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Hi fellow VisiHow community members! As you know we are all about quality "in-depth" articles. I want to help you understand how you can expand articles that are getting some traffic but not very much because they are not detailed enough. We can use our trending tool to add new sections and improve existing wikis!

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  1. 1
    Run the trending tool
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  2. 2
    Go down some of the articles that are not getting many searches per day and click on the [+}.
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  3. 3
    In my case I found
    001: [-] 0.03 11 11 /Write a Letter of Resignation
    It has only one search and it is
    resignation letter because of family responsibility
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  4. 4
    Look at the article
    In this example it is here: Write a Letter of Resignation
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  5. 5
    I do not see any sections on "resignation letter because of family responsibility"
    Wow what a great idea!!
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  6. 6
    Not only is that a great idea but I see that we could do a sample letter for other reasons too!
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  7. 7
    I have included a title for the section
    If your reading this and its not written yet.. Please write it :)
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  • Next I ran into these searches:
    "the duchess film locations", "Mr. Bingley's house"
    for Visit Film Locations and discovered that the actual movie names are not included in the titles!! But that is what people are searching for!! Let's put titles in! I did for the two mentioned to show you how it should be done. If you are reading this and the other titles are not done. Please do them now :)
  • How about adding more locations to this document?
  • These are just two examples. Just keep on going :)

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please post in the comments section below.

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