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Move on after a failed marriage

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Coming to terms with a failed marriage?


A failed marriage just like any other form of failure always give one that pang of intense disappointment, guilt, and fear. A part of you dies whenever a relationship ends especially if you have vowed to love and honor a person for the rest of your life. There are so many questions as to why marriages fail. Yes, even fairy tale marriages can end up in a sour note. Some good things definitely have to end at some point - even a once blissful marriage. How do you ever come to terms with a failed marriage? Here are some tips on how to cope and deal with failed relationships:

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  • Allow yourself to grieve. Strong individuals know that strength can be derived from an outburst. Cry and sulk if you must. Allow yourself some time to look back and learn from the relationship's ebb and flow. Pain can somehow slow us down but allocate yourself some time to grieve and feel every single raw emotion there is with separations or losses. Most people need some time alone to think and that is exactly what you need at this point.
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  • Pull yourself together and map out a plan. After all the crying, bashing, and shrieking, it's high time to rise from the rubble and move forward with your life. It all starts with a definitive plan or course of action as to where you want to go from this point on. The help of a loving support group composed of family (relatives and children), friends, and co-workers will provide you the push or boost you need to start over again with more ardor and determination. You can brainstorm with trusted people or even your children. You will be surprised on how brilliant ideas come up from your kids especially because they are closely involved in the whole separation ordeal.
  • Take some action. Life does not end whenever a relationship does. You should be more motivated and challenged to go on with your goals in life for you and your children even if the marriage ended up in rut. Now that you are going solo, you need to regain that confidence and independence. The first thing that you need to take care of is with securing a stable job or even a profitable business venture. This depends though on whether you have enough capital to get you started in your business. You should also assess and evaluate your individual and shared or combined assets depending on whether you want to liquidate these or if you are eyeing an investment with your assets. It's really difficult to recuperate from a failed marriage and start anew or independently. It's definitely like riding a bike for the first time but it's well worth the falls, bumps, and scars. This is the time to get busy and become more social.

No matter how hurt or vengeful you might feel when dealing with a failed marriage, you need to move on and get your groove back on at the soonest time possible. Failed marriages does not mean you are a failure. It just so happen that there must be a much better fit somewhere. You need to look forward yet keep the past in hindsight to decipher where to go next.

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Who to talk things out with when he sys he has no answers?

My husband is burdened with responsibility. Tired. Been distancing himself for months. now says we both have said that maybe we weren't meant for each other (27 years later) I am not working, no money, no family or friends No money for counseling

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I don't know if my marriage is over?

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, and 3 weeks ago he left me for the 3rd time. He is currently working out of state as that was his dream and I supported him with the idea that in 6 months our kids and I would reunite with him. We had an argument on my birthday, and he said he could no longer be with me because we had a toxic relationship; however, because I have been pursuing him he is now telling me maybe we can work it out but he is unsure. He always does this to me every time he leaves, he leaves hope behind. I don't know what to do, as I love him so much, and do not want to give up on our marriage.

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I understand my marriage has failed. How to accept it?

I am finding it difficult to accept a failed marriage.

Some people do find it difficult to accept a failure in marriage, as the marriage for them is something that they put all of the effort and life into and intend to keep it as the only marriage in their life, not accepting the possibility for the second marriage. First of all, check for the signs that the marriage is over. After confirming this, you will need to survive the worst period by recollecting yourself. You can learn how to do that here: if you are a woman or if you are a man. After that, you will be prepared to move on and redirect your energy.

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Move on after a failed marriage

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