Cheat and Find Secrets in Super Mario 3D World

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Nintendo have done a stand-out job with the new Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, with veterans and series newcomers alike getting a taste of some classic, yet refreshed Mario platforming action.

It's common knowledge that Mario games have always been full of secrets and cheats for players to discover and the newest title is no exception. If you're looking for warp pipes, infinite lives or unlockable characters, we've got you covered below with our guide for this wacky, colorful, modern day classic.

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Unlockable Character

There's just one unlockable character in this game and it's Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. You can play as the 'damsel no longer in distress' by completing the level 'Super Galaxy' in the Star World. When playing as Rosalina you will have an extra spin attack at your disposal in addition to all the base moves and power-ups.

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Unlocking The Final Level

The final level, Crown-Crown is arguably the hardest level in the game and it's only accessible to you by meeting these requirements;

  • Collect all the green stars in the game.
  • Collect all the stamps.
  • Reach every gold flag for every level in the game.

After meeting the requirements you can access Crown-Crown from the dirt mountain in the final world.

Finding Secret Exits and Warp Zones

Warp zones (secret exits) have been a staple of the Super Mario series ever since the first game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. You can find them as alternate exits to certain levels. Entering a warp pipe will take you to another world or level without completing the stages in between. By the way, Mario can fly in the air if you press,up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right.

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  1. 1
    Currently the only Warp Zone known in the game is in World 4-2.
    When you pass through the underground section (look out for the checkpoint flag) you will eventually go through a warp pipe where there's a transparent mystery box.{
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  2. 2
    Run up the wall to get to the top of a waterfall and dash across the poisoned water.
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  3. 3
    The red pipe on the other side of the water is the warp pipe.
    Enter it to skip ahead to World 5.
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If you've found any other warp zones in the game, let us know in the comments section below.

WARP PIPE- 1-2 to 2

    • you will need a cat suit for this**

In world 1-2 there is a warp tunnel to world 2. You need to be a cat for this so either play as one or keep it in the spare power-up box. Go down the first tunnel (as if you have a choice) then you see a koopa. The two purple blocks in the koopa's little area that are alone are key. Ground-pound through them. Then go through normally for a bit. Once you reach the clear tube by the long ? block stop. I don't remember if it's a secret one, but it will shimmer if it is. Then get on top of that block and go all the way to the right. Jump up and another block will show. Then get on top of it. Do this one more time, and get on the rock floor. Look for a crack in the ceiling. It is above the first rock that you originally climbed on, so you can see it on that screen without moving (probably, may require slight movement to the right). Climb up and you will see a red tunnel. Get on top and press B on classic remote, ZL on gamepad, and the button used for that on the other one. It'll tell you what to use. Then you will do an insanely long journey through an underground pipe and by the time you finally pop up in world 2 you'll think 'gee, I thought I spent most of my life playing video games, but in reality I'm just watching random stuff 9/10 of the time'.

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Get Unlimited Lives

This one could either be a secret added by the developers, or possibly just a glitch, but either way there's a method for collecting infinite lives in Super Mario 3D world.

  1. 1
    In world 1-2 proceed to the second Koopa in the level.
    You'll know it's him if he's partnered with a Goomba on the above platform.
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  2. 2
    Stomp the Goomba and then stomp the Koopa to steal his green shell.
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  3. 3
    Use the green shell to shoot the wall directly in front of the brick blocks.
    You can use the DPAD to aim at the wall.
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  4. 4
    Jump as soon as you release the shell and the shell will bounce back and forth automatically resulting in a '1UP'.
    You will keep bouncing here automatically, until the level timer runs out.
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  5. 5
    Go back in to the level and repeat the process to collect more lives.
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Collect The 5 Missing Stamps

Even after completing all the levels, you might notice that you're still missing some of the necessary stamps to unlock the final world. All of the stamps except 5 are collected in the levels, with the remaining Rosalina, Peach, Toad, Luigi and Mario stamps only being collected after completing every level while playing as the corresponding character.

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Other Glitches and Secrets

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  • Long Jump Glitch. While playing as Toad, turn into Small Blue Toad by consuming a mini mushroom. In mini-mode if you jump into a snowball you will move backwards while holding the snowball. Simply let go to deactivate the glitch.
  • Super Speed On Ice. Repeating tapping crouch while on Ice or a similar surface will cause your speed to increase. You can maintain movement by continuously tapping down and can even jump over obstacles wile in this 'speed mode'.
  • Jumping Loop Glitch. If you try to smash an overhead brick from a rolling stone, while playing as toad, your character will get stuck in an infinite jump loop. Try using the DPAD to escape the loop or wait for the level timer to run out.

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