Connect External Monitors to Canon T4i

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You're watching VisiHow. In this video, we're going to show how to connect an external monitor to your Canon T4i camera. A reason to do this might be that the display is rather small and can be too dark in the sunlight when you're shooting video.

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    To connect an external display, locate two ports on the side of the camera
    They are an audio/video OUT/Digital terminal and a mini-HDMI port.
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    It's important that you obtain a mini-HDMI cable
    One of its connectors is slightly smaller unlike two similar connectors on the regular HDMI cable. There are a mini-HDMI end and a regular HDMI end.
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    Insert the mini-HDMI connector into the camera
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    Now, turn on the screen of the external display
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    Then, connect the regular HDMI connector into the right side of the display
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    Choose the HDMI mode by pressing the appropriate button on the external display
    You will get a live feed from the camera lens. You'll notice that this is not a clean feed (there is visual noise). There is information at the top of the display. This device is not something that you can export or record directly to, but it is great for monitoring. The display also doesn't allow you to adjust the size of the live feed. It gives you a video that is slightly smaller, but it can be helpful in monitoring the video.
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Video: Connect External Monitors to Canon T4i

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