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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Does eating of sweets and chocolates affect the vocal cords?


Yes chocolates and many other sweet foods affect the vocal cords greatly. Chocolates create phlegm that can produce that cracking sound in the throat. Chocolates also contain caffeine, which can dehydrate your throat, making it hard to produce the right sounds, especially when you sing.

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Yes, eating of sweets like chocolates will affect the vocal cords. One of the foods that cause phlegm is chocolate or sweet foods. It will also make your voice crack when you try to talk or sing. If you really want to eat chocolate or any sweet foods, you can eat it but afterward, drink a lot of water (not cold or not cold drinks) or drink tea like lemon tea to soothe your throat.

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Does swimming affect vocal cords?


No, swimming will not hurt your vocal chords but will help to strengthen your lungs to be able to sing louder and sing longer. The only thing that can damage your voice will be if you were to suck in or swallow too much chlorine, which can have a damaging affect on your vocal chords.

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Swimming does not have a direct effect on the vocal cords. It helps you control your breathing and increases your stamina to hold your breath. It can also help in regulating breathing in a way that won't be harmful for the vocal cords.

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Chlorine can dry out the throat. It's not just about swallowing water; chlorine is gas, and as it's heavier than water, collects just above the water's surface. Chlorine can cause lung problems, breathing problems, and affects those with asthma. There are pools that choose bromine over chlorine - better yet, swim in a salt-water pool.

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How does mint affect a singer's vocal chords?


Mint can have a bad affect on a singer's vocal chords by increasing the acid in their body, which can lead to trouble with a singer's vocals. Once you consume a mint, it can cause acid reflux which can form in the stomach and rise up through your esophagus.

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The esophagus is connected to your throat, which of course is used when you sing. If this tube is affected then this means that your singing voice will also be affected during this process. The acid will cause a burning sensation in your throat, which will cause swelling in your tissues as well. Another result from this is that your vocals will become weak, in turn harm your singing. So it is important that you watch what you eat and consume.

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Here is more information about the subject as according to Dr. Oz.

How does soda/seltzer affect your vocal chords adversely?

What are the physiological happenings when you do drink soda? Others think that is not healthy for one's voice?

What exactly makes it bad, the bubbles, the sugar, or the caffeine? What about energy drinks? Are there any positives?' No problem just doing research

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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