Determine Things That Can Damage Your Singing Voice

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[Image:Sing-ermin1.jpg|right|179px]] Having a wonderful singing voice is like a treasure. Your singing voice can help you in so many ways. It can be a source of income. If someone from the entertainment industry discovers you, you can become a millionaire in an instant, from rags-to-riches indeed! It is an extraordinary talent, and many people will praise you for having it. To keep a healthy singing voice, you may want to identify things that can damage it. This way, you will be able to avoid the things that can destroy your singing voice. Below are a few of the things that can compromise your valuable voice:

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    If you're stressed out, and you have an event coming up where you will sing in front of the crowd, you could sing badly. You need plenty of rest before the big day comes. Do not do anything that exhausts you just before the event. If you sing, you could feel uncomfortable, restless, and lethargic. These feelings could ruin your performance, and the audience may not like how you sing. Professional singers are required to sing with emotion and energy, so you should too!
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    High Fat Foods And Snacks.
    Maybe you're could be tired when you get home from work, and you may be tempted to eat fast foods like hamburgers, French fries, chocolates and desserts. When our stomach is already growling and asks for delicious foods, you will often choose what's easiest and available. The moment you wake up the next morning, you may notice that your voice sounds awkward. In this case, you could have hoarse voice. And if on that day, you have an event where you will be the singer, this could be a problem. What should you do now? Foods that are high in fats can damage your voice. One of the things that can really adversely affect your singing voice is the acid over-production in your stomach. Foods containing high fat and calories may trigger a greater acid production in your stomach, in an attempt to digest the fatty foods you've just consumed. The technique here is to avoid eating high fat foods the day before your big day, to get rid of acid overproduction in the stomach.
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    Caffeinated Drinks And Alcohols.
    Coffee ermin.jpg
    Just like the aforementioned, caffeinated drinks, such as coffees and sodas, as well as alcohol, can also trigger acid overproduction in the body. The cause of hoarse voice could be due to the initial inflammation in the throat, which will soon become acid reflux, an upward ejection of the acid from the digestive system to the esophagus, causing pain called heartburn. Do not consume foods and drinks that increase the risk of acid overproduction in the stomach before your big day.
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    Singing Incorrectly.
    Singing - ermin.jpg
    When you force your voice when you are singing, and you raise your shoulders as well, you may be singing improperly. As a rule of thumb, you should sing through your diaphragm and not through your throat. If so, you could strain your vocal cords. In addition to that, you should not flex your stomach when you sing. If you do this, you may block the air coming out of your diaphragm to your esophagus. Open your mouth widely as you sing so that the air will be completely released from your diaphragm. To keep your singing voice in good condition, you may want to do a daily breathing routine: Try to place your right hand below your chest and the other hand below your right hand, then inhale and exhale. When you exhale, you should breathe out by making the "sss" sound. As you do this, you will know how long you can sustain the "sss", and easily you'll reach the high notes. Practice this exercise every day to keep a healthy voice.
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    Even if you are fond of smoking, you may want to consider quitting. Smoking can cause phlegm buildup in your respiratory tract, and sometimes this will lead to respiratory diseases. Quitting smoking not only helps you keep healthy vocal cords, but also provides you a healthy long life. Not only smoke from cigarettes, but also from other sources can destroy your respiratory tract, and thus lead to breathing issues. If you have problems breathing properly, you cannot sing as well. So, to avoid this circumstance, you may want to stop smoking and if you don't smoke avoid second-hand smoke.
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    Menstruation cramps are big hassles in women's lives. If you are a female singer, and you suffer from dysmenorrhea, you should avoid singing. The cramping can destroy your performance. Singing may also cause excessive bleeding, so it is very important to rest if you are menstruating. But if you really have to attend the event, there are things that you can do to ease menstrual cramps, such as drinking herbs, like red raspberry leaf herbal tea.
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    Colds and Flu.
    Flu woman sick-ermin.jpg
    These common ailments can destroy your singing voice because of the phlegm, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. So, always wash your hands and avoid people with viral infections if you don't want to become infected by them.
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    Adult-drinking water - ermin.jpg
    It is very important to drink plenty of water before singing. Dehydration can damage your singing voice, because it dries your throat. In order to sing well, you have to hydrate your body as well as your throat. This is not just to be done before singing, but also daily. Make it a routine to drink lots of water per day, 12 glasses a day if possible. This may seem like too much for you, but it can wash out mucus and bacteria in your throat. If you do not drink plenty of water daily, then you can be at risk of getting a respiratory infection. Water plays an important role in everyone's health, so drink as much as you can.
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    Medicines - ermin.jpg
    Modern medications greatly affect your singing voice. It is one of the contributing factors to damaging your singing voice. Avoid taking unnecessary medications like antihistamines and anesthetics. If you do not need these medications, then do not take them before singing. Only take them if you are ill and your doctor advised you to do so.
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    Unhealthy Lifestyle.
    Typically, an unhealthy lifestyle can result in getting diseases easily. If you have poor health, you could be at risk for getting common illnesses: allergies, common colds, flu, fever, etc. If you don't want this to happen and ruin your singing voice for your performance on stage, you may want to start planning a healthier lifestyle, through eating fruits and vegetables and doing regular exercise. These can help you breathe in and out properly for maintaining your healthy singing voice.
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    Drinking Cold Water Or Ice Water.
    When singing you should not drink cold water. Cold water is harsh, and stresses the your throat, which makes it more difficult to sing. When you are singing, you should drink warm water to safeguard you voice. Hot water also relaxes your tired throat.
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    No Voice Warm Up.
    Singing without warming up may cause damage to your voice. Before singing, you should relax and start practicing your piece. You should sing softly and without force to warm up your voice. It is not good to sing full force without warming up first. Scales, vocal exercises, etc, are things you can do to warm up.
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    When singing or before singing, refrain from drinking cold water.
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    When flu and colds attack you, rest and take the appropriate medications.
    Make sure to take care of yourself so it doesn't lead to something much worse.
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    Massage your chick bone to relax it before and after singing.
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Questions and Answers

Can a cold damage your singing voice?

It depends…it can only damage your singing voice if you keep singing while you have a cold. The first thing you should do is rest and take your medicines, drink a lot of warm water to clear your throat so you can breathe better. You can also take a lemon tea or an herbal tea to soothe your throat. If you are a singer avoid getting sick. Take care of yourself so you don't get a cough or cold, because when you sing while you have a cold, your voice is different.

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Can orange acid ruin your singing voice if you are smoker?

No, but the smoking itself can cause serious harm to your singing voice. Understand that the orange acid juice is helping to clear up mucus or phlegm in your throat but the smoking is causing harm to your vocals, lungs and throat.

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I can sing, but at times I feel like my voice is not free enough.. I don't know if I am doing anything wrong. So yeah…help would be appreciated. I have tried: Olive oil, honey, warm water, and gargles with salt water and lemon..

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Can a person with asthma sing very well?

I have asthma and a lot of people say it affects my voice.

There will be days when it's harder to breathe than others. It's not so much the singing that's affected, but the lack of air to actually breathe properly. There just isn't enough air to power the voice. Yet, Billy Joel, Judy Collins, Alice Cooper, Liza Minnelli, Bono and Pink all have asthma, and it doesn't seem to have any adverse affects on their singing careers.

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