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This how to will be on how to get past chapter 6 of dead space called "Environmental Hazards" in order to successfully get past this level you will need a lot of money, ammunition and different types of weapons in order to get through this level of play. As you may get past a lot of the other levels easily this level is definitely not one to be completed so easily.

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1. When you begin you will need to head the lift located outside of the area that you are in order to meet up with Hammond and from there you will need to proceed to the next room. 2. From here use the vending machine to by as much of equipment you need suck as ammo and weapon needed for the mission. Focus your weaponry mainly on the ripper line gun and the force gun as these weapons will benefits you highly on your next mission. It is highly recommended that you save your game in order to ensure that if you lose that you do not have too far to travel back, from here continue on the hallway until you reach the West Tower and from here take the lift where you will encounter an enemy take the enemy out and continue on to the door 3. Go through the door located to your left and from here you will encounter a couple of waves of "slashers' kill off all the slashers so that you can advance to the door located at the end of the room. 4. From here continue to move forward interact with the box then shoot the poison pod in order to advance and also the next enemy in order to advance. 5. From here go outside and kill yet another enemy and after head to the other end of the area which will take you to yet another room and kill the next poison pod in the area and from here kill the next enemy by focusing on shooting the arms off of the enemy, carry on into the lift take the lift up and enter the door to your immediate right 6. From here you will notice the canisters located in the room, you can use the cutter two cutter blades for the next poison pod located in the room (to your left), be careful as you will notice the bodies located on the ground as they may get up and start to attack you remember if you get overwhelmed by the enemies run away and regroup in order to successfully take care of the enemies in the room and head for the door on the opposite side of the room. 7. After you have gotten through the room head to your right and use your force gun to push the bubbling enemies who explode away from you, but stay alert as you will get swarmed by a few more of them ensure that they do not get too close to you as they will explode. 8. Carry onto the next area where you will run into yet another zero gravity area now you will have a lot of enemies so be on your alert while getting through this area, head into the opening in the room while avoiding the spikes. Carry on to the next control panel and be alert because they will be an enemy in the next area who may sneak up on you kill your gravity boots and continue through the nearest door. 9. You will see a lift so from here take it down, attack the four panels in your view, you will notice the fire tubes quickly run across using perfect timing and from there you can choose to fight or run past the next enemy in your way and continue on to the other side of the area. Look out for the poison pods and also the enemy in the room also be careful to not get too close to the pods during your battles as you will receive a lot of damage from the pods. 10. Head to the next room where you will run into yet another lift and head for the next room, turn left of the next lift and take it down to the chamber below. Watch out for the beast and two more enemies whom will attack you, after taking them out take the next lift down get past the enemies and continue on the a control room. From here you will reach another store vendor try to get ammo and also health but maintain a good balance as you will need funds in order to complete the next challenges up ahead. 11. You will come into contact with a guardian take him out easily by shooting the limbs off instead of going for straight body shots which will prove to be a bit ammo consuming. After you do this you will notice that a few doors will open up (if you have a power node available open one of the doors which will have a few important items). Move to the door your marker is pointing to and you will encounter a slasher take him out and continue your way to the lift 12. As you enter this next area a Brute will be waiting for you it will be smart to use statistics to slow him down and also to use your line gun if running away to ensure you get a spread shot at the enemy. 13. After taking the brute out continue on to the room to your left and kill the poison pod waiting for you from hear you can use the panel located to your right continue on the the lift but be careful as there is a poison pod underneath so try and take it out before entering the lift. While on the lift do your best to not shoot any container as they will blow up harming you. 14. From here take the lift up to the third level then take the lift back to the second level and use a power node on the door. 15. From here you will need to go under some cages ,and head to the opening and enter through it. You will notice an electrical spot you will need to freeze the electricity and enter the hole in the next wall over be aware as you will need to kill two more enemies and then you will reach the last pod of the level kill the pod and advance.

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