Decorate Small Homes

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Make the most of your small home. You decided to have a small home for good reasons. You must have seen the economic value of living in one as it costs less in terms of construction, taxes, heating, maintenance and repair. With smart solutions to deal with your space problem, you can have less clutter and a less complicated life. Also consider the reduced ecological impacts of having a small home that requires less from the environment to maintain.

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Having a small home does not mean foregoing style. Despite having a home with only small square footage, you can still create a chic space that fits your personal taste and style. Savvy decorating ideas can be the solution to the small space in your home.

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A small home can absolutely exude charm and personality through home accents, like having multi-tasking furniture or paint that make your rooms appear wider and larger. Inspire yourself to make your home functional and livable. Here are innovative ideas to help you decorate your small home even more.

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Guide in Decorating Small Homes

  1. 1
    Achieve the "Wow" Factor.
    Maybe your small house is full of furniture, but it gives the impression that it is unfinished. Something is still missing. You cannot get it to look like an interior designer did it. There is too much stuff on the tables, walls and shelves too. Heed these tips:
    1. There is no need to buy all new stuff.
    2. Use what you already have, and if you add few pieces, your small home gets even more crowded.
    3. Choose one room at a time.
    4. Remove anything that does not belong in that room.
    5. Consider if the furniture you want to put in there suits that space.
    6. Try swapping a piece of furniture from another room.
    7. Try removing a piece from the existing space.
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  2. 2
    Accessorizing Correctly.
    A pleasing way is to group an odd number of pieces of varying heights, enhancing the appeal of the room. Example:
    1. A small coffee table can be accessorized with a set of three candle sticks, with different heights.
    2. Add a small green plant in a decorative container.
    3. Stack your favorite magazines arranged in a fanned out pattern.
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  3. 3
    Have some wall décor or art.
    1. The trend is using large scale pieces.
    2. It is not just framed art installed flatly on the wall. To add interest, try chunkier pieces with dimension.
    3. Apply the odd numbered pieces again for a visual interest, not necessarily three framed pictures or paintings. It can be three different items that have visual appeal, like one large piece, a wood molding shelf, and a plaque or plate.
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  4. 4
    Streamline furnishings, mirrors and glass to emphasize available space.
    1. Visually expanding the size of the room is the primary consideration.
    2. Do not forget to include negative spaces, which are the empty areas surrounding the furniture.
    3. Go for furniture with legs instead of those with skirts.
    4. Use those incorporating glass where possible and add reflective elements, like mirrors, crystal and silver to an interior. With these elements, lighting is amplified, creating an expansive feeling.
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  5. 5
    Placement of accessories
    Have somewhere for the eye to rest, which is important in placement of accessories
    The eye scans the room, and it needs a small blank wall to rest on, or you will feel chaotic and overwhelmed.
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  6. 6
    Pot shelves are not meant for clutter.
    Some homes today use many pot shelves and soffit (underside) spaces, particularly on top of kitchen cabinets. These are spaces you are looking up at.  
    1. Use only one to two art items spaced properly, rather than stuffing the entire space.
    2. Place items in unusual positions. Place a pot on its side or a plate on a stand with some silk greenery in the foreground.
    3. Less is more when it comes to pot accessories. Not all pot shelves need something in them. Leave some empty.
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  7. 7
    Reflective accents, size and scale.
    Good design always blends some form of reflective surfaces. Home accessories convert the overall ambiance of the room.  
    1. When using large chunky pieces of accessories, keep in mind to integrate organic pieces like plants, flowers and trees.
    2. Don't overdo on reflective pieces like those made of metallic silver, gold, copper, glass or pewter. This makes the room pop.
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  8. 8
    More strategies for small-home decorating.
    Designing a small space means you can be discriminating. Vibrant décor updates don't have to be costly. Just be imaginative.  
    1. Pair contrasting colors. You can begin in the front yard with a common look of a patchy grass and the parking driveway. Define it by placing bright boxwood that will complement the house paint.
    2. Combine mix and low. Low refers to inexpensive furniture and fuse with high-end touches. Example: IKEA curtains, but you use a plumbing pipe to hang it; you have a bargain settee, but custom pillows to add to your comfort; and beside you is a hand-painted chinoiserie coffee table, resting on an old Pakistani floor carpet.
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  9. 9
    Update some second-hand furnishings.
    A double coat of high-gloss red paint can render your framed mirror high class. Go to thrift stores and discover some findings.
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  10. 10
    Create an area that serves many purposes.
    1. If your home has no designated dining area, the breakfast corner can also function as study table or an art table.
    2. A guest is usually housed in the living room or home office. A library at home with a large daybed for ample seating can be your accommodation for your guest. She can curl up, read or enjoy a board game. Just remove the cushions and it becomes a comfy bed.
    3. You re-purpose furniture. Don't give up on furniture with missing legs or with torn upholstery. You can still find a creative way to use them for another purpose.
    4. You can create storage spaces that are attractive. Place a tray on top of a narrow storage cabinet between the living area and the kitchen. It holds ingredients for cocktails.
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Facts about Small Homes

All around the world, more and more people prefer to live in small homes. Most downsizes have a modest living quarters.

  • After Hurricane Katrina in the USA in 2005, Katrina cottages were developed. Measuring 308 square feet (28.6 square meters), these cottages replaced the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Trailers that temporarily housed the victims of the hurricane.
  • With the 2007-2010 financial crises, more attention has turned to the small house movement. They are more affordable to maintain, and eco-friendly as well.
  • In other countries, interest in very small homes has been revived also. Japan, where space is a premium, a 925–square foot (85.9 square meters) House to Catch the Sky was built in Tokyo, and became a home for four; in Barcelona, Spain, there is a 300 square-foot house in a suitcase; while in Manchester, England, there are intelligent living spaces apartments of 353 square feet.
  • The typical small home size does not exceed 500 square feet or 46 square meters.
  • Some homeowners take this trend to a new level, choosing to live in tiny homes that can be as small as 90 square feet. This size is already equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, and toilet/bath.

Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • Rather than painting the walls bright white to have it appear larger, do the counter-intuitive approach. Go deep, dark and mysterious. Try a teal blue silk wall covering, or cover the whole wall with leather floor tiles for a striking look without minimizing any floor space.
  • In a guest bathroom that has truly tiny spaces, instead of having it painted, put mirrors on every square inch, except the ceiling.
  • Take your focus off of the house's architecture and concentrate on an astonishing project. It can be on a plant, a painting, or a portrait.
  • If you have a narrow kitchen, avoid upper cabinets as much as possible to stop storing stuff up there. Choose a theme of utensils you have to use and live with that to use daily. Keep the other items until you change your theme.
  • Gather your collection of mirrors – antiques, new, vintage, French or Italian. Arrange them starting from the largest one which goes to the center. Then group the others around it.
  • Use the same fabric on your walls and curtains, upholstery, even the lampshades and picture frames, be it toile or animal prints. One wild print on that one area of the house will enlarge that small space, make it cohesive and add to the wow factor.
  • If you want a four-poster bed in a tiny bedroom, go ahead, as long as you have a space for a bedside table. It adds an impression that the room is big.
  • Use chairs instead of sofas to provide maximum flexibility. They require less space and can be transferred around easily.
  • Don't opt for furniture with arm rests. It limits how they can be positioned. The armless ones are also easier to get through doors and into apartment elevators.
  • Don't forget the island or hallway which leads to the kitchen and other rooms. Choose dishwashers and other appliances with wheels. They Tcan be relocated against a wall after using.
  • If you have a home office, don't allow clutter to ruin the environment after your work hours. Provide a storage unit where you can hide work paraphernalia on weekends.

Questions and Answers

How to decorate a small house with no money?

Decorating a small house to make it look more beautiful can be easily done even if you have minimal or no budget at hand. There are several alternatives Do-It-Yourself projects that uses recycled materials that can be easily found at your house. Below are some DIY projects that will beautifully decorate your small house with no money:

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  • Recycling Wine Bottles. Wine bottles are good to make vases, wall decorations, wind chimes, and others.
    Wine bottle art.png
  • Recycled wood. If you have pieces of old wooden tile or planks, you can make them into beautiful desktop plant decor or picture frames.
    Desk planter art.png
    Recycled wooden picture frame.png
  • Recycling old forks and spoons. Silverware can also be recycled into various beautiful arts.
    Silverware arts.png
  • Recycling plastic bottles or containers. Plastic bottles or containers can also turned into beautiful wall decorations.
    Plastic bottle animal arts.png
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The above are some great ideas if have no money to beautifully decorate your small house with no money.

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