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Free Up Android Phone's Internal Storage

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Clean Cache in "App Storage" "Other"?

Running Android 4.2.2 on HTC One SV. Click "Settings", "Storage" - and the display is split for App Storage, Phone Storage, and SD card. App Storage is running at 3.63GB out of 3.85GB, with "Other" taking up 2.83GB of that. Note Phone Storage and SD card Storage are quite healthy and I'm unconcerned. I don't have too many apps on the phone. "Other" is un-clickable, so I cannot click it and clear any form of cache - or indeed find out what is contained within "Other". I note that when I click on "Settings", "Apps", that the "Internal Storage" also shows at 3.63GB/3.85GB - leading me to believe "App Storage" on the 'App' screen is identical to "Internal Storage" on the 'Storage' screen. Confusing. Anyhow, the list of Apps in "Settings", "Apps" Internal Storage shows sizes ranging from 4.5MB down to 8KB - clearly not adding up to the 3.63GB displayed at the top - even more confusing. Clicking on each individual app under that same display lists App Caches which are in KB, so not huge enough to be the root of the problem - there's xx GB hidden and eaten away somewhere. I've read all sorts of blogs on deleting Apps (why should I when I can't even find out what the root of the problem is), clearing Caches (no evidence that that's even the problem), using Disk Usage to identify ('Data' under 'App Storage' shows a grand total of 1GB, not the 3.63GB I see elsewhere). I have yet to read one blog or forum which leads me to believe anyone has a good sense of where all the data is, how can I make sense of it and make an informed decision of whether to delete it or not. Can you help me find it?

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Your long explanation points to a deep software problem with your device. Sometimes, Android devices can get cluttered -- this is how they slow down over time. If your data is backed up, you can try a factory reset which will take your phone back to its original settings and will fix your problem.

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Running low on internal storage?

Hi, I have an Android running on Kitkat OS but running out of internal storage. I, however, have enough space in the phone memory (not SD card). The phone memory seems to be partitioned into Phone, Internal, and External storage (i.e. my SD card). I would like to merge the internal memory and phone memory, thanks. Regards

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Kitkat changed the way we used to be able to use apps but File Explorer is trying to keep up. You would have to root your device in order to make any serious changes beyond File Explorer. If you move files to the SD card, in Kitkat they are only "readable" which means that an app will have to revert to internal storage if you want to play a game app, theoretically before a root. This YouTube Tutorial explains what you can do with ES File Explorer.

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Regarding internal shared storage?

I have 8 GB free, and still, cannot download images and videos from WhatsApp


  • Check your Date and Time on the device to make sure it is correct.
  • Go to Settings>More>Mobile Networks>APN. Toggle between Access Point Names available.
  • Call your Cellular Carrier and request their APN settings to make sure they are correct for your device.
  • Make sure your SD card is not set to Read Only. Try to save a file to the SD card. If it does not save then you are in Read Only.
  • To rectify a Read Only, go to Settings > Storage>Unmount Storage Card>Format/Erase SD card. This will erase anything you previously saved to the SD card but now WhatsApp will work once you have rebooted the device.
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Hi, thank you! I'm trying to find a way to free up my 'internal system storage'?

I have found some articles on the internet, but the different kinds of storage or memory or I don't know what are names in a slightly different way, so I can't be sure which is which.

My phone storage parameters are: Internal system storage 1GB (used 0.89 GB) - I want to free up this one. Internal media storage 12GB (used 6.5 GB) External SD card 3.69 GB (used 192 KB) I want applications and stuff to be stored on the internal media storage or the external SD card and have more space on the internal system storage. I already got messages that the space left is not enough and I can't install or update some bigger applications. So, what should I do? Is there a solution

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  1. 1
    Please follow the following instructions in the article:
    "Uninstall Unused Applications", "Clean Your Cache", "Move Applications to SD card", "Delete data in Android applications to clear internal memory". Please remember to uninstall Clean Master if you have.
    • When performing the steps in "Uninstall Unused Applications", you can also disable system applications that you are not using by tapping "Disable", Google+, for example. Some disabled system applications may cause some minor errors; so, keep a list of disabled applications somewhere.
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  2. 2
    After you have completed these steps, open your Camera application.
    Tap on the gear icon. Tap on "Settings". Tap on "Storage". Tap on "Memory card" or "SD card".
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  3. 3
    Your device may support default download location.
    Change it to the SD card. Press the home button and tap on the "Apps" icon. Tap on the "Internet" icon. Tap on the menu key on the phone. Tap on "Settings" and "Content Settings" under "Advanced options". Tap on "Default Storage" and "Memory card".
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  4. 4
    Move media to the SD card.
    Open a file explorer or install and open X-plore File Manager. Navigate to your internal memory and move the DCIM or Android* folders to the SD card. Additionally, you can clean ".thumbnails" folders. They might be cluttered with extra thumbnails that are not used, and all of the necessary thumbnails will be recreated.
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Free Up Android Phone's Internal Storage

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How can I uninstall apps in the internal storage?

Like for Cloud Print, there's no "uninstall" button, only

disable" and "force stop". How can I uninstall it?

You may void your warranty if you follow the instructions below (at your own risk too!) as system applications should not be removed and are part of the shipped phone itself.

  1. 1
    Backup your device.
    You can do it via synchronization in "Apps" > "Settings" > "Accounts and sync". Tap on the email addresses to synchronize your device.
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  2. 2
    Root the phone.
    You can do it online with the KingRoot service.
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  3. 3
    Open Play Store and search for "System Application Remover".
    Pick any program that removes system applications and launches it. For example, this one.
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  4. 4
    Give the super-user rights to the application.
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  5. 5
    Check the applications to uninstall and click the "uninstall" button.
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How do I lower the system data on an LG k7?

So I just got the LG k7 and I had downloaded a few games and all that, but when I went to uninstall one game I noticed that in the miscellaneous section there was 3.48GB already used. Naturally, I went to the section and noticed that the system data was the cause of it, and I was wondering if there was a way to free up some of that space.

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Go to your Applications Manager and clear the data and cache from all of the Google Apps. Then put your phone into recovery and choose Wipe Cache Partition. Wait for the phone to reboot then use Recovery to choose Clear Dalvik Cache. Many users report, signing out of certain Google Apps like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Plus help keep down the System Data.

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How to clear the internal storage to full extent which gives entire internal storage space?

Hi, I have a very serious internal storage problem with my Q mobile x2. I have even factory reset it but even after resetting it, it shows 100 MB used and 30 MB left in the internal storage due to which I can't install even a single app. I just want to install one app and I can't even do that, I have no extra apps I have disabled those which can't be uninstalled and I have also cleared all the cache but still, it is not working. Please help me with this I seriously need your help

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Even after a hard reset, there are security tokens and other data left behind that will just be overwritten. A full reset would entail you following the steps above in an answer regarding formatting your SD card. This will completely wipe everything off your device to truly stock issue as if you just purchased the phone.

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How do I remove photos from "internal storage"?

Have a Moto X Gen2. Just downloaded photos off the phone onto my Computer. They are already in Google, but I don't like that storage format. When the system was searching it, said there were like 400+ photos? Apparently, a lot of those photos were in "internal storage", they were not being displayed in "Gallery". All photos that I have taken on the phone have been saved off the phone. How do I get these "old" internal photos off the phone?

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If you have a Moto X then you must have the Google Photo app. Those images are stored in that app now and not just the gallery. So, go into the Google Photos app. Tap the three lines in the upper left corner and go to Settings. Find Free Up Device Storage. Once you tap that it will Prompt to remove photos and videos that have already been backed up. For example, I just ran it on my Moto X Play and had 131 items to remove since just last week. They will be removed from the device, yet you can still access them from your phone in the Google Photo App's cloud storage. Next Time you access the app to remove, there will be a Free Up Space option right below the Trash in the menu list.

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My internal storage is only 11MB, what shall I do? Help me?

About low internal storage, what app can help, I am stuck here

Regularly use an app like Clean Master to clean out unnecessary files etc. Then go into Applications Manager and delete data and cache from all your Google Apps. Check your image/video storage space. If you use an app like WhatsApp, this can eat away at your internal storage. On certain phones and Marshmallow OS, you can go to Storage in Settings and select Internal Storage. It will then display a list of what is in your internal storage. From that list, you can click on Apps, Images, Video, Audio, Other. Each can be selected and you are given a complete breakdown. From there you can target what is taking up your storage. Also, I have Guest enabled on my device for my children. I have to clean that out regularly because Clean Master or CCleaner only clean what is on the Owner Account. So I switch User and run a force stop on apps and Clean Master for that account.

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How to move internal storage into external storage on my Dopo tablet?

The internal storage is full and I can't download games and apps.

You can go into Applications Manager and manually move Apps that will allow to SD. Or you can use an app like Apps2SD that will help you manage. If you click on the bold title above that says Free Up Android Phone's Internal Storage, it takes you to an article with further information.

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How to free up space on my Android Samsung Note4?

My device has 24GB of used space with a large majority (what seems to be upwards of 75%) categorized as "other". I don't know what files are under "other" nor how to delete some of these files. I have tried: I've tried looking through the files to see what is taking up so much space but found nothing. I think it was caused by: I have no idea

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Other contains shared files saved by apps, files downloaded from your Internet Browser, Android System Files and more. This is why it is so much larger than the rest of the menu options. For instance, if you select a Photo from an app to save to your phone, it gets stored in the Other. Cleaning your browsing history/cache and each app manually will help as well force stopping Google Apps that you do not use or other pre-installed apps that you rarely use such as Google Play Music.

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Getting rid of files and photos/icons that you can't open?

My Samsung Exhibit has numerous files, photos, and icons that won't open. It's like there's nothing there but it's still taking up space. How do I get rid of them? Thanks!. I have tried: Holding until a menu pops up, but there is no option to delete. Download an SDmaid program to delete them. Didn't work. The phone has never been rooted. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. There are icons for an app that I deleted off my phone months ago. Hangouts, I believe. It seems like there are a bunch of icons that may have come from the app or others like it and sometimes they download to my computer as pictures but I can't get them off the phone.

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Format your SD card as explained in an above answer. On various OS, this is the only way to really get rid of them even after a hard reset. Also, your SD card is set to Read Only by your description so unmounting will help with this. If you have apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts this is where saved items go but in Read Only Mode it is a useless save.

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How to make more space in my HTC 510 phone?

Hello Daniel. I have run out of storage on my phone and I need to make more space. When I go to storage settings it shows that the "other" section takes up about 3 GB of my total storage. I was wondering what this section was and if there was a way to delete some of its contents. I have tried: I tried googling how to get rid of some of the stuff. I think it was caused by: I am not sure. my phone does not have that much storage capacity.

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In an above answer, Others section was explained. Your biggest culprit is probably your internet browsing history if you never clear the cache from it and using apps like YouTube and Google Maps which can fill that Others folder fast.

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"System data" under storage view is multi-giga-bytes?

See the question in the forum. It's not answered. Can you help?

It has now been answered above. Please refer to the answer as well as others on this page.

Deleting old game files for a game I no longer play?

I had a game on my phone that I deleted the app for since I no longer use it, but I still see 9.87mb of old files in my file manager for it. I tried to delete them, but it tells me that they cannot be deleted? They are game files, under my documents folder.

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Put your phone into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition. If the files are still there, then unmount your SD card to completely remove the stored files.

I can't download any apps on my HTC One SV Android because my app storage is full, although my phone storage and SD card storage have plenty of space. I've gone through every app, one by one, and moved everything that could be moved, but still am getting the insufficient storage space warning every time I attempt to download anything.how do I make my phone store downloaded the app directly to the SD card?

How do I make my phone store directly onto SD card by default?

If you have Kitkat OS or higher, the moving of apps is almost useless unless you root the phone. ES Explorer helps as well as Apps2SD but go back into your App Manager and you will find many apps you recently moved, are back to internal in storage. This is because of how the data from apps is stored. These apps revert to "work properly". Also, if you do not unmount your SD card first, sometimes the SD card is read-only and this will stop apps from really going to the SD card.

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System memory takes up 4.57 gigabytes?

Question says it all, my phone is literally holding 5 gigs hostage for memory, when it is literally factory, with the exclusion of Pokemon go, and imvu mobile

It is your pre-installed Google Apps and OS. You can force stop these apps and then clear cache/data on the device. See if it further helps. Pokemon Go can hog up space with all the Saves during game use. You will want to clear cache from a game but only if it will not remove your placement level.

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Where do I connect the USB from the smartphone to the laptop?

Where does the USB connector from the LG smartphone connect to the laptop in order to transfer all info from internal storage? I have tried: I want to transfer all info to laptop

Find your USB ports. For instance, my Dell laptop has two in the left side and one on the right side of the laptop. Connect the side of the cable that usually connects to the wall charger and then your mini connection in the charging port of your LG Phone. You will want to use the LG PC Suite version specific to your device. There are several variations of the LG PC Suite out there but their website will match up your phone to the right PC Suite version to download. When you plug in your LG Device, if your phone is not recognized, reboot the phone.

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