Do Fakie Kickflip

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Hi, welcome to VisiHow. Today, we will teach you how to do a fakie kickflip. fakie kickflips are the exact same as regular kickflips. So, set up in your regular kickflip position, but just roll the opposite direction for a fakie.

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    Let's set up in our kickflip stance
    We're going forward, which is a regular kickflip.
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    In order to do a fakie flip, we'll give a push with our switch foot and head the other way
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    While we're rolling a fakie, we want to pop our kickflip the same way we would in regular, but instead we'll be in fakie
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    Again, we're going to set up the exact same way we would a regular kickflip
    So, our toes are covering the nose of the board, and our flicking foot is on an angle a bit below the back trucks, ready to flick behind us.
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    When rolling fakie, pop with the nose first, and then flick after we pop the nose
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    Thank you for watching VisiHow
    If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to use the comment section below. Thank you.
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