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Sober yourself up

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Does a hot bath can help you become sober?


A hot bath will only loosen tense muscles and improve your blood circulation, making you feel all warm, but not sobering you up. Hot water can make you perspire, and that will help you to release some toxins from alcohol that you take, and it will certainly relax your feelings. Remember, it will always take time to sober you up. You must wait until your blood processes and totally disputes the alcohol that's in your body. Our body takes more than an hour to eliminate each serving of alcohol that we take or drink, so after a while, you will feel comfortable and fresh again.

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I think it's not advisable taking a hot bath when you are drunk. Because things might get complicated if you do so. The cold water should and must be used in taking a bath to sober up. But not hot water, since your body is already affected by alcohol and is currently hot too. Then you should avoid taking a hot bath.

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Does jumping in a cold pool help hangover?


No, it will give you an instant boost in sobering up due to the cold shock, but it will not fully get you out of your drunken state. The only thing that you can do to sober up will be to not consume anymore and give yourself time to sober up for that is the ultimate way to sober up.

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Jumping in a cold pool suddenly is also rather dangerous, especially if you are still a bit drunk because that can cause your blood pressure to suddenly shoot up. Also, since you are still a bit drunk, you may not be that aware of your environment and you are them more prone to accidents. Also, if you are doing this in a deep pool, you need to be careful as cramps are quite common to people who are drunk. You would not want to get into further trouble just because you are trying to wake yourself up from too much drinking.

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It will be safer to stick with other ways of getting sober like drinking coffee or taking a bath. Also, if you already know that you tend to have difficulty getting over a hangover, then you may want to reconsider your alcohol intake next time.

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Does taking a bath wakes you up?


The answer is yes, taking a bath either hot or cold will wake you up, but it will not affect the alcohol metabolism on your body. Taking a hot bath has a vasodilator effect to the body which dilates the blood vessels resulting in the increase in blood circulation of the body which efficiently helps in flushing out toxins and make the body feel more relaxed. While taking a cold bath, according to some studies, stimulates the neuron cells in the brain making you feel more alert. There are also some studies that taking an alternating bath of warm and cold will help a person to feel more relaxed and alert. Take note that taking a bath will make you sweat and it is imperative to always hydrate yourself with enough fluids this is to prevent dehydration. In regards to the alcohol metabolism in the body, the alcohol metabolism in the liver has a fixed rate of 0.015 g/100mL in one hour, which stays the same either a person takes a bath or not or whether the person is awake or asleep. To sum it up, taking a bath will wake you up and provide you a false sense of alertness and it actually has no effect on the level of your drunkenness.

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Sober yourself up
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