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Write a Letter of Invitation

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A letter of proposal to a tour company?

I would like to introduce our restaurant to a tour company to encourage their guests to experience our local food and cultural dancing that our restaurant offers and reward them for taking their guests to our restaurant. I want their guest to experience the island way of hospitality in our restaurant. Please help me organized my letter of proposal. Thank you very much.

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Dear Tour Company,

Our restaurant, (Name of restaurant), would like to propose a business arrangement. If you would consider our restaurant location as a stop for your tour guests to experience locally sourced food and cultural dancing we are prepared to give you a portion of our sales for your group's visit. Please come and meet us at our location (location address) on Monday at 1 p.m. so that we can present you with a meal and show you what we have to offer so that we can agree on a possible deal.

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Could you please provide an example for step 6?

Could you please provide an example for step 6


Examples have been provided for step 6.

A letter of invitation for the celebrating "Health care Christian Fellowship" 20th Anniversary?

How to write it officially to the high position participants.


Dear (Their Name),

We wish to invite you to attend the 20th Anniversary of Healthcare Christian Fellowship celebration on (details of the event). It would be wonderful if you could attend such an important anniversary for our fellowship.

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What is the first step? and the second step?

Help me please if you can? quickly

The first and second steps are posted and explained in the VisiHow article Write a Letter of Invitation which is on this page.

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Write a Letter of Invitation

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