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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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How do you protect your voice from getting hurt and how do you keep your voice healthy?


Its for a school task and would like to know almost everything about the voices for all the baritone and its family

Basically, in order to achieve optimum health for your voice, you must have a good vocal hygiene. It all starts with a sound lifestyle and diet that enhances not just your vocal cords but uplifts your health. Here are some the top ways to protect and keep your voice healthy and running in top-notch condition:

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  • Incorporate a well-balanced diet but steer clear from too much dairy or sugary food groups as these are known to irritate the vocal cords and throat.
  • It is advisable to drink warm water or tea to help soothe and heal the vocal cords and rid it off of excessive mucus or phlegm secretions that can affect crisp vocal quality. Also, do not drink too hot or cold liquids as doing so can hurt or damage your vocal cords and even your oral cavities and esophagus. *Keeping yourself properly hydrated or drinking eight glasses of clean water per day will help moisten your vocal folds and keep you healthy as well.
  • Do regular exercises to keep you fit and active which will help you avoid contracting variety of illnesses that can affect your vocal strength.
  • Eradicate harmful vices such as habitual smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, and use of illegal drugs to prevent inflicting more harm on your voice as well as on overall health.
  • Do regular vocal exercises that can stretch and harness your voice the proper way. An expert vocal coach can guide and improve your vocal prowess by integrating the right vocal techniques that suit your voice.
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How does ice affect your singing voice?


When a person consumes ice it numbs and stiffens a persons throat. This will cause a person to not get the full functions from their vocal chords for they are stiff. It is recommended that a person do not drink anything too cold as it will cause them to not be able to sing at their full potential.

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If you desire to eat ice or drink it then do it before you have a performance or need to sing directly after for the affects will not be pleasant when you are trying to sing.

Drink warm fluids before singing but not too hot for this can also have a bad affect on your vocals by burning your throat and causing swelling which can affect you when you try to sing.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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