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Keep car from getting towed

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Can you move your vehicle If it has notice?

Car has a towing notice. Can I hide it without getting charged? Even though I must admit to any questions. but I can just not say anything


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What options do I have if my vehicle was towed and I do not have the money to get it back?

Last night my Venice was towed while visiting a friends apartment complex. The assigned parking space of my friend was already being used by one of her neighbors but the spot next to it was open. My friend told me to go ahead and park in the open spot because the apartment for that spot was vacant and no tenant had been assigned that spot. One hour later my van was gone, already having been towed. It turns out that the "vacant" unit had been rented out to a new tenant three days earlier. I immediately called the tow agency upon finding out my had been towed. Even though only one had passed and I had only done what I had been told, the tow agency informed me that I owe $185. For the towing and $40 per day after that. I have three young children with me, we are on welfare, we are stuck at our friends apartment with no options and will not have our next welfare check until Friday(4 days from now). My children can not even go to school! Do we have any options at all given the circumstances involved or is my only option to wait several days, have my children miss four days of school, and then pay $400 to get our van back? That is what the tow company is telling us... Already explained in prior statement. Additional facts: apartments have more than fifty units, we were parked in a numbered space and not blocking driveway or fire hydrants and I had also placed a sign with name and number on the dashboard that was visible through the windshield. I have tried: Called the tow company less than one hour after my vehicle had been towed and explained the entire situation, including how we are on welfare and my children will be missing four days of school because we live in a different city and have no money until our next welfare check on Friday. I asked if there was Any options for my children and myself besides paying the fee in full. The tow agency did not care and said their service had already been provided, so my only option was to wait and pay them. I think it was caused by: Somebody else had been parked in my friends allowed parking space. My friend honestly believed the open space next to hers was not assigned to anybody because her neighbor had moved. She did not know that a new tenant had moved in three days ago. It was after 10:00pm and the open space had no tenant parked in it. The new tenant did not return and have car towed until around midnight. The towing companies are always "prowling" the streets no matter where a person lives and they are obviously concerned with finding people to tow, as quickly as possible, so that they can make an over-inflated and outrageous profit.

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Keep car from getting towed

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