Create a Good Impression to Your Girlfriend's Mom

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Dress up, look nice and spray on your Axe Body Spray. "Now what am I supposed to do?" Is this the question that came to your mind when you were leaving the house to meet your girlfriend's over-protective mom? Below are some tips to keep in mind before entering the battle-zone.

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Prepare to Meet Your Girlfriend's Mom

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    Appearance counts.
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    The first thing that will really make you shine is how well-groomed you are. A lot of mothers still judge a book by its cover, and well, why not? They have invested time and love in raising their daughters the way they see fit. What you will notice when you walk into their house is that every eye will be on you, scrutinizing every bit of your body from head to foot. They may not talk to you immediately, but rather they will look you over. At first, the things you say may not sound believable, but if you look nice, this can help to showcase what's really beneath.
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    Respect is key.
    In most cultures, simple gestures that denote respect are essential. So before going to your girlfriend's mother's home, try to research some of the most important things. Try finding out about their beliefs, culture and ethnicity. For example, if they are Koreans, distance and seating positions are critical.
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    Listen and Hear.
    After presenting yourself well, and showing the gentlemanly side of yourself, the next thing to do is to attempt a conversation with the mother. Simple comments such as, "The garden is beautiful," or, "The living room is so spacious," can trigger a lot of stories on how it came about. Why? Because this is their territory, and they feel like they are being complimented for what they have accomplished. After all, these areas often go unnoticed. Also, somehow, part of being a mother is that they want to be listened to, and the hardships and successes they have experienced have earned them the right to be heard. They are often great story-tellers, so gather all your senses, and listen actively to the long tales of her journeys. There are a lot of people who do not listen to what mothers have to say, and so by coming to her turf, you are obligated to settle in for a trip down her memory lane.
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    Consistency is the key.
    The cementing factor for making a good impression is to being able to consistently perform the simple gestures. This will establish the persona of who you really are and how you will treat her daughter in the future. Try to always set your mind on respecting her role and listening and being engaged in her stories.
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Mothers' Usual Pet Peeves

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    A mother will not entrust the future of her daughter to a guy who does not exhibit a good sense of responsibility. Mothers are usually very caring and if they see that a guy they don't believe will be able to care kindly and properly for her daughter, because he doesn't seem to realize his responsibilities in a relationship, it will be very difficult to get her approval.
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    While it may be true that a guy does not always have to please his girlfriend's mother, it's still important that he is sensitive to what the mother actually considers important. For instance, if it's important for a mom that her daughter does not come home too late, then you have to honour that and abide by her rules.
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    Some guys are very prone to this especially when they are trying to impress their girlfriend or the parents of their girlfriend. However, in most cases, this causes a boomerang towards the opposite, mainly because it gives the impression that you are just so full of yourself. Mothers begin to doubt whether you are able to care for their daughter or you will just think about yourself all the time.
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    While some girlfriends may be able to tolerate a certain level of dishonesty from their boyfriend, this is usually a big no-no for mothers. It will be very difficult for them to forgive as soon as they've know that there were instances of dishonesty that happened in the past.
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    One thing that can really sweep a mother off her feet is when a guy is a gentleman to her daughter. This is an automatic turn-on and you just really immediately get their approval if you are like that. Anything opposite, even when it is not that serious, will be a quick turnoff.
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    Putting their daughter at risk.
    Mothers will do anything for their children just to keep them safe. Therefore, if your actions become a threat to the security of their child, the mother will not hesitate to pull you away from their daughter. For example, if you like to bring their daughter to road trips that are extremely dangerous, bring her to places with a lot of drunkards, and the like, there's no way you can get her mother to accept you as a good match for her daughter.
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  • Remember these things are just tips for you to introduce your true self, and if you cannot do all of these, at least try to pick one or more that really suit you.
  • Just a heads up: Try to do these things as naturally as possible. If some of the gestures don't fit your personality or you are not used to doing these things, do not force it. Try to pick a simple gesture that you think you can really do, innately and regularly. At the end of the day, these gestures aren't just for show; they are your key to presenting your true, unblemished self to their family.

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