Control the game as a PG (Point Guard)

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This article will be on how to take over and control the game as a Point Guard on you basketball team.



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    Trust- As the point guard you will need to gain the trust of your fellow teammates by working with them all through being a team player.
    Some point guards often confuse leadership with dictatorship meaning that some would rather make their team respect them rather than showing them through leadership what they can trust their PG. Ball hogging shows the lack of trust by the point guard against their fellow team members so it is important to remain a team player to everyone depending on the situation. Also you can gain the trust of your team by remaining aggressive and confident as their leader, very important to be sure of yourself regardless of the situation to be a great leader even in a loss keep your confidence.
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    Tempo- As the PG you will create the tempo for your team during the game so it is important to take advantage of the other team when they seem to be a bit tired or slow during game play.
    While playing it is essential to tire them out and not give them a second to catch their breathe or rest. Movement by your team causes the other team to move also which can use up their energy which is always a good strategy.
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    Communication- This is necessary to be a great point guard which is to always listen and talk to your coach/players.
    You as the pilot of the team will need to be able to communicate with your players through signals and phrases that the other team will not pick up on automatically. Also listen to your teammates for they may have insight on the other team that you haven't noticed and communicating with your players will allow you to exploit the weaknesses of the opponent.
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    Judgment- You as the point guard will be faced with the decision to make quick shots, speed up tempo and ensure your team gets back on defense.
    Also you may cause the other point guard to change his tempo during the game by applying defense which in turn may cause an advantage or a break down in the opponents plan.
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    Know your role- As the point guard your job is not just to score but a lot of other jobs also at that position, it is important to ensure that you have the basic skills necessary to be a point guard.
    A point guard controls the game more than other position through passing, scoring, defense, offense and balancing the court effectively to take advantage of the other team successfully.
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    The cut- The cut will be a huge weapon in the point guards arsenal so ensure that you cut aggressively and also that your passes to the cut get their successfully.
    Point guards who are not familiar with the cut often stand the chance of losing out on the points that could have been made through this skill or option.
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    Handling- If you are not a ball handler then you will more than likely not be a point guard as sometimes the point guard will be the person with the ball in their hands most of the game.
    Ensure that you learn the basic skills in ball handling instead of the flash and dash that some get hooked on without knowing the basics for the fancy handling may get you no where as basic skills are more effective. Ball handling will change the pace of the game and also change the momentum of the game if used correctly.
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Questions and Answers

How is a point guard supposed to control the game?

They are supposed to control the game by speeding and slowing down the tempo of the game. Their movement is the start or focal point on how the offense will be ran at the current time. Everyone follows the point guard in the game when it comes to the tempo and also the flow of the game.

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The point guard basically is the team's quarterback. He handles the ball and dictates the tempo of the game. If he has a running team, he can move the ball up and run fast breaks in order to get points quickly. On the other hand, if his team is being outscored and out-hustled, he may want to slow the game down and play the half court game. He'll set up his big men to post up and run some plays to score while taking time off the clock.

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How to change the tempo of the game in basketball pg?

By speeding up your speed as well as the passing that you will perform as the game goes on in regards to changing the tempo. A PG who runs a lot will speed up the tempo of the game and a PG that slows down their movement will slow up the tempo of their offense.

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As the point guard you can simply slow down the tempo by walking up the court as you dribble, your teammates will notice your slower movements and will follow your lead. Also you can request the ball or while dribbling call out your team to slow down.

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