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Delete Telegram Chats on iPhone 6

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Delete a message from a group chat?

Actually I am wondering if there is a way to delete a message from the group chat in Telegram. I mistakenly wrote a message and I want to delete it. I want to delete it from the whole group not only my own device.

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By long tapping on the message you can edit it or delete it and then write something else in it's place. It will show a message of updated but do not stress about that.

If I delete my messages to any of my friend, are the messages restored in my iPhone in some where or deleted forever and they won't be restored again?

Delete icon is better or delete history chat which one is safest, honestly I don't want any body to know what I deleted and want it removed completely and never can be found by any body. Thanks


They can be recovered no matter what you have chosen as your delete option by using iPhone Data functions when connected to iTunes. In the future, if you do not wish something to be seen then do not send it at all. Not to mention that your message could be screen shot by who you are posting to. Always keep that in mind that these days anything in writing either by text messages, email or app messages can be screenshot and posted to the world. Look for example at what has happened to public figures who end up with their private SnapChat posting circulating all over the internet.

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How to delete posts from a group in Telegram without leaving that group? I have deleted some of the posts and again they have appeared

Why after deleting some of the posts, and after a while all of them are back?


Both the person that posted and you have to delete a post to keep it permanently deleted. However, there is a glitch where if a new person joins the group, all the deleted posts appear again. It also glitches when someone has not checked Telegram in a few days from within your group.

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