Cover up Blemishes and Dark Circles

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How annoyed we get when we go to look in the mirror and see those red blemishes staring us in the face! Those under eye dark circles don't help either! In this article, you will be able to learn some makeup tricks you can do to cover up these problem areas, so that it will look like you have normal skin!

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Types of Face Blemishes and its images

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    These are caused by collagen that builds up due to injury. It can spread widely, depending on size, color and even texture. A celluloid scar can appear again, even after the skin is healed. It can't even be removed by ordinary treatment. A celluloid is not contagious. They can cause itchiness and pain. In the worst cases, celluloid scars can even affect the movement of a person.
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    These are a skin irregularity that usually present at time of birth. There are two types of birthmarks: Pigmented birthmarks and vascular birthmarks. Pigmented birthmarks are caused by skin pigment cells which include moles, cafe-au-lait spots, and Mongolian spots. Moles are growths on the skin, usually black or brown in color. Moles can change colors, and can develop hairs, but there are also moles that can disappear over time. Cafe-au-lait is a light brown or light tan, in oval shape. Mongolian spots are usually blue in color, with irregular shape. Vascular birth marks are also known as red birthmarks.
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    This is something that probably doesn't need much more explanation. Acne includes sensitive bumps that usually form on your face. They are caused by clogged pores, from dirt and oils on the skin.
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    Age spots.
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    These are flat, small, gray, black, or brown marks. They are usually caused by sun exposure. Age spots can be seen at age 40 and up.
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    Uneven skin tone.
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    This is also known as hyper-pigmentation. It is a result of an over-production of melanin. When you are exposed to too much sun, your skin may be damaged.
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    Blackheads and whiteheads.
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    These are sometimes related to acne. A blackhead is a wide opening in the skin, that has a blackened mass of skin debris covering the opening. Black heads are caused by an over-production of oil. Whiteheads are caused by dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria that has been trapped within the pores.
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For Face Blemishes

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    Cleanse your face with a gentle facial cleanser or, facial soap.
    Use a gentle moisturizer then, rinse and pat dry.
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    Use a concealer.
    The concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin. Dab on blemishes gently. Do not rub in. Dab lightly until it blends into your skin.
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    Apply a foundation next.
    It should match your skin tone. Blend in gently.
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    Use facial powder next, this will be a base to set your makeup.
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    For your under eye circles, use a yellow based concealer.
    Start from the inner corner of your eye, and dab back and forth lightly across to the outer corner, until it disappears.
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Try to keep your hands away from your face. The bacteria on our hands will get on our faces, and can cause pimples.
  • Don't forget to exfoliate the skin. This removes dead skin cells and debris.
  • Drinking plenty of water is essential for clear skin.

Questions and Answers

How to hide dark red blemish?

the fastest way to hide red blemishes is by using a concealer. Get a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin. You can also use foundation and facial powder.


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