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Sober yourself up

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Can you get sober from three hours of sleep?


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Partying all night long with endless rounds of tequila shots and cocktails will make you predictably ecstatic and drunk. However, if you got so preoccupied with all the fun and intoxication that you actually forgot you have to be up for work in a few hours, then the nagging question will be if you can sober up pretty quickly. Can you sober up if you only have enough time to shut your eyes for about three hours? First off, you better give justice to your lavish investments on the wristwatch and gadgets too (as all communication devices now do have alarms and can tell you the time) - you have to watch the clock and set limitations on your drinking hours, especially during weekdays wherein regular people juggle work shifts.

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Yes, you can definitely sober up after sleeping for at least three hours, but you might need more to fully restore your strength and mental ability to go about your daily routine. Also, there are certain factors that could affect how you effectively sober up after a late night drinking, such as your food intake before drinking, if you were too stressed out or tired, if you had enough sleep the night before the drinking spree, alcohol dosage, and the time you actually stopped drinking. The rule of thumb is that you should stop drinking four hours before you actually hit the sack. Many people think that drinking alcoholic beverages (or at least a glass per night) can help promote better sleep. However, it actually does have rebound effects after some time.

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Initially, this could help you sleep soundly, but as your body gets too familiar with alcohol in the system, your sleep cycle can go berserk and can go against your target hours of sleeping. You sleep snugly in the first few hours of sleep or during rapid eye movement (REM) cycle, which happens in the first 4 hours or so and then you suddenly wake up as the alcohol has worn off from your system and your body gets pushed back from deep sleep to rapid eye movement (REM) cycle.

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Many people experience jolting from bed after just a few hours of shuteye because of this rebound effect. Frequent disturbances in the sleeping cycle will start to happen if you drink too much on a fairly regular basis. Sleep can definitely help your mind and body recover from the dehydration and other negative effects of too much alcohol drinking, but you will need to do way better than that - you have to be firm and responsible for setting drinking limits, controlling urges to drink way above the healthy dosage, and get more sleep and not waste the night away with too much booze that can get you nowhere but downright wasted.

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Most likely no. It all depends on your size, the amount you drank and how long ago your last drink was. The human body can only process so much alcohol at any given time. It is usually about 1oz of pure alcohol ever 1-2 hours. Granted while sleeping your body can process and heal better, I doubt you will completely sober up. You may feel sober after sleeping but may still be technically drunk if they did a breathalyzer.

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If I am intoxicated and wish to sober up quickly?

Wish to sober up quickly what should I do


You will sober up quickly by doing the following.

  • Throw up. Throwing up is the best way to sober up quickly. You can force yourself to throw up by putting your fingers into your mouth and then try to reach the back of your throat.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Take a shower.
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If you sleep for like 16 hour can you stay up for 2 days?

If you sleep for like 16 hour can you stay up for 2 days. I have tried: Waking to the garage to get smokes. I think it was caused by: Sleeping a lot and sporadically, also home-brew


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First time tasting wine, and having wine, will I get drunk?

Hi, red wine for the first time

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Sober yourself up
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Can I get sober in time for uni?

I have drunk 3 ciders, 4 beers and 2 shots of jaeger over 7 hours, Can I be sober in 4 hours sleep?

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My husband had a few beers.. will he sober up within hours?

He usually gets heavy deep sleep when he drinks and it's really hard waking him up, or I want to say he sometimes doesn't wake up until hours later. What do you recommend? He needs to drive within an hour from now he's been sleeping for at least 2 hours

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