and you love cooking, you could be the relief cook at a local restaurant during this season of eating out
    Studies show that eating and dining out burst to the seams and increase by 50 percent compared to other months during this season of festivities. So, many restaurants may have more business than they can handle. They may be very thankful for your culinary skills when they need your help.
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  3. 3
    Work overtime at your day job
    When it seems no one is willing to overload with work because it is the holiday season, but you are willing, now is your chance to work extra. Overtime work sometimes means double pay if you work on a holiday or a Sunday. That means you get two days worth of salary on one day's effort. You can earn as much as 125 percent of your regular paycheck if you work extra hours on regular days.
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  4. 4
    Concerts and theater presentations also mushroom in full bloom during the holidays because organizers know that people have that extra money to splurge for shows
    You could be a stagehand or a production assistant during the shows. Or you could handle the lights or help with the ticket sales.
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  5. 5
    Print t-shirts with Christmas themes on them.
    Keep calm and merry on tee shirt-rb21f618de90847dbac8164b42c6062db 8nhmf 324.jpg
    If you have the technical skills to produce t-shirts with holiday prints on them, you can cash in
    People love the nostalgia of Christmas. If you can produce such shirts, which can make this particular holiday memorable, be creative with your designs and themes and people will love you for it and buy your items.
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  6. 6
    Sell souvenir items
    If your place is in or near tourist territory and you have a lot of time on your hands during the holidays, you could concoct some souvenirs with local flavor which tourists would love and would identify with your culture. These souvenirs may or may not be connected to Christmas. You could make some with Christmas themes and others with non-Christmas themes. They could be necklaces, bracelets, little paintings, picture frames - all made with distinct, local materials.
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  7. 7
    If photography is your hobby and you are willing to cash in on your skills, advertise your services a few months before the holiday season so that the general public will be aware that you exist
    And thrive you will, if you do your craft excellently, and deliver as guaranteed. Even way after the holiday season has ended, your clients will call on you again and again and will even refer you to their own friends. Then you can say it all started with your photo gigs during the Christmas season. The key is to be available during this season because it is full of weddings, Christmas parties, and children's parties. You do not want to miss out on all the money that can be made from your passion.
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  8. 8
    If you are a crafty person and nimble with your hands, make holiday items that blend well with the season
    You could specialize in unique Christmas wrapping for gifts. If you already have a product of your own and it has its own regular box, like for example you bake cakes, then create cake boxes that are red and white and in all the colors of Christmas. In addition, sell cakes that are themed around the holidays. It will likely attract more sales.
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  9. 9
    If you own vacant property, and would like to have it rented for parking space, this can be lucrative
    In urban areas, parking space is a necessity, and people will pay as much as $15 per day to have a secure parking space for their vehicle. We are talking about the holidays when more people are out shopping for gifts and dining out. But when people start to negotiate for parking space that they are willing to pay for on a monthly basis, then this is income you can earn beyond the holidays fever. This is business! Many people are willing to pay $100-300 per parking slot per month, depending on the location of your property. If you are located in an area near an airport, people usually want to park their car in a secure place with guards while they whisk away for their scheduled flight and when they come back for their vehicle the next day or after a couple of days, they want it to be just the way they left it. You will also have a lucrative parking business if your property is located near a movie theater or a concert hall where people usually need parking space for two to four hours while they enjoy the show. If you are really serious about this business, you will need a security guard to keep the vehicles secure and a cashier to collect the fees. You will also need more employees for a 24 hour parking business.
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  10. 10
    You could tutor during the holidays when students and other people would like to catch up on their school lessons, their French, or their guitar lessons
    It depends on your forte, but students whose grades are slipping often have parents who are willing to shell out good money for an excellent tutor like you. And adults who have a lot of time to waste during the holidays may like to brush up on their languages and their musical inclinations as well. So, if you have the skills to teach them, why not earn some lucrative bucks during the holidays doing some tutoring? You should expect odd times to tutor, most often between the hours of 4 and 9 p.m. on weekdays. You must also expect a flood of tutorial requests during the weekends when people are free from their schools, jobs and businesses. Rejecting these requests is like throwing away good money.
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  11. 11
    Sell some of your stuff on the internet
    During the holidays, you may face a lot of expenses. You may have found that in spite receiving your Christmas bonuses, you still have a financial deficit to contend with because of holiday spending. You can earn shopping money by selling some stuff you do not need online. List your items on Craigslist or eBay, or any of the numerous other similar websites. The key here is that you need to sell things that the buyer maybe cannot buy in his area. If possible, it should be unique, an antique, a collector's item, handmade, a rare product, or something created by a maestro or a legend.
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  12. 12
    Bake cakes, pies, and cookies.
    Foods that will not run out of demand during the holidays are cakes, pies, and cookies
    They are almost always staple food on the dining table when celebration time comes around. You could be creative with your ingredients and decorations and the look of the baked items to make you stand out from the numerous entrepreneurs who are also sure to want to cash in on the holiday fever.
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  13. 13
    Shoveling snow
    If you are strong, athletic, and willing to use your muscles to make good bucks during the holidays, then snow removal jobs could be for you. You could make as much as $100 just by shoveling snow from your neighbor's door up to the pathway leading to their car. You can develop a reputation as a snow removal man if you do a good job, and requests for your services could then extend way beyond your neighborhood.
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  14. 14
    You could strut your musical abilities during the holidays by working as a soloist, or as part of a duo, trio, or band
    It depends on your instrument and on the occasion. If the function is a quiet one with people who are artsy and cultured, they may prefer soloists. If you play flute, the sax, the violin, the harp, or the acoustic guitar - which are instruments depicting meditation or quiet relaxation - you could earn promising dollars which you would not get if you confine your talents to your living room. If it is a teenager party, they would probably want something loud, so you and your instrument could be part of a rock or new wave band which conforms to the contemporary tastes of the teens. And do not forget, your voice is also a musical instrument. So, if you have a good singing voice and want to earn, find a band to jam with, or get some solo gigs.
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  15. 15
    Babysit people's little ones
    A lot of parents will need your toddler-watching and caring prowess as they are very busy during the holidays, rushing through traffic chaos and walking through crowded malls and shopping centers. They also have to contend with long queues at cash registers before they purchase anything. Parents must try and be patient at restaurants with long reservation lists before they can get a decent table. So, this means they need your services so that their little ones won't get in the way when they do all these important things. It does not mean they do not love or care for their children; it is just that they trust you enough to be able to watch over their kids while they do Christmas activities.
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