Cure Breast Pain Using Iodine

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Last year I began having breast pain that would come and go. This is sometimes labeled as fibrocystic breasts. I was told that it was permanent! least until I reached menopause. Then....I discovered the Iodine cure!

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    Purchase any brand of Lugol's 2% solution.
    It is made up of Iodine and Iodide, both of which are absorbed by different areas of your body.
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    Use one drop per day in water, but do not exceed two drops.
    I found that I needed to use 1.5 drops for my body.
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    Once you are saturated with Iodine in your tissues (could take a couple weeks), then you can peel back your dose.
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    Enjoy Pain Free Breasts!
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Other Causes of Breast Pain

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    Changes in hormones during the monthly menstrual cycle.
    Every month, a woman's body undergoes a lot of changes in hormones, particularly during specific days of the month or during ovulation. The pain is usually felt on both breast and it may even have some referred pains around the armpits and upper shoulders. The pain is usually not sharp but it is more of feeling sore or heavy. As a woman gets older, the pain subsides and it completely goes away after menopause.
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    If the pain comes irregularly and not based upon your menstrual cycle patterns, it may be worthwhile to have it examined or analyzed further. These random breast pains are usually caused by cysts. Also, it should be considered that not all cysts can be accessed simply by touch through your breasts. Therefore, it may not always be that obvious and a more thorough examination is required. It is crucial to have these cysts addressed the soonest possible time as it can be cancerous and may spread throughout your body. Do not wait until it's too late.
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    If your body is undergoing a lot of stress, it causes negative hormones that lead to pain. It is very similar to muscular pain that you experience when you are tired or stressed out. The symptoms should get relieved the moment you feel better or the moment you allow yourself to rest a bit.
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    There are certain medications that lead to breast pain, especially if you are allergic to it.
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    An unhealthy diet, especially one which contains a lot of fat and is not rich in fiber, can lead to breast pain. Also, very fatty diets can contribute to the likelihood of developing cysts. A sustainable change in diet can lead to the total alleviation of breast pain.
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    Too much caffeine intake.
    If you tend to take in too much coffee or caffeinated tea, you may want to reduce it especially when you start to experience breast pains.
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    Too much impact during exercise.
    If you are not wearing the right underwear during sports or during exercise, it may cause tenderness in your breasts afterwards. This is the reason why sports bras are recommended. Regular bras do not provide the same level of support as sport bras do. Sport bra provide support by making your breasts move with your body, instead of against it. Therefore, the impact is not much. Also, the materials used for sports bras are usually more elastic and therefore, they glide with the body better.
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    Improper underwear.
    It is crucial to select the right types and size of underwear to prevent breast pains. If you are wearing the wrong size, let's say it's too tight or too lose, it will not be able to support your breasts the proper way.
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  • Why it Works: Many people believe that Iodine is just for the thyroid, but there are actually many places in the body that need and store iodine. One of these places in women is the breast tissue. Iodine protects the breast tissue from becoming sensitive to the influences of estrogen and thereby also preventing cysts, and ultimately, iodine protects us from breast cancer.


  • Caution: People who are allergic to shellfish could also be allergic to iodine so check with your doctor or local Naturopath.
  • Too much iodine in your system could lead to Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's. Start off slow and try not to exceed 3-5 mg's per day. 1 drop of 2% Lugols = 2.5 mg

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