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How to promote the growth of facial hair?

Mentioned above , I'm 21 years old and the rate at which my hair grows his not proportionate to my colleagues


At 21, you may have not yet reached the maturity of your beard. You can encourage hair growth with the links that are posted in this answer.

These articles are for scalp treatments but you can use them on your face as well. Exfoliation of your face twice a week will help the roots of your facial hair to grow. Hydration by drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy hair. You can also start taking a Biotin supplement to see if that helps with your beard growth.

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I want to increase the hair growth of my mustache as my mustache growth rate is low compared to the side beard, what should I do?

Increase beard growth rate as mustache growth is low compared to the sides beard. Want to increase it?


Use Castor Oil to Stop Male Receding Hairline is a VisiHow article about treating your hair loss with Castor Oil but the method will also work for encouraging the patches in your mustache to fill in. You also should not trim your mustache as much to see if you can fill in the patches. A full beard is not always full without patches but instead longer in areas to fill in any blank or thin spots.

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I am having issues growing facial hair on a straight line from my teddy part, what can I use to get the desired growth?

I am having issues growing facial hair on a straight line from my teddy part, what can I use to get the desired growth


Try the remedies mentioned in the VisiHow article on growing a beard and the articles posted within this section of QnA. Castor oil or Hibiscus leaves are mentioned and that would be a great way to start. Depending on the growth you want you may have to have your hormones tested to make sure that you are not delinquent in levels needed for body hair growth.

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Reaction of Cinnamon face pack?

I got my skin rash after using cinnamon face pack. I suddenly started getting pimples and to cure that I have mixed cinnamon, lime, honey and turmeric as a face pack. left for full night over face and when I removed it OMG my face was full of red and yellow pointed bubbles. Its now 2 days my face is getting worse and worse. Please help me what to do now.. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Cinnamon

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You used too much cinnamon and lime. These can cause a burn if left for too long. Treat the area with Aloe Vera to heal the skin and also encourage a healthy environment. Even though these remedies are natural you should always do a small test patch before full use. You should try Castor oil or the hibiscus and amla the next time as these should not burn your face.

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More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I'm 19 years old but I don't have facial hair on my face. Can you please help me? why don't I have facial hair

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Grow a Beard
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Hi Sir, I am a 32 years old guy, but I don't have proper facial hair. How can I get fast beard growth? Please advise me. Thank You?

Right now I am using VitaBeard.. I have tried: 2 months. I think it was caused by: No idea

VitaBeard is an internal supplement and it is great to take for overall hair growth potential but you should also try several of the topical remedies listed on this page in the Grow A Beard VisiHow article and the links posted in the QnA. Realize that you may need to get a hormonal test to see if you are deficient in testosterone. Begin taking two to four raw cloves of garlic a day to see if that begins to boost your beard as well. Garlic can raise testosterone levels which are needed to grow a beard. At 31, men can experience a drop in their testosterone.

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How do I apply the mixture to the face ? do I apply it where I need the growth?

I need to know how long it will take to show progress, and how I apply it

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How to initiate facial hair growth when it is sparse, still by the age of 26?

My facial hair growth is very slow. Only a little amount of mustache has come out and beard too is very less. Age is crossing 26 and it makes me look childish in front of girls. I also feel very less attracted towards them. Kindly suggest suitable remedies.

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