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Choose clothing colors that complement your skin tone

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Color wheel for summer skin tones?


Summer color skin tones can be categorized into light, cool and soft. An individual with a skin tone of light summer will have blue or green eyes. Her hair would be light to medium ash blond or light ash brown. She also falls under this category if she has soft red-hair color. Her skin will be neutral beige with pale undertones or soft beige with pink undertones. As such, you can play with the color wheel below.

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Light Summer Color Wheel.jpg

The cool summer skin tones will be a combination of blue, gray or slate eyes. The hair color may also be dyed with medium to deep ash brown, with little red undertones. The skin's color is perceived as cool, neutral or grayish beige, but may also be blue black. Below is your color wheel:

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Cool Summer wheel Color.jpg

Individuals who belong to the soft summer category will have hair color of light to medium ash brown with blond streaks. The skin is in neutral beige, with light to medium color intensity. Her skin tone will be dark ashy. Your color wheel is:

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Soft Summer Color Wheel.jpg

You can refer to this chart (by opening the link) for your summer skin tone: http://screencast.com/t/EelSRv2db3QT

Colors that compliment dark brunette with olive skin tone?


Jmgf Olive Skin Tone Clothing Colors.jpg

Orange, pink, red, greens and yellow are the colors that best complement dark brunette with olive skin tone. Any shade of green will do, ranging from the the olives, emeralds and up to the lime shades will work since it will help bring out the beautiful brown tone colors of the skin and the hair. With the olive skin tone, women will look great in colors that belong to the orange and red family and it will naturally give a summery and glowing color to the skin that will make it refreshing and pleasing to look at. Add up to the fact that the hair is dark brunette, these colors will furthermore accentuate the color of the hair.

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Black and other dark shades complete this skin tone very well. It is very similar to how well gold matches with black. Your brunette hair and olive skin tone will look radiant if you pair it with darker colors because of the overall contrast. On the other hand, you may also look good in pastel colors but this may look too bright to the eye.

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What skin tone goes best with a blush color dress?


All types of skin tone go best with a blush color dress and it depends on the person who is wearing it or how the person wears it.

  • If your skin tone is ivory or fair, the blush color dress will make you glow or make your skin glow. Seeing people that has an ivory or fair tone of skin and wearing a blush color dress looks elegant.
  • If your skin tone is medium or beige, the blush color dress will make you seem simple but elegant. We have a saying that "Simplicity is beauty".
  • If your skin tone is bronze or ebony, the blush color dress will make you look elegant, a blush color dress is a light color. So wearing light colors for that type of skin tone will it really looks good.
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Blush color dresses can in fact go really well with a person whom is of an earth tone, for the light color will pull out the complexion in a woman.

Good shirt colors for medium beige skin?

The colors that are good for medium beige skin are those dark colors, like the color black, violet, fuchsia pink and all those dark colors. So if you have a favorite color, choose the dark color of it, for example your favorite color is the color pink, you may use the shirt that the color of it is dark pink or fuchsia pink. Use the dark color of the shirt to make the skin glow or make it look lighter. A light color shirt is also good for a medium beige skin, it gives the color of the skin looks natural or simple. There are certain colors that can bring out the best in you while some hues could be a total disaster. Finding the right clothing colors for your skin surface tone and undertone is definitely important to highlight your features all the more and give your look the right boost. Your medium beige skin would definitely look good in both subtle and strong colors. Top shirt colors to flatter your medium beige skin would include aqua, turquoise, plum,coral, magenta, red, copper, indigo, brown, burgundy, and copper.

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Choose clothing colors that complement your skin tone
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What colors suit Indian dark brown skin tones?

My face,neck and shoulder area are lighter as compared to my arms though I have dark brown skin tone like chocolate brown I'm clueless which colors suit me....white makes me look darker and even brown shades looks washed out. Off-white, creams, dark bright red looks good on me and gold jewellery, diamonds looks good but not silver and other metals .I want to know which color will flatter my skin tone during daytime...as during evening times almost every dark shade looks great on me but at day time nothing works..either it will make me look darker or washed out,please help me out.

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Indian dark brown skin town will look stunning in both light and dark colors to complement both warm and cool skin tones. Chocolate brown skin tone is certainly sophisticated and you can be more gorgeous with the right clothing colors to suit your skin. You can definitely pull off a daytime wear with rich and poppy shades such as lavender, pink, and yellow because it accentuates your complexion and makes your skin glow.

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For evening wear, you can paint the town red with dark, mysterious, yet powerful colors such as black and red because these shades flatter your skin and highlights your skin undertones.

How to define my skin tone? I think I have a warm skin tone according to the tests but the colors in which I look the best are the ones that are best for cool skin tones?

It seems that I have a warm skin tone but the colors that are best for me are the colors that suit a cool skin tone, so I'm confused

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I got dark skin, I have no idea what colors for my office wears as well as casual wears to choose?

I am always going with dull colors and getting all the complains of my husband

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Hi, my complexion is dark. I want to purchase a red overcoat. Please suggest if it is OK or not?

Complexion is dark. I want to purchase a red overcoat. Please suggest if it is OK or not?

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Could you help me ? I need for a deal breaker for hair color?

Hello,. I've been said few years ago that I was a light summer (skin and hair) but that my eyes were winter (light brown). I have some kind of porcelain skin with obvious blue undertone around eyes (appears in the light due to the transparency of my skin ...) . Today I can not find what are my colors except off white which is the only color that matches really my overall coloring, and above all, I have to dye my hair since I got greyed/white haired (but it's not OK because they are not harmoniously placed on my head) and I can not find the color that would suit me since my natural hair color seems impossible for hairdressers to create (my hair are washed out to quickly and turn golden which makes me look green) . Thanks for your help ! I can not find where best hair colors are determined relatively to the season. I have tried: Keep my natural hair color (hairdressers can not manage it, I'm always too dark). I think it was caused by: I do not know really why. I think my skin clarity makes my hair appear darker than they truly are but since I have quite dark eyes for my season, no one achieves the good haircolor and when I ask for less dark colors it turns to golden

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