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Sober yourself up

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Does sleeping make you sober up faster?


When you consume alcohol, it takes time for your body to process and filter out the alcohol from your blood stream regardless of whether you are awake or sleeping. However, sleeping can help ease the uncomfortable symptoms you may feel and will keep you from feeling the waves of intense drunkenness that many feel after a night on the town. Provided, you are past the dizzy stage. If you are nauseous and have the spins it is never a good idea to lay down. Alcohol causes dehydration so depending how much a person consumes it may become severe. It is always a good idea to drink water after a night of drinking and before sleeping. Depending how much your stomach can handle, drink slowly until you feel like you are not going to vomit in your sleep. If possible, drink 2-3 glasses of water before going to bed.

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When you go to sleep drunk, the alcohol which has been depressing your brain works as a sedative and the drop in body temperature you experience causes you to fall asleep faster than you usually would. Your heart rate elevates and your organs work overtime, whether or not you're sleeping. Yet, rest will not only give your body a chance to recover without further exertion, it also guarantees you won't make sobering up more difficult by drinking more alcohol.

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Sleeping will allow you to rest while your liver filters out the toxins in your system and while your pancreas releases hormones such as insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. This is especially important if you have been drinking sugary or mixed drinks. Your quality of sleep though, will be lacking. When you go to sleep when you're drunk your REM sleep is affected and you don't spend as much time in a deep sleep. Your organs are working more than usual and you may wake up several times throughout the night. This often times results in that groggy feeling most people experience the morning after drinking. When you wake up, you may also feel confused or disoriented.

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Regardless, drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest are the two most important things you can do give your body a chance to do it's job and get back to feeling like yourself again.

Does making yourself pee sober up faster?


No, because once you drink the alcohol it enters into your blood stream and not on your bladder where urine comes from. Insobriety can only be measured by your blood alcohol level, and your urination will not change it. If you pee, you will only rid yourself of the liquids you drink, but the alcohol that made you drunk will still remain in you. The alcohol will continuously affect you until it gets into your liver. Alcohol will make you pee more, which can lead to dehydration and can also dehydrate your brain. This can result in brain malfunction as well, which will compound your feeling of drunkenness.

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No, the amount of urine you produce will not inherently sober you up faster. Your body can only process so much of any given toxin or drug at any point in time. With alcohol it is approximately 1 pure oz of alcohol every 1-2 hours

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If you stay awake until sober does your hangover go away?


No. You still need to sleep in order for your body to fully recover from all the drinking you did the night before. Just make sure you do the following to help yourself recover faster:

  • drink a lot of water
  • take a bath
  • sleep

How do you hydrate yourself after drinking if you keep throwing up?

Try sipping small amount of water as much as possible. You can buy oral re-hydration packets from your local drugstore or make one:

You will need:

  • table or sea salt
  • baking soda NOT POWDER
  • sugar
  • pure fresh orange juice
  • filtered water
  • large container that measures 1 liter of fluid

  • Add one half teaspoon of salt into the container
  • Add one teaspoon of baking soda
  • Add eight teaspoons of sugar
  • Measure in eight ounces of orange juice
  • Add one liter of water
  • mix it all together

Take small amounts of this as much as possible, you can also drink water or Gatorade to replenish lost fluids.

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Sober yourself up
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Is sobering up after a four day binge dangerous?

My brother is an alcoholic. He just went on a four day binge. He is afraid to sober up because he thinks it could cause a heart attack. I think he can stop drinking, drink lots of water and Gatorade, eat and rest and sober up.

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He will be fine if he was to sober up even after a four day drinking binge. Me in my history have went on week binges of drinking but when I decided to stop for a day it was as easy as not drinking. I sobered up and in fact felt better than I did when I was drinking. Sleeping, Gatorade and rest will indeed help him to sober himself up.

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Does lemon juice sober you up?

Yes, somehow it does help you recover faster. You will also need to drink a glass of iced water and take a refreshing bath. The most important thing to remember is to take some rest by sleeping it off until you feel better.

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If I'm a little buzzed from drinking will throwing up sober me up?

I'm a 19 year old male who weighs 205 lbs. I drank 5 beer (Budweiser) within the last 35-40 minutes. I feel a little buzzed from the beers. I'm wondering if I threw up (vomited) would I feel more sober or actually sober up a bit?. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Drinking beer too fast

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