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Perfectly Relax the Hair

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Can you use vinegar to neutralize a relaxer?

I'm planning on relaxing my hair, but I don't have any neutralizing shampoo.


Yes, some vinegar can be used as a natural neutralizer. Specifically, apple cider vinegar is often used as one of the most effective natural neutralizers.

Can I use another relaxer the next day?

I relaxed my hair yesterday that I bought from the store, I took a shower today and when I got out and was drying my hair and some of my curls came back can I go back to the store to get another kit and put it in my hair for 5 maybe 10mins

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You should never apply relaxer to hair unless it is new growth every 8 weeks. If you apply now the day after the first relaxer, you may damage your hair and have to wait a year to get back the hair you started with. For now try a natural solution of Coconut oil with a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar. Let this sit for 30 minutes each time before you wash your hair.

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Can I use acv rinse before I get a acid perm ? I am causcation?

I need to know if I can shampoo then rinse my hair and apply apple cider vinegar rinse to my hair then rinse it well with cool water and the next day or so get a acid perm to curl my hair ?. I have tried: I have already done the apple cider rinse and rinsed with cool water 2 days ago. Can I get the acid perm now to curl my hair ?. I think it was caused by: Just need answers.

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My scab always burn me when putting in relaxer because my hair scalp is delicate?

Can I wet up my hair with the vinegar and let it dry, then add the relaxer, will that help? Delicate scalp, always burn when relaxer in hair, wondering if the vinegar will stop it from burning if I wet up my hair and let it dry, the add the relaxer? I have tried: Adding water to the relaxer, putting oil around my hair scalp. I think it was caused by: Delicate scalp, always burning me when adding the relaxer, burns even more when washing it out.

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