Decorate Your Windows for Christmas

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Decorations are usually a large part of Christmas celebrations. Many people like to decorate their Windows during the Christmas holiday season. If you are having trouble deciding how you would like to decorate your Windows this holiday season the below options for may help give you ideas.

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Wreaths are quick and easy, decoration that usually requires little clean-up. They can be hung in a window with ribbons, twine, garland, or even fishing line for a floating effect. Many stores you go to this season will have some sort of wreath for sale. Some are made from real materials while some are artificial. If you are planning to use the wreath next year, you might want to purchase one that is artificial. If you can't find a wreath that you like or would like a personalized wreath you may be able to find materials to make your own wreath in nature or a craft store.

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Christmas Wreath


Christmas lights could be a great way for you to spruce up your Windows for the holiday season. Not only are there various color options but lights come in different shapes as well. Reviewing your options early will help you to decide if this type of decoration is for you. Also, decide how you would like to secure the lights. This of course would depend on the material your home is made of and where the lights are to be placed. If the lights are going inside the window, they can be secured with tape. You can even create pictures on your Windows by arranging the lights according to a pattern. If you do not have a power outlet near the Windows, don't fret. You may be able to buy battery-powered lights from the internet or a local retail store.

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Instead of using string lights in your Windows, you can opt for candles. Candles are a more traditional option, but you must make sure that safety precautions are followed. When choosing Windows to place candles in front of indoors you need to make sure that you will not inadvertently cause a fire. Also, place the candle a safe distance away from the window or the window may break from the heat.

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Candles that are battery-powered lights may be better options if you are worried about safety but want the same decorative effect.

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Garland can be made of just about anything. Most of the time the garland which is made of a material similar to artificial trees is used for decoration of the home as they are usually thicker than regular Christmas tree garland. Garland can be positioned above doors, Windows, on guard rails, hand rails both indoors and out.

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Indoor Decorating Tips

Indoors securely hung garland can be a versatile addition to your decoration arsenal. Not only can you decorate it just as you would your tree, but you can hang it anywhere. Securing thick garland to the top of a window sill can serve as a great boarder for a snowy village. You can even add a light dusting of fake snow so it'll look like snow covered shrubbery. Hang above the window to allow for hanging decorations like baubles.

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Outdoor Tips

Outdoors you may want to limit decorating to outdoor Christmas lights and plastic ornaments, bows, and holly. This way if it rains nothing will be ruined. Hanging garland securely on the outside tops of Windows may make a great place to hang icicle lights, boughs, wreaths and other decorations that could hang down from the garland over or beside the window.

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Window Decals and Appliques

Windows are a blank canvas. You could buy decals, stencils, and other appliques or you could make your own. If you have a printer you can print out a paper stencil pattern of your choice and create the stencil from cardboard. To use a stencil you can tape it to the window temporarily and spray the window with artificial snow. You can also freehand whatever you wish onto the window by mixing dish washing liquid with cornstarch. To make your own appliques you can buy puff-paint from most stores with a craft section, print out Christmas images and lay a sheet of wax paper over them, trace the picture with puff-paint. Let it dry then peel and stick.

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Questions and Answers

How to decorate an outside window with Christmas lights to look like a present?

I want my window to look like it's a gift. How could I do this. There are different ways to accomplish this depending on what type of results you want.

  1. 1
    With a wire hanger, lights, and garland.
    1. Straighten out the wire hanger and secure the garland to it with tape.
    2. Form it into a square.
    3. Wrap Christmas lights around the square.
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How to put up Christmas window stencils?

I want to have the different holiday themed pictures on my Windows in fake snow. What you may want to do is create, buy, or print out stencil templates that you like. You can then create a sturdier version out of recycled cardboard from a printed version. Trace or affix the template to the cardboard and cut out the inner parts to create a stencil. There are also templates in many stores that are already made and reusable. After you have made your stencil, choose the kind of paint that you would like to use. You could color the stencil in with artificial snow spray, or make your own window paint out of liquid dish detergent, cornflower to thicken and food coloring. You would use it like regular paint, but it stays tacky and is easily cleaned off once it is no longer needed.

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  1. 1
    Affix stencil temporarily to the window with masking tape.
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  2. 2
    Spray with snow spray or paint.
    Let dry for a while
    Just to make sure you won't have any running colors and your lines remain clean.
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  3. 3
    Remove stencil.
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How to make your own window candelabra?

I don't have a candle holder shaped like that. Can I make one? How? You may need to create different layers on your windowsill in order to hold the candles depending on what type of design you want. The Menorah is a well known candelabra, which you could easily make by re-purposing glass or plastic soda, wine, or champagne bottles.

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  • Make sure you weigh the bottle down by pouring sand, rice, or pebbles into the bottles before inserting a candle into the mouth.
  • Line up bottles.
    • You can spray paint the bottles ahead of time so the match or look more festive.
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Snowy Glass Candle Holder?

How are these made? These could be an interesting addition to a centerpiece or used in a windowsill candelabra.

This method will create the snow effect on the outside of the glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear glass or glass (you can also use a glass jar)
  • Epsom salt (Epsom salt will be the snow)
  • Paint brush
  • Container
  • Candle
  • Painters tape
  • Glue


  • Make a design on the glass. Draw a design by using the painters tape.
    • The painters tape should cover areas that you do not want painted.
  • Paint. Use a paintbrush to spread white glue onto the areas to be painted.
  • Sprinkle Epsom salt onto the wet white glue. Do this over the container so it'll catch any fall off salts.
  • Dry.
  • Add a candle of your choice.

This technique will create a snow effect on the inside of the glass.


  • White wine
  • Epsom salt
  • Assorted clear glass
  • Paint brush
  • Bowl white wine
  • Mixing bowl or pie tin
  • Candles if desired


  • Prepare a glass; it can be of different colors.
  • Mix white wine with Epsom salt to make a slush.
  • Pat the slush on the inner sides of the glass.
  • Let it dry overnight until its slush hardens.

This will make a snow effect on the glass. You may also paint the slush on the Windows. If you want to remove the slush on the glass container, you pour hot water on the outside of the glass to melt the slush inside.

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Window Screen Candle-holder?

I really like the way these look but can't find the correct size I need. Acquire a small nursery style pot, metal screen, aquarium stones, and candle.

  1. 1
    Place the pot above the screen and mold the screen by wrapping the pot according to its square shape.
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  2. 2
    Fold the top edges of the screen.
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  3. 3
    Remove the pot and place the aquarium stones inside.
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  4. 4
    Add the candles.
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  • Screen exposed to heat may become hot enough to cause burns.

Decorating a Christmas window with twigs?

Tips or techniques

  • Put evergreen boughs beside the Windows as Christmas decoration. They may last until spring.
    • You may paint the twigs.
    • You may also add glitters while the paint is wet.
  • Using twigs to decorate the Windows you may also decorate the trees itself.
    • Tie a ribbon around the tree.
  • Red berries will become black at freezing temperature.
  • Along the twigs, you can place decorations like Christmas ornaments.
    • form the twigs into any shape you desire.
  • Add fresh flowers and change them whenever they wilt. *You may use pine cones for decoration.

Christmas garlands on window ledges?

Hi, I am looking to see what is the best way to sit Christmas garlands on my window ledges outdoor. As I am curious about the wind so it would never fell down

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We have a Merry Christmas sign (with tiny lines) to hang in the front window; we can't get it to hang level?

It is only 10"x12" or so. When we hang it by its suction cup - it is lop-sided because of the cord on the other side. Any ideas?. I have tried: Just the suction cup that came with the lights.. I think it was caused by: Cord is heavier on the other side, of course, making it off balance.

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