Can you help with my SD card issue? My pictures are not viewable

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Can you help with my SD card issue? My pictures are not viewable?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3 and I can't see my pictures on the external SD card.

There are a couple of reasons that this may be happening. The most likely reason is that you never set your phone up to automatically save its pictures to your external SD card. Android (the operating system your Samsung Galaxy Note3 is running) is setup by default to save everything to your phone's internal storage, not any external storage that you plug in. In addition, the most recent Android update for your phone disabled the use of SD cards, so you may no longer be able to use your SD card. If you didn't update your phone and you did set your Android phone up to automatically save its photos to your SD card, but you can't see them on the phone or your computer, you may be using a third-party camera application that isn't saving properly. Switch to your Samsung Galaxy Note3's native Camera app and make sure your phone is saving to the external SD card to be able to read and save pictures on the SD card. If you follow these steps and your phone still doesn't save its pictures to the SD card or if you can't view them on your phone or SD card, you may have a defective SD card. Replace the SD card with a new one and try again. If you're still having issues with your phone, you will need to contact Samsung, as some component inside your phone may be malfunctioning and you will need to get it repaired.

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How can I send my pictures and music on my phone device to my laptop?

I have several pictures and music saved on my Galaxy Note3 device and I want to move them to my laptop

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Is it possible to transfer downloaded songs from my phone to my PC using SideSync?

I have music from two different sources stored on my phone and I want to burn them to a disc, but I can't get the music onto my PC to do it.. I have tried: I have downloaded side sync onto both my phone and my PC thinking that my phone would then be able to transfer the files, but it isn't working.. I think it was caused by: My PC hasn't been recognizing my phone. I thought maybe side sync would be the solution to my problem.

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