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Talk with your girlfriend's mom to date her daughter

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Daughters boyfriend is way too polite? Is he faking it? Should I trust him with my daughter?


It would be best to always keep your guard up to the boyfriend of your daughter until he truly shows his true self. Earning one's trust cannot be properly done by simply showing how polite you are, but rather, earning one's trust takes time to develop naturally. According to some psychologists, earning one's trust means that the person should give first his trust freely to the person he is gaining trust. It means, that the boyfriend of your daughter should give you first his full trust to you in order for you to give him back your full trust. Naturally, guys will tend to act politely in front of their girlfriend's parents in order for them to easily gain their trust, but their intentions are not sometimes clear. Below are some tips to properly help you determine if the boyfriend of your daughter is truly a trustworthy person:

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  • Opens up. If he opens up to you about his life naturally, it means that the guy is putting his trust to you by telling his life experiences.
  • Being accountable. If the guy accepts his fault, like for instance, the guy brought your daughter back late at night and he humbly apologizes instead of making an excuse.
  • Always true to his words.
  • Answer your questions without showing being defensive.
  • Honest.
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If the guy shows all the mentioned positive characteristics, then the boyfriend of your daughter is a trustworthy person where you can safely put your trust into. In short, you need to further observe the guy if he truly is worthy of your trust and your daughter.

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How to fix a relationship when the parents don't want you?

I need to know how can I tell her mom that I mean to harm to her daughter and I truly love her and she loves me back


Parents, by instinct, are very protective of their daughters. You should not see such as a hindrance but rather a challenge for you to be able to prove yourself to her parents. If you really love her then it is a must that you also win the trust and confidence of the people closest to her - her parents and siblings. This may not be easy at first because parents especially the dads would size you up and test your perseverance in pursuing their daughter but certainly, if the juice is worth the squeeze then go for it. Nothing comes easy especially with true love. Despite this technologically-driven era, parents would really appreciate a guy who abides to tradition and treats their daughter with love and respect. You can do this by personally courting her at home and talking to her parents that you really love and have her best interests at heart. Regular visits at home with some gifts for her and even the whole family would be very appreciated. Do not give too pricey gifts as parents could interpret such as arrogance. Simple gifts like flowers or chocolates for their daughter and a basket of fruits for the family would be more than enough. You can also offer your services to help out in some chores around the house. Ask her dad and brother if they would want to play basketball or even play Xbox with the little brothers. Offer your help with some tasks or assignments. Simple but sincere actions would really mean a lot to parents who only want the best for their daughter. You should show them exactly that. Just be yourself. You may not be perfect but if you have that perfect love and genuine intentions for their daughter then your imperfections will just spice everything up and soon enough, they will learn to accept you. Parents know if a guy has sincere or pure intentions for their daughter. If you deserve and work hard for their approval and trust then you will certainly get it.

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How to talk to a girl's parents and let them know I like their daughter?

My girl says that she is ready to be my girlfriend and she wants things to be more serious but first I have to inform her parents. How would I tell her parents without getting nervous? should I let her introduce me to her parents? Or should we both tell them together? By the way, her parents know me, we go to the same church.

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Invite her parents and the girl out for lunch after church. During that meal, let them know that you would like to date their daughter and will treat her with the utmost respect. As long as you are honest with her parents about your intentions then you have nothing to worry about. Ask if they have any dating guidelines such as chaperones and what her curfew is to show that you plan in towing the line of their rules.

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Practice any questions you may think they ask by providing answers and preparing those before you meet with them. This way you will have less of a chance of blundering any answer. Come with a clear list of your intentions, what plans you have for your future and how you plan on including their daughter in these plans.

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Talk with your girlfriend's mom to date her daughter

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