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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Can my fiance download a app to his AT&T phone to see my text messages without the app being on my phone too?


There are apps that are said to function that way. What happens is that the app is setup on your fiance's phone and computer and he just needs a few minutes to actually set up an invisible app onto your phone. Once that is setup, you are not going to see anything and it will be running from behind the other apps. These types of spy apps are usually paid for though, so if you think your fiance is the type who would not spend for these types of things, then there is nothing much you need to worry about.

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See more questions like this: Can someone hack my phone using Bluetooth and send me a text message containing a URL?

Is there a way to get text messages from someone else phone to my phone or laptop for free?

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me and want to know if there is a free way to get her text messages sent to my phone or laptop without her knowing for free


Sometimes the reputable apps like several mentioned in the article below will have free trials. Nothing is ever free is definitely a phrase that applies to spy apps. There are apps that say they are free and do not work properly or require you to fill out 30 surveys and you get a bogus activation code because they are a mirror site of a reputable app. Here are some articles to help you determine if she is really cheating:

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Can I see text messages or anonymous contact listings by searching my boyfriend's online account without him knowing?

My boyfriend got a text from an anonymous listing. He had just sent a text to his daughter and he said he must have sent a text to no where because that is what came up. I know if you send a text to no where it won't pop up on your messaging as anonymous so I know he is hiding someone in his phone. He would 't open it in front of me. I am an authorized user on his account but he doesn't have an on-line account and I don't want him to know I looked. I know it will send him a message if I open an account. Is there a way around this? also, can I see his contacts on his tablet which is linked to his phone?

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Contacts synced to his phone will show up in his tablet but not really with phone numbers depending on how he has them synced it will be more like email addresses and Skype contacts if those are on both devices. You can register him for the online account and if he asks just say that you are concerned his phone was hacked due to the anonymous text so you logged in to see if there was a way to report it to the cell company or if there was more info other than anonymous online. Now I have sent text messages to incorrect addresses and will get a response back of undeliverable and it says my service provider at the top. His could just innocently be that.

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Someone is sending my boyfriend text messages using my telephone number and I want to know what app is it?

He received a text from my phone number, but I did not send it.

There are many spoof number prankster apps. Tell him to not click any links or pics and he also should run antispy/anti-malware apps to make sure his phone does not have a virus on it now.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Is there a way to look at her text without having to download anything on my computer and then having to get her phone and put it on there?

Need some kind of other program I can just put on my phone

Highster Mobile can be installed over the air WiFi if you both are connected to the same router. Auto Forward can be installed with just his phone number but the phone would need to be jailbroken. Spyera is another app you should look into as well.

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I want to be able to view messages, Facebook pictures, and call logs?

Yes my boyfriend and I have a contract with Verizon under his mom's name, he has been acting weird and I'm very concerned. He hides his phone and blocks a lot of things on his phone

Then he probably has an anti-spyware program. When he is sleeping see if you can get into his phone. If his phone is password protected then apps like FlexiSpy Extreme can bypass that password. You will need to see if he gets an alert from anti-spyware once you download the app or search beforehand for any antispy apps and disable them.

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How do I check my wife's text messages from my phone without her knowing it's me?

Think she is cheating on me with another man, she stays gone all night, saying she is with her cousin

Any of the spy apps mentioned will not show who has installed them. She will automatically assume it is you though if she finds it. Have you tried to follow her to her cousins or stop over there late at night to bring her something? Stopping by with a bottle of wine or ice cream for them is a cover in case she is there and you will come off as Prince Charming.

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App to find messages on other mobile?

Can I have an app to have a look at the messages in another phone

Spyera, Auto Forward, mSpy, Appmia, and FlexiSpy are just some of the great apps that you can use. Compare their installation methods and price and make your decision. If you want to listen into calls then see if that is in their features for the phone's OS.

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Yes I would like to see my schools tip-text things messages, help?

Yes I would like to see my schools tip-text things messages, help

School Tip Line is the most popular provider of this and you can search for you school home page and see if it is listed.

Yes I am trying to get their messages without them knowing?

Trying to get someone else messages without them knowing

If is is a significant other or child under the age of 18, you can install a spy app but still make sure it is legal where you live. If it is someone else be warned that they can have you charged if they figure out it is you or can sue you for harassment.

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How can someone share my contacts, text, and emails without my permission?

OK, someone is stalking me through my contacts, emails, and text.

See if is is legal in your area. In California, for instance, it is illegal. Take your phone to your local law enforcement and ask that they assist you in looking through your phone to see if it is being monitored. Also, get Wireshark to see if someone is spying on you through your router.

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I want to view someone's WhatsApp and bbm messages without them knowing?

I want to download an app so I can see someone's bbm and WhatsApp messages without them knowing

There are apps compatible for Blackberry like Spyera. You will have to install it on their phone or over the air WiFi if you get something like Highster Mobile.

Can you help me on how to send messages to Viber using Google account?

I want to send someone a message in Cyprus. I don't have Viber and I am planning to use my Google account. Can you help me?

You will have to have Viber to contact someone in a Viber account. You can try calling their Viber message or put the Viber number in you Google hangout as a contact and see if they receive the message but Web Entrepeneur has a way to use Viber in BlueStacks on your PC without using a smartphone. It is slightly challenging to use the app in BlueStacks but if this is the only way you can contact the person it will be worth it.

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I have been going all over the Internet trying to find out how can I see incoming and outgoing text messages from a friend phone without the person knowing. Could you help to find an app without paying?

How can I see and read in coming and outgoing messages from my friend phone without the person knowing?. I have tried: SMS-peper.com. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Apps like Auto Forward are what you will need to use. It may be illegal to monitor a friend's phone without their consent in your region so check first before you purchase anything and yeah apps that are reputable will cost money so you will need a credit card or paypal account for many of them to activate.

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Having difficulty understanding how can I remotely set this up and have full disclosure without his knowledge?

I need to track activity of my partner and no longer have access to his cell..how do I now do I now set this up? Well, not that is different, just want to know how to do. You note sending a picture/link that he needs to accept to set this up. I have tried: Nothing other than asking face to face and always an explanation which doesn't pan out...just reviewing your site and trying to figure out how to do this without setting alerts...I want to be sure he is telling me the truth. I think it was caused by: Secrecy, inability to be truly honest, saying he was doing one thing then found out on cell doing another, started to set up my suspicion

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