Convert iTunes music to Android Devices

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This Article will explain how you can convert your music from your iTunes library to your Android phone.

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    First you will need to open your iTunes library
    Click on the Menu located at the top of the iTunes window pane. After you have opened the menu, click on preferences. Under the tab "General", click on
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    From here you can choose either to use AAC Encoder or MP3 Encoder
    For your Android based OS it will be a better choice to choose the MP3 Encoder for it will give your converted music better quality on your Android device
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    Now you can go into your iTunes library
    And you may choose all the music you wish to convert (using the control key while clicking will help you select more than one item at a time)
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    When you have chosen all of the songs that you wish to convert
    You will need to right click one of your highlighted picked files and a new menu will appear and while in this menu click on "create MP3 or AAC" depending on what you choice in the preferences menu
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    After you have chosen to convert the files you will need to wait for the files to be converted
    You can watch the progress at the top of the screen and when it is done
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    Connect your Android device to your computer and choose the option on your phone to "turn on USB storage"
    when the computer registers your phone choose the file explorer option to open the folders of your phone on your computer and find your music folder and open it
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    From here you may go back to your iTunes menu and drag all of your highlighted and converted music to your phone folder
    That will be open and the music files will copy to your music folder on your device and be playable through your Music player
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