Charge the iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 is the fifth generation of Apple's very famous phone, the iPhone. The phone comes with a four-inch retina display and runs on an A6 processor chip.

This is part of the VisiHow series on how to use the iPhone 5. The link to the mother VisiHow is here - Use iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 comes with a Non-removable Li-Po 1440 mAh battery (5.45 Wh). When your phone falls below 20% of its battery charge, it's always wise to recharge your phone to prevent the phone from being fully discharged. This VisiHow will show you how to charge your iPhone 5. Should you wish to know how to take care of your iPhone 5's battery, you may check on this VisiHow - Keep Your iPhone Battery From Dying

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Charging the iPhone 5

Charging an iPhone 5 is similar to most mobile phones. To do it:

  1. 1
    Locate the charging socket
    The charging socket of the iPhone 5 is located on the lower part of the phone. You can easily locate it as it is in the middle of the bottom part of the phone (just below the Home Key).
    Charge iphone 1.JPG
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    Plug the charger into your electric power source and connect it to the charging socket of the iPhone 5
    The socket is designed so you can't insert it incorrectly. If you are unable to insert the it into socket, try turning it over.
    Charge iphone 2.JPG
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  3. 3
    Your iPhone should charge
    You can see the battery icon changed to charging.
    Charge iphone 3.JPG
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    Always try waiting until it's 100% charged before unplugging it.
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Questions and Answers

What if the Charger Won't Insert?

Usually, there are three issues for why chargers that will not fit into the iPhone 5 charging socket: Obstruction, deformed port, or a broken connector.

  • Obstruction. Since the iPhone 5 is small enough for pockets, it is bound to capture and build up dust and lint within the charging port. To remove the obstruction, either flush the area with a blast of compressed air or use a thin straw to pull the lint out of the port.
  • Deformed port. In rare cases, the actual port on the iPhone 5 has been damaged. If the port is bent or broken then you must contact an Apple certified technician and pay for them to replace the broken part.
  • Broken lightning connector. The new lightning connector is reversible, which removes the old problem of trying to put it in the wrong way. However the end can become damaged from bending. The cable will need to be replaced if the connector will not fit in the iPhone 5 charging slot.
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Then this means that the charger you are using may be incorrect. The iPhone 5 does not use the same charger as the iPhone 4 or even an Android charger. The Micro Android charger does look similar to the iPhone 5 charger but these chargers are all different.

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I need to know if I should not let my iPhone 5 get fully charged and as well as let it completely drain is that the best way of lengthening its life?

I want to know how to lengthen my iPhone 5 battery life for years??

It it not recommended that you completely let your battery drain. You'll want to let it go to about 10% to 15% and then charge it up completely. Keep the same routine and you should have a long and healthy battery life.

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I have a fake iPhone 5, Chinese product, copy of iPhone. It does not charge.

It's new and so far it charged twice to 100%, so the battery must be fine. The cable works on other phones and other cables don't solve the problem. Could be a bad contact with the connectors?

Unfortunately, knock-offs of the real thing are prone to failing incredibly easy and early in the life of your phone. Your charging issue could be the result of any number or combination of issues as a result of the cheap build quality and components used in knock-offs.

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Hi, my iPhone 5C got water damaged yesterday.

I put it in a bag of rice overnight and it seemed to have done the trick. The only problem now is my charger won't fit into the charging port. I looked to see if there was something in there, like rice but nothing I couldn't see anything? any suggestions please, I don't have insurance :0

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FIXED MINE: I had exactly the same problem. I shone a light into the port. It looked WHITE. It could be rice. I powered the phone off. I took a needle and acted like I was removing a splinter, parallel to the length of the port. A few tiny pieces popped out. Then I turned it over and the rest of it came out. Now the bottom of the port looks like BRUSHED SILVER. AND... it works!

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I cleaned out port, still not charging.

iPhone 5 will not charge, very irritated.

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My iPhone 5 is not charging. I even left it overnight for charging, but there is no indication.

I cleaned my iPhone charging port and a little amount of liquid got in. So what to do?

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Dropped phone in toilet, sat in rice overnight, can't plug in charger?

Charger won't go in port, it's an iPhone 5S, charger won't go in port

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