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This article will be on how to create a music video successfully. We all see the 'YouTubers' and try to do a video yourself but don't understand exactly how they put it all together in a professional manner. It is easy to just make a video but it is hard to make a good music video so these steps will help a person to see how to successfully complete this action themselves to have a professional look.

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    Choose which song you wish to make a video of whether it is your original song or is a pre-written song you wish to make a video of, understand that sometimes you will need to get musical rights in order to produce a music video of a song that has already been written for you can be sued for using a previously recorded musical track without purchasing the rights first
    Find out your route you are going to take and the necessary options about your music and move on to the next step.
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    Create the theme around your music video to express the video in the matter you are wishing
    Be sure to pick the right theme to go along with your music video for the right theme can make or break a music video. The professionals take days and even weeks to come up with the perfect theme to the music videos they are wishing to produce so take your time and pick the theme you are perfectly okay with before proceeding. Example: If you are making a video of a love song then a theme idea will be black and white on the beach, those would be the themes and coloring of the video for this type of song.
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    Record every aspect of moving for the video, some people actually like to film all backgrounds and other points of view before actually filming the video so that these pieces can be put into the video at a later time
    By recording the angles beforehand you can pick which place you would want to put them in the video for your viewing pleasure.
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    Record your video fully, if done right it will take more than just 10 minutes to complete this action
    When recording ensure that you are using a video camera and not a video camera from a phone for the quality of a phones camera is poor compared to a video camera. Also while recording it is a good idea to have at least three cameras recording at the same time to catch all angles during the video recording. When using three cameras you can capture different angles of the artist as well as the background giving you betters pieces to put together when you are reviewing the video and putting it all together. By using three cameras you also limit the time you will need to spend recording the video.
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  5. 5
    Mix in the actual song in the background so that the movements in the video match up with the song in the background
    Music producers do not actually play the music in the background while they are performing the video but actually add the music into the video after the recording. This is just like lip syncing with the music for they will be singing the right verses and lyrics to the song but you just have to make sure that the music in the background aligns with the singers in video. It is important to ensure that all the movements and singing in the video match up with the background music.
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    Put the media that you have recorded onto your computer to begin the editing process either through window movie maker or any other video editing program that you can find to use instead
    There are a lot of video programs you can use but they all will have the same basic options of use in order to edit your video. Display all of your video on different time lines so that you can edit them second by second or minute by minute.
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  7. 7
    Go through your list of clips and weed out the clips of the video that you do not want to use for the final cut
    This is basically like creating your first draft to your video but ensure that once you delete your clips you may not be able to bring them back depending on the program which you are using so ensure that you are sure when deleting any media.
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    Collect all parts of the video you are wishing to use and put it all together and run a play through to ensure that it runs with the music track you are going to put as its background
    After you have ensured that the video syncs up good with the song mute every sound in the video completely.
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    You will see the option to play music in the background of the video, now here is where you add in your musical track to sync up with the video fully
    Do a couple of play through in order to ensure that the musical track sync up with the video perfectly. This is key for one mistake can throw off all the rest of the video and also your viewer to make sure that it is perfectly synchronized with your audio track playing in the background.
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    Use the program to enter text and here you can input the name of the track, artist and the producer just like the professionals do as well
    Ensure when putting the text in to describe these things that they look apart for the video you have created for example: if your video is about rap and crime it would be smart to not put the text words in the color pink. Ensure that you put the text in the beginning of the video and also at the end of the video for a final look so that people can feel as if they are watching a professional looking video.
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These steps will help you in order to create a professional looking music video just like the pros create, these steps are not hard and easy to do but ensure that you pay a lot of attention to the recording of the video and all its angle for the different angles can bring the viewer more into the video than a single angle.

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