Cover Up Bald Spots

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Did you wake up one morning and happen to notice when you looked in the mirror that your hair was thinning, or maybe you had a bald spot? This can be embarrassing and frustrating! So what is the cause of hair loss? There are any reasons. Hormonal changes in our body can cause it, illness such as thyroid disease causes thinning hair. Prescriptions we take warn us of side effects which can be hair loss. Also, baldness can be hereditary through the family. So what can be done for this problem? Yes, there are infomercials out there that have "promising" hair formulas that are suppose to magically regrow your hair. But we know they don't work. There is also the option of hair implants which can be very costly. So what are some easier and helpful ways we can cover these thinning areas?

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  1. 1
    Go to a Barber or Salon.
    The hairstylist professionals are experienced, and can find ways to do a different hairstyle to cover over these bare areas.
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    Wear a Hat.
    Don't pay attention to the myth that hats cause baldness, because they don't!
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    Wear a Hair Piece.
    Go for the NATURAL HAIR looking ones!
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    Hair Concealer Sprays.
    You can buy them to match the color of your hair.
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Common Causes of Bald Spots

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    In some cases, baldness or having bald spots is hereditary. You would see other members of the family having the same condition. In this case, it is more difficult to resolve this because the probability of you having it is higher.
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    If your diet is overall not healthy, it poses a greater risk for you to experience baldness. This is a sign of a certain form of malnutrition, in which certain parts of the body are not getting the right nutrients in order to function well. Consider what you eat and get rid of junk food which is not good for your body.
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    Showering with hot water.
    If you live in a cold place, the tendency is to go on hot showers all the time. However, this is not good for the hair. It makes hair strands weak and it destroys the roots of the hair. You would notice that after using hot water to shower, you see a lot of lose hair on your drain.
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  4. 4
    Wearing cap too often.
    If you wear cap too often, your hair is not able to breathe normally. Caps also cause some level of stress to the hair, because it pushes the hair down. Avoid using very tight caps and if you can completely avoid wearing it, do so.
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    Inappropriate shampoo.
    Maybe you do not spend that much time to read your shampoo label, but it is indeed crucial to do this, especially if your hair and scalp are rather sensitive. Just buying any shampoo won't work all the time and it might cause some damage to your hair. You need to know the type of hair you have as well as the condition of your scalp. Based on that, choose the most appropriate shampoo. Test it for a few days and if it works well for you, you can keep on using it.
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  6. 6
    Use of too many chemicals on the hair.
    If you tend to go for a lot of salon treatments all the time, you become more prone to bald spots. The chemicals that salons use could be harsh to the hair in the long run and will not promote hair growth. It's even worse when you become allergic to any of the components of those chemicals. You may develop allergy spots which can lead to bald spots when it gets worse.
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  7. 7
    Improper combing of hair.
    If you tend to pull your hair strongly when you comb or do not use the right comb, you may traumatize your hair follicles and eventually develop bald spots. It would be worthwhile to use the right combs such as detanglers and wide-tooth comb for wet hair. The less stress you apply onto your hair, the better.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Eat Protein Rich Foods to Slow your Hair Loss.
  • Rub Aloe Vera into your Scalp at Night. This is effective to prevent hair loss.

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Questions and Answers

Why do I have a bold spot and will it ever grow back?

I have used a lot of chemicals on my hair before so I have tried going natural, but now I have a bold spot I never had a bold spot. My mother has one too I don't think its in our family, I really need help

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It is possible that the hair can grow back if the causes are temporary, such as radiation, chemical therapy, hormonal shift, pregnancy, stress, bad diet, etc. You should visit the trichologist immediately and ask him or her about minoxidil-based treatments. Without the doctor, you should not use any treatment, as the treatment may be contraindicated, useless, or not available legally in your country. The doctor will find whether the bald spot is genetic or temporary and will try help you with the problem.

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While you are waiting for the consultation, you can see our articles on how to stop balding due to temporal hair loss and how to using castor oil to stop male receding hairline.

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