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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Can men with receding hairlines be attractive?


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Absolutely yes. Men with receding hairlines can be very attractive even with this medical condition. Are you aware that there are lots of women who fancy men that have receding hairlines? In fact, James Bond "Skyfall" star Daniel Craig is believed to have this condition but still looks undeniably hotter than ever. This also goes the same for actor Jude Law who cropped his hair which added more character and defined his face features even with the receding hairline.

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There are lots of hairstyles that can complement a receding hairline. The key here is not to hide a man's hair loss condition but to embrace it and live with it the best way possible. There is no need to hide under caps or wigs when you can experiment with different hairstyles that can make the receding hairline work to your advantage. Here are some of the best modern hairstyles that suit men with receding hairlines:

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  • Go bald. Go ahead and shave everything. Bald is smoking hot. Many women fall for that intense bad boy shave or athletic look (think Vin Diesel) which definitely looks good in any man even with diminishing hair.
  • New Mullet. David Beckham popularized this hairstyle and the rest of the crowd has taken the lead. The style basically has the front and sides clipped short while the back remains long. This is a very sleek and crisp look for modern men on the go.
  • Slick Back. This is a very high-fashion and classic look which makes use of hairspray or gel. The sides are cut short while the top is longer which makes it easy to part and style.
  • Undercut. This is one haircut that never goes out of style no matter what generation you are in. This is definitely one of the recommended styles for men suffering from hair loss or receding hairline.
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No matter what hairstyle you decide to pick, the important thing that you must sport is the go-getter attitude. No amount of hair loss can make you look viciously unattractive - not if you allow it to. Dare to be adventurous with your looks, be confident, and see where it takes you.

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Yes, most definitely. Attractiveness is not based solely on physical appearance. Often times people can find someone attractive purely by their personality. If a receding hairline really bothers you and makes you self conscious then you can try to wear a hat.

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 It is essential that you believe in yourself and believe that you are attractive, or you can't expect others to do so. There are other things that you can do to take the attention off your hairline, get a new wardrobe, maybe start working out, and start eating healthier. If you appear healthy, clean and well dressed, then people will barely notice the receding hairline.

Shaved receding hairline? Is it a turn on for girls?


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It depends on the physical character of the guy. If the guy is more physically fit, his shaved receding hairline makes him more manlier and hotter like the Hollywood actors Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Jason Statham. These actors all have shaved receding hairlines and physically fit which makes them more attractive and hotter. If a guy is not physically fit, his shaved receding hairline will not have that much impact on his physical attribute which makes him less appealing to most girls. To sum it up, shaved receding hairlines are most suitable to guys that are physically fit which makes them more hotter and manlier compared to guys that are less fit.

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I have a receding hairline what can I do?


Receding hairlines can be attributed to any of these factors: hereditary, nutrition, hormonal imbalances, stress or certain diseases. Below are some tips to help you manage your receding hairline:

  • Cucumber Juice. The juice of cucumbers contains essential minerals and vitamins that enhances hair growth and it is commonly used as one of the alternative medicines in hair care. To use, extract the juice of cucumbers and massage it gently onto your receding hairlines for 5 to 10 minutes then leave it for another 20 minutes then rinse.
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  • Biotin Supplement. Vitamin H or Biotin also known as "hair growth vitamin" due to its proven effect in enhancing hair growth. The biotin daily supplement for brittle fingernails and receding hairlines is about 3, 000 mcg. You can buy biotin supplement at your nearest drugstore or Centrum with biotin multivitamins for a more complete multivitamin supplement.
  • Stress Management. Stress is also one of the contributory factor in receding hairlines. Proper stress management in a form of yoga or any activities that lessen your stress may greatly improve the health of your hair follicles enhancing their hair growth capabilities.
  • Scalp Massage. Massage is one of the most natural way to promote blood circulation in the body. Daily massaging your scalp will greatly enhance the blood circulation of your scalp, and thereby, providing enough essential nutrients to your hair follicles strengthening and enhancing their hair growth capabilities.
  • Eat A Well Balanced Diet. Proper nutrition is also a key in promoting hair growth.

The above mentioned tips will help properly nourish your hair follicles and stimulate them to enhance their hair growth capabilities on your receding hairline.

Does a hairline appeal to girls?

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What steps could I take to slow or prevent a receding hairline early?

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