Complete Assassins creed (Under Construction)

Edited by Ephraim

This how to will walk you through completing the game Assassins Creed for the Xbox 360

On the main screen press the [Start].  If this is the first time that 
Play will have to choose to create a new game.  Usually sufficient 
With that in the Animus choose load the game from where you left off. 

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The tutorial begins with a scene in which you are surrounded by women. You

Can move and practice your moves.  Do not worry if you do not quite 
Read what is on the screen, as this will be detailed later.  The 
Scene will end and you will appear in a village.  As before, move 
A bit and wait for it to end. 

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Trigger a scene in which we meet Desmond Miles, the character 
Main game.  Discuss with some doctors who say that it is a 
Murderer and therefore they cannot let go.  The "Animus" will allow 
Scientists find what they want, and if you do not cooperate will kill you.  When 
Appears on the display, press any button to 
Lie down. 

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Now you're inside the Animus, a projector that recreates memories 
3D. these memories may be those of the ancestors of the subject, which is 
Genetically transmitted.  Here you can use the sticks to turn to see 
Scientists, until you get into the "Tutorial". 

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You'll be in an area filled with mist.  This is the tutorial.  You will 
Say the following: 

Synchronization bar: It's your life, if you just come back to the last 
Location that was synchronized.  With the Animus can control the 
Subject's actions.  The [Y] corresponding to the head, [X] and [B] at 
Hands, and [A] to the feet.  When prompted, press the [Y] without 
Move to enter first person view.  Move the Right Stick 
The view of the protagonist to see other people. 

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Next is to press and hold [B] while walking to 
Aside to citizens, avoiding to throw the vases.  When you arrive 
The other side of the spiral turn. 

High Profile and Low Profile: These are the two kinds of moves you can 
Do.  The Baja are accepted by society, while High 
Profile are action oriented.  Putting down the [RT] will enter 
High Profile mode.  Do it and you will go to the next task: Come To? 
Sir, press the [RT] and when you hit him press the button 
[B] To grab it, throwing it in the direction you point 
Left Stick.  You have to fall where the spiral. 

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To run you must leave pressed the [RT] and [A], and the Stick 
Will head the character left, if you just press the [RT], 
Which is not as fast.  Run up the spiral and win him to your 

There is also the Social Status icon, which appears next to the 
Synchronization bar: Red, yellow, blue, green, white.  This icon 
Change to one with three lines and a circle of color when you're watching 
A soldier: the color of the center is the state of the soldier who is watching: 
The yellow color means you're distracted but suspicion. 

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Now we have to kill that soldier stealthily (is done in Profile 
Low).  Press once the [LT] to focus.  Then press 
[Top] by Directional Cross to take your knife hidden.  Come to 
Soldier and press the [X]. 

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The new soldier will be informed (rather than distracted), which is shown 
With red center of the icon.  Touching him, pasting, or doing things 
Accepted by society will attack you as you suspect. 
Tapping Social Status will change completely red, which means 
That will attack the soldier.  Run up the stairs and upload (The go up 
Quickly if you keep running down buttons).  Up to you 
Notified that you no longer see: Your Social Status will be yellow.  Walk to the 
Center structure (garden) and walk against it to get you to it.  It 
Will the Social Status in blue, which means that soldiers seek you 
But do not know where you are.  When they stop looking for you turns green the Status 

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Being anonymous (Social Status white) will regenerate your bar 
Synchronization.  When you hide, you should ensure that you do not see (Status 
Social yellow) because otherwise you will discover when you hide. 
You can hide between two people sitting on a bench, carts 
Straw, gardens on roofs, and among educated people. 

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Now there will be many soldiers.  You'll have to "go with the flow": this is 
"Mingle" among others.  This is accomplished by holding 
The [A].  Keep it down and walk up the spiral.  Finally 
Notify you when your synchronization bar is full, you 
Access to a sixth sense called "Eagle Vision" (Eagle Vision); 
You can use it to distinguish the colors of people: 

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 White: Information 
 Yellow: White to kill you 
 Red: Soldier 
 Blue: Ally 

Activate Eagle Vision and you'll notice this.  Sync your bar is 
Regenerates as you stay anonymous (white Social Status) and complete 
Targets.  If this bar just die and restart the game in the last 
Area where synced.  You lose part of the bar if you kill a 
Innocent person, you fall from a high place, or you damage an enemy.  With 
This completes the tutorial. 

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Start the Story of a Murderer 

The game itself starts with a scene in which the protagonist, Altair 

), kills an old man (innocent). The

Others question it.  When you take control of him, moving down the road. 
Come to a part where you have to jump to beams.  Keep 
Down the [RT] + [A] with the left stick and move towards 
Beams.  So jump from one to one and you will come across.  Repeat this 
Until you reach the end of the corridor.  There will be some stairs go up. 

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Top see a soldier.  You will be prompted to press the [LT] to 
Approach it.  Approach him and press the [X].  Later you'll join 
Your colleagues and start a scene.  Apparently they have discovered "The 
Ark ".'Ll Have a discussion and then go down either by jumping off or using 
The stairs.  Down come closer to the Templars.  When prompted 
Press the [LT] and attempts to assassinate the Templar.  Watch the scene and 
Altair will be wasted.  You may have been separated from your friends. 

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It will tell you to jump from one thing to another, will keep down the 
Buttons [LT] + [A], and you will move with the left stick.  Press these 
Buttons and approach the wooden shelves.  I go up to them and jump 
From one to another until you reach the wooden platform.  Continue up. 
Eventually you'll have to climb the wall running.  It does the same, with the 
Same buttons: [LT] + [A].  Add the smooth wall and get in the next 

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Here there will be a wall you have to climb.  The buttons to keep 
Pressure remain the same: [LT] + [A].  You have to go 
Grabbing of the different things that protrude from the wall.  So 
Will conclude this part. 

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Now you're in a small town.  Altair asks if there is the 
Master here, and tell you so.  The GPS in the lower right shows 
Must go.  Go to where the diamond at the end of the GPS. 
For this you will have to go up the hill on which is the people (not 
Necessarily in the direction you need to go according to the GPS).  If you go 
Walking will take long, so you might want jogging, dodging the 
People.  Eventually you will be shown a scene in which you will see a 
Castle (Fortress).  That means you're on the right track.  Continued 

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When you enter it the Fortaleza have a conversation.  Once 
Been completed you will be told in the Fortress cannot draw your weapons, more 
In the training area.  Continue up until you enter the 
Library (the castle).  At the bottom you will see some stairs.  Upload and end 
The second floor will be the Master.  Trigger a scene when you 

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The Master will not be pleased when Altair says it failed to get 
What they sought.  That will one of your companions and you betray: No 
Wanted to ignore and instead you began a fight that was not 
Necessary.  Although he brings the treasure they sought, now the village is under 

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Now you will appear outside the castle, inside the Fort.  You should 
Down the hill this time, to go to the people and help the villagers. 
When you leave the fortress will indicate that the Templars are 
Attacking the village.  Walk and asks you to choose your weapon.  Press the 
Right Directional Cross draw your sword.  Follow the path 
Down.  The Templars have a cross on his armor, and also the 
You can tell because they appear in red when you use Eagle Vision. 

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When you get to where the Templars will ask you to press the 
Button [LT] to focus on one of them, and then with the [X] are 
Wilt thou.  The secret is to press the [X] every time your sword 
Hit the opponent's sword.  See all soldiers killing you 
Find low under the hill.  Below ordain and thereby removing 
Concludes this part. 

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Start up and start a scene.  Someone will call you in a tower.  Up 
Where is he using the stairs in the tower?  Inside the tower up 
Using the following steps.  Top stand on the wooden platform 
Right (has some pigeons, which detail the game!).  Watch the scene. 
The Templars are piled up at the entrance to the fortress.  You will be asked 
You make the "leap of faith" (Leap of Faith).  Breaking the traditional 
Buttons [LT] + [A] and leaps into the void.  The Templars believe that you have 
Killed but really fell on straw cushioned the fall.  However 
Your partner did not do as well because you will be screaming that broke the 
Leg (but quickly be silent so as not to betray). 

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What follows is walking the plank to the left of the pile of 
Straw which fell next to the flag.  It's like you're walking on 
Elsewhere, so you should not have much trouble (it is easier 
Low Profile do so).  Follow the path of the beams until a scene 
Show you a tower you can climb.  Do it up automatically and 
Shall bring forth your sword.  Hit the wood boards to release the logs. 

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Watch the scenes that tell you who managed to repel the enemy 
Because you listened and worked as a team.  Finally you will have to 
Show what happens when you do not follow the rules (kill the innocent old man 
Start of the game, making a fuss, and jeopardize the Company). 

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This will stop using the Animus.  Scientists will discuss. 
When you have control of Desmond Miles, head to the room on the right 
(The only one open).  Inside the bathroom and press any button 
Spy on.  Exit the room and look to scientists.  They will ask you to get 
To your room.  Do it and you'll be locked up?  Come to your bed and press any 

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The next day you wake up the scientist.  Go to where the Animus and 
Lie down pressing any button.  Choose the option to "Continue". 

Block of Memory 2

A Second Chance

After all, Altair is not dead.  The Master will tell who has returned to 
Born, so you have to start training from scratch.  This 
Means that you remove all your abilities and items.  You're a n00b, one 
Beginner.  When finished talking the Master can roam freely. 
It is important to notice that also decreased your Synchronization Bar. 
By the time you need to find the traitor who has been helping 
Templar.  By the way, exploring all this area can find flags. 
In total there are 20. 

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Exit the library and when you get off of someone Fortaleza 
Speak.  He'll tell you to go to the market and you can spy on someone there who knows 
On the traitor.  So down the hill: you must go to the place marked with the 
Diamond on your GPS.  The aim is to one side of the well.  However need of 
Go sit on the bench that is next to a house.  In that there are two banks 
People.  Sit in the middle.  Now using the right stick moves the 
Screen and turns to look at the two people near the well.  Focuses on one of 
Them with [LT] and press the [Y] to listen. 

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Now you have to go talk to the one that makes the baskets (Baskets).  In your 
Map will show its location (is going up a little hill).  When 
Get to where you are (recognize the baskets and the girl in front of 
It) press the [LT]: for this you must be, seeing and being neither very 
Far nor too close since otherwise it will not initiate the mission.  When 
Please keep scene focused when walking
 Relatively close to him press and hold down the [B] 
To remove what he has, while walking. 

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Now it will show a new location on your map to which you have to go. 
There will be a man screaming (is following the path that you were 
Following the Lord of the baskets), behind a railing.  Get behind 
it and press the [LT] to start the interrogation mission. 
Remember not to be neither too close nor too far.  A scene will start. 
Now follow him and when he gets into the small garden without people start 
Hit him with [X] 

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You will appear in the library.  The Master will be questioning the Betrayer.  Not 
Convinces him so he kills.  You will be given a list of names 
You must kill nine people.  Anyway, get your sword and the 
Hidden knife.  When you leave the library will have a fight 
Training.  Press the [LT] to focus on your opponent.  With the 
Button [RT] can defend yourself when you attack.  Pressing the [X] as 
Will attack.  Now you have to do three combos: Press [X] to attack and 
Press the same button when your sword clash with it, if you did 
Correctly will realize the combo and smite.  Do three combos 

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Sal tutorial screen and go to where it is marked with the 
Down arrow on your GPS.  This will leave the village.  After 
The wooden wall of the village you can board one of the horses to the 
Left.  Just walk up to him and you will ride.  Control is equal 
Like you're walking: with the left stick move it, pressing [RT] 
Trot, and [RT] + [A] run.  Follow the path and eventually spend 
Below arcs. 

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Kingdom United 

You may have entered the "Kingdom" (Kingdom).  Here progresses down the path and you will notice in 
You're GPS a symbol similar to an eagle.  Going to that symbol come to a 
Tower (View Point).  Scale it and even looking up a wooden beam.  Hop 
To it and press the [Y] to acquire the information of the area.  In 
The UK there are several towers (View Points a total of 12).  Make a Break 
Faith and fall into the straw.  Pressing the [back] see the map.  Now 
Many points of view, and many do not get in your way, so 
Then you can get them all. 

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Go to where the crescent is marked on your GPS.  On your way you could 
Find lone soldiers with a cross on his chest.  These soldiers are 
Templars will attack as soon as you see, even if you are "hidden". 
They are quite strong, so maybe they want kill silently.  In 
Finally, when you get to where the crescent is marked on your GPS will enter 
A new region. 

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Murder in Damascus 


Now you will be in the region of Damascus, which you can check 
Checking the map.  Down the hill.  You see a person being stalked by 
Three soldiers.  The screen will indicate that pressures [LT] to start 
Citizen rescue mission.  Do it, and kill the three guards [to 
Kill the first guard, who does not know you're going to attack, use the knife 
Hidden by pressing up on the directional cross 
Select it and then press [X] when you're near him].  Other guards 
Slay them with your sword (the bags pressing right on the cross 
Directional).  Remember, with [X] attack and [LT] you defend.  Since you 
Killed all the soldiers, press the [LT] to talk to the 
Citizen and receive your reward. 

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Rescued Citizen, appear white men (scholars or 
Scholars).  Go to them and stand in the middle, press the [A] and 
Automatically you will move with them.  In this way you will enter the city.  Already 
You can leave the group in pressing the [A]. 

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What should you do in the city?  First you go to where it is marked with the 
Eagle symbol on your map (View Point / Point of View).  Press the 
Button [back] to access it.  When you approach the area appears 
Eagle symbol on your GPS.  Reaches there and goes up the tower and be in sync 
Pressing the [Triangle] at the top of the tower 
Synchronize The effect of this is POV 
Your map will be updated.  Indeed, the remaining points will 
Vista and the location of Assassins (Assassination 
Bureau), marked with a triangle.  Furthermore appear places where 
You have to rescue citizens. 

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I recommend that you first sync at all Points of View (9 in 
Total) and salves to all citizens (12 in total).  Doing this will bring 
Great benefits (including a bar is increased synchronization). 
Now you've done that, go to the Agency Murderers. 

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Assassins is in the southern part of Damascus Poor District. 
You can only get it from the ceiling.  Inside enters the room to 
Talk to the manager of the Agency.  To display the mission 
Murder must first complete at least two missions 
Research.  In total there are five of these missions available. 

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 1.  North Steal.  Focuses with [LT] people stand beside the 
Carpets.  Begin to talk.  When finished, you have pursued the 
Focused but not too much.  If you stop, do not hit him much.  Already 
You're walking, he walks past pressing the [X] and 
Steal.  Just learn that Altair merchant prepares a 
Major shipment of weapons. 

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 2.  Southeast Spy.  Sit on a bench, focuses with [LT] at three 
People talking at the side of the house, behind the boxes, and press the 
The [Triangle].  Uncover the location of Altair. 

 3.  West Lower Interrogation Mission.  Focuses with [LT] to the person 
In the square, there being neither too close nor too far.  After you finish 
To speak, follow it until it gets into the dead end.  Hit him 
With [X] and defend yourself with [RT].  From it will tell you that deals with Tamer 
Weapons production, and working for someone else. 

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 4.  South Spy.  Sit on a bench, focuses with [LT] to the two people 
Talking next to the tables, and press the [Triangle].  Learn 
You can climb to the rafters of the central square. 

 5.  Upper West Spy Mission.  Sit on a bench.  With 
[LT] focuses on one of the two people talking at the source side.  Then 
Press [Triangle] to listen.  Here we will tell you to escape 
Can help some citizens, particularly those in the 
Southeast output. 

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 6.  Northeast Steal.  Focuses with [LT] to the two people talking in the 
Depressed center of the square.  When you start moving the person 
Have focused, follow it, and walking while pressing the [B] 
Beside her to steal.  Find that the roofs of the Northeast 
Allow easy access to where Tamer appear. 

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Enter Assassins.  You'll have a conversation with the leader of the 
Agency.  When you stop talking to make the pen left on the 
Table.  Then you will rest for a while.  When you wake up you will have to 
Go kill Tamer.  Salt of the Agency and head to the place marked with the 
"X" on your GPS. 

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The place is a square marked.  If you go through the roof beware 
Archers.  As you enter the square quickly start a scene.  You will see Tamer 
Murders another person.  Now you've got to kill (the man 
Dark red dress).  The easy way is to let down the [A] 
So you do not see and wait quietly near the center, without leaving 
Lot.  Tamer expect to pass next to you and when you come back 
Press the [X] to kill silently.  This method requires 
Patience but it is the easiest, provided they do not give yourself away.  Sure, the 
Another method is to cause a fuss.  If you do not let down the [A] you 
And you'll discover he has been killed. 

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As fast assassinate Tamer whole place will be on red alert: Your bar 
Synchronization is colored red.  This means that the guards will 
Recognize if you're pressing the [A].  I recommend that as a route 
Use exhaust ceilings.  You can hide in the gardens of the roofs. 
Go to Assassins.  To enter it you must be anonymous: 
You should not be chasing soldiers (if you chase, you have to 
Hide when they see you to become anonymous.  Give him the pen 
Leader bloodied. 

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You may have left the Animus.  Enter the room and go to bed.  With this 
Ends the memory block # 2.  Go to the Animus and have a 
Conversation with the scientist.  When the doctor arrives and enters the Animus 
Selects the next memory block. 

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Recover a range.  At the same time it will give you a knife cuts, which 
Is assigned to the left of the Cross Directional.  Also learn the 
Ability to "Counter kill", which is a counter.  Exit the library 
And you can practice.  Press the [LT] to start the fight.  Now 
Holding down the [RT] to defend yourself, but when you see the 
Opponent tries to attack you immediately pressed [X] (while still 
With [RT] pressed).  If done correctly repeat this 
2 more times to complete the training. 

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Exit the tutorial and go to where it is marked with the crescent in your 
GPS.  You will come out of the fort and town.  Grab a horse and rides up 
You enter the kingdom. 

Kingdom United 

This time you have two missions: Go to Acre and Jerusalem.  First we go 
To Acre, which is the location marked by the cross in your GPS and map in the 
Southwest (Jerusalem is marked with the circle and is the Southeast).  According 
You head to see synchronized in Acre View Points / Points of View and 
Killing Templars find.  Also, if you see a flag, not 
Hesitate to grab it. 

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You will pass through many pieces of enemy territory, so you might want to go 
Galloping and hiding under the situation, or simply gallop 
Ignoring the guards chase you, until you reach 

Murder in Acre 


Follow the road until you approach the village.  On the left you will see a 
Soldiers tormenting a priest.  I have to save, but is not 
Closer to the road as you fight you will attract many soldiers. 
Saved the priest appear some scholars with whom you can 
Disguise to enter the city. 

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Once you're inside of Acre go to the View Point / Point of View for 
Discover the location of Assassins.  Before you go to it 
I recommend you to save all citizens (12 in total are the circles 
Marked on the GPS) and I sync at all View Points / Points of 
Vista (11 in total are marked on the GPS eagles).  Incidentally, in 
Acre usually be archers on the roofs, and will be angry if you are around 
Long time on a roof.  I recommend killing them in High Profile: if 
Run them with the hidden blade will not have time to defend themselves. 
Also, if that does not work, you can always throw the building and very 
Probably find their doom.  Again pestered some 
Beggars asking for money, if you really angry, I can give a 

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Assassins is in the southeastern part of the Poor District of Acre. 
The entrance is on the roof, and you can only get when you're anonymous. 
I recommend you to go once you've rescued all citizens and 
You've synchronized all View Points / Points of View.  After 
Talk to the Leader of the Assassins will have to perform missions 

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 1.  Northeast.  Informant.  Banderas.  Focus the informant with [LT].  You have 
Three minutes to collect all the flags, conveniently displayed 
On the GPS.  They are in a row, so do not skip any because you will lose 
Time.  When you have them all, return to the informant and speaks with him 
Using [LT] to finish the mission.  Garner learn that lurks in 
The fort hospital. 

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 2.  Sur.  Interrogation.  Focuses with [LT] the man at the entrance of the 
Church.  When you begin to follow him to walk away, and when getting 
A runner begins to beat.  Remember defend with [RT].  He will tell 
That is distracted when caring for their patients.  Probably 
This is the most important piece of information. 

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 3.  Center.  Stealing.  This mission takes place inside a building.  Whether 
Makes you very risky to enter the gate, guarded by guards, 
You can enter from a hole in the ceiling.  Focuses on the two people 

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 4.  East.  Stealing.  Focuses with [LT] to the two men are talking. 
When finished speaking pursues you have focus, and while 
Walk beside him press the [B] to steal your map.  Not 
Learn anything interesting about it. 

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 5.  Northwest.  Spying.  Sit on a bench.  Focuses with [LT] to the two 
Men near the source, and with the [Triangle] listen to them. 
Missing learn some archers on the roofs of the fortress. 

 6.  Southwest.  Informant.  Murder.  Talk to the informer.  Appears 
On your GPS an X, indicating a target you have to kill.  This will 
Must do without his account (be alerted him or a guard).  You 
You can jump from a roof to kill with the hidden blade, or 
Just standing next to him and when you are watching not murder 
In Low Profile.  Go back and talk with the informant.  Learn that 
Only scholars can enter the Fort Hospital. 

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Talk to the Leader Assassins.  When I give the pen, 
Grab it.  Now go to where the X is marked on your GPS: The 
Fortaleza Hospital.  To enter recommend that you hide with the Scholars 
That will be outside of it (requires having helped the Priest 
To appear).  Scholars will take you in, place to start 
A scene. 

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When the scene is finished you will see other scholars in a corner. 
Hide between them and let them move you to where Garner. 
Here you have to be very careful because the lunatics will push and 
Could reveal your identity to Garner.  If you discover Garner, is very 
Difficult to kill because it is extremely strong.  For this reason, 
Recommend that when Garner to separate yourself from the Scholars but 
Hold the [A] button while you move Garner.  You 
Will approach him when he's talking to one of his patients, and 
With hidden knife, pressing [X].  If after several 
Attempts can, stay beside one of the beds that visit and 
Expect it by pressing the [A], then kill him silently. 

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Dead Garner have to run for your life outside the fort (not 
Try to kill the guards here since they are too many).  Once 
Outside the fortress get on any roof and looking for a place where 
Hide.  Being anonymous, enters Assassins and ends this 
Mission.  It will prompt you to automatically go to Al Muslim in 
Masaya, indicating yes. 

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It will restore another of your rank, you will be given the Throwing Knives 
(You can throw knives), and learn how to break down (buttons [RT] + 
[B]). Exit the library.  If you can practice in a fight.  In 
Finally, go to where the moon is in your GPS to exit and enter Masaya 
The Kingdom. 

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Kingdom United 

Now go to Jerusalem.  It is marked with round cross your GPS, and 
Is the Southeast. 

Murder in Jerusalem 


This region is greener than before.  To the left of the 
's city walls as a pantheon.  There you will have to rescue a 
Citizen.  Some scholars appear.  Hide among them to enter the 
City.  The nearby church is a View Point / Point of View.  Scale the tower 
And be in sync to reveal important locations.  Will appear on your map the 
Location of other points of view and Assassins. 

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In Jerusalem there are more archers on rooftops in Acre.  Watch 
As you move through them.  Seamlessly synchronized in all the View Points / Points 
Of View (9 in total) and rescue all citizens (12 in total).  Done 
This, go to the Agency Murderers and talk to the leader.  He'll tell you 
Need to do at least two of the six Research Missions. 
I suggest you to do them all: 

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 1.  Senior Center.  Informant.  Murder.  You have to kill the two 
White marked with X on your GPS without them realizing your 
Presence.  Use the hidden blade to kill them silently.  Done 
This back and talk to the informant.  Tall is in the northern part of 

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 2.  East.  Interrogation.  Focuses on the man at the entrance to the Temple. 
Follow it and hit it when in the locker room.  Remember block 
Hitting with [RT].  Tall discover that sells slaves, and has its 
"Business" in a warehouse. 

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 3.  Southwest.  Stealing.  Focuses on the two people in the corner with [LT]. 
A map with the location of the guards. 

 4.  Southeast.  Stealing.  Focuses with [LT] to the two people arguing outside 
Of the mosque.  When you start walking Steal the map indicating the 
Possible places to hide Tall try. 

 5.  Bottom Center.  Informant.  Banderas.  Speaks using [LT] with 
Informant who is under the tree.  It will ask you collect the 30 
Flags later than three minutes.  Go back and talk with him 
To complete the mission.  We'll notify you  guards 
Sacrifice to allow him to escape. 

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 6.  Northwest.  Spying.  The target is located inside the church, and to 
get you have to use to scholars that appear when aid 
priest who is in the area.  Inside the temple sit on a bench. 
Focuses with [LT] to arguing on the altar and press the button 
[Triangle].  Learn that "he" is a very good goalkeeper and therefore 
always seems to run, but just looking for a good position 
from which to shoot. 

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Return to the leader Assassins.  Grab the pen when you 
give.  Now you must go to the X marked on your GPS, in the Northeast 
town.  The area surrounding the site is surrounded by guards, so 
preferably comes through the roof.  By the way, make sure you've saved 
to all citizens in the neighborhood, particularly those west 
site.  The entrance to the building marked with the X is at the corner near 
from which a person speaking to a crowd. 

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Enter the building marked with X.  A scene will start.  After this 
advances to the next room.  Here there will be another conversation.  Step into the light 
to continue.  The archer who speaks is who will kill you.  So 
Start the fight quickly located the ladder and upload (all that running). 
Here you will see how tall up another ladder.  Cross to the other side of the room and 
Up that ladder.  We're going to run around.  Pursue him and eventually one of 
Citizens will grab rescued, allowing near him and 
Kill with the knife hidden in one fell swoop. 

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Return to Assassins.  Talk to the Leader.  This will end the 
Animus session.

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