Change the LED alert on iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 has a feature called LED Flash for Alerts that makes your phone light up every time you receive a phone call or an important notification. This is great if you have trouble hearing, or you are working in a noisy environment and you don't want to miss an important phone call or message. The following article will show you how to set up and change the LED Flash alert on your iPhone 5. Click the following link for more information on How To Use iPhone 5.

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How to setup LED Flash for Alerts on iPhone 5

  1. 1
    Go to your settings menu, scroll down and select "General".
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  2. 2
    Select "Accessibility", scroll down and select "Hearing".
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  3. 3
    Turn on "LED Flash Alerts".
    Toggle ON in the option called LED Flash for Alerts.
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In the middle of last decade, with the production and introduction of iPhone in the market, Steve Jobs started a smart phone revolution.

After the release of the first generation of iPhone, tech companies from all sorts and parts of the world �" from Samsung to LG, from Microsoft to Nokia - clamoured to become a top player in the industry. However, as much as any of these companies tried hard and would have loved to topple Apple from the top spot, not one brand, not one company has ever had full and complete success.

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Through high quality and innovative features, exceptional customer service and effective marketing campaigns, Apple has maintained millions of die-hard loyal customers; so loyal that no form of persuading could make them shift to either Android or Windows phone. Now, that is unparalleled customer loyalty.

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From the release of the first iPhone, Apple has produced and introduced to the market a series of their trademark smartphone �" the most recent of which is iPhone 5.

Why Choose Smartphones

Almost all human kind has switched to smartphones. And a big chunk of this market came from iPhone users. From students to yuppies, from moms to grand moms, from business owners to rank and file employees, these people own and cannot live without their phones. They bring their phones with them everywhere �" malls, bathrooms, pools, classrooms, conference rooms, dinner table, movie theaters, and, yes, even in bed! A great number of people sleep with their phones. They check their phones before they sleep and as soon as they wake up. This is not something new anymore. What would be more surprising is knowing that there are still people who actually could function without their phones, or would rather prefer not having one at all.

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Those people who are admittedly smart phone addicts might come off as rude and uncouth when in the presence of those who could not care less about these gadgets. And in situations such as watching a movie in the cinema, enjoying a play in a theatre, enjoying music in a concert, and being a mature professional in a corporate meeting, it is only proper to either turn off the phone or put in silent mode. Some people, though, seem to have a difficult time following such simple show of courtesy.

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While Android phones have been using different colored LED lights as a notification feature in their units, iPhone kept it to a minimal.

With this out in the open, for people who are smart phone crazy and cannot even think about an hour without checking their phones, in places where common courtesy needs to be applied, the best solution is to make use of the LED light feature to alert for notifications. This is best when the complete silent mode can be deafening or when the vibrate mode can be distracting.

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So, the following instructions will show how to change the LED alert on iPhone 5:

  1. 1
    Press the Settings app then go to General.
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  2. 2
    From there go to Accessibility.
    Scroll down until you get to the option for LED Flash for Alerts.
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  3. 3
    Turn this on and all new phone calls, messages, emails and other forms of notification will trigger the LED on the back of the phone alerting the user of unread messages or missed calls.
    This feature is very helpful in showing professionalism and politeness of the owner.
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