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Perfectly Relax the Hair

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Does washing chemical off with shampoo instead of neutraliser affect permed hair?


Yes, it might affect it, especially if a neutralizer is specifically prescribed for you to use. This is even more the case if you are using a rather strong shampoo, or those types of shampoos which are not intended for chemical treated hair. What it might do is wash off the chemicals completely which may end up removing the perm of your hair. If you have to use shampoo instead of a neutralizer, make sure that it's at least mild enough. Baby shampoo may be your best choice for this.

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Can I still use opened perm mixture?

I opened my perm kit and mixed it about 4 days ago. I placed the mixture in the refrigerator, is it okay to use now.


If you mixed the perm solution with an activator, you should throw it away. You should never keep any products that require an activator as the activator is only good for a short amount of time, especially in hair products because manufacturers try to avoid products burning hair if left on too long.

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