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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Can I read who he is texting without being with him and having his phone?

I know this is creepy but I feel like he is cheating on me and I want to know if there is a way to do so without him knowing


You would need access to his phone in order to install a spy app that you purchase for monitoring his text messages. Unless he is deleting them, you can just make an excuse to have to use his phone when you are both out. Then make a "call" while quickly looking through his text messages. That is the free option. Another free option is to tell him about your insecurities in the relationship. Make it about you and not him. This might make him open up better than coming at him with accusations.

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I think he is having an affair. I don't have access to his phone because he hides it. Can I remotely check his text messages?

I think he is having an affair. I don't have access to his phone because he hides it. Can I remotely check his text messages?


If he is hiding his phone then this is a major sign that he is up to something that he does not want you to know. Basically, you have your answer without needing to go through his text messages. If you can get 10 minutes of access to his phone, then purchase a spy app and install it on the phone. A better recommendation, though, is to save that money for when you leave him in the dust. At the very least, he owes you an explanation of why he does not trust you around his phone when you trust him with your heart.

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Is there a way I can listen to my son's conversation and text messages without touching his phone?

My son says he is not into drugs I am trying to get some clarity on this and get him help how can I monitor his text messages without installing anything on his phone.


Your concerns with your minor son being negatively influenced are only natural as a parent. More importantly, at least from a legal standpoint, they are almost always within the realm of the law. With that in mind, the level of surveillance you are looking to have on your son is not something you will be able to get for free - though you can get 7 day or limited trials for some spy apps.

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Please click the guide reference here, for how to secretly spy on someone's cell phone, and you will find a detailed list of links and steps. Of particular interest to you will be the link to My Spy (mSpy), which provides the exact features you are looking for.

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I want to get my boyfriend's messages he is sending to people and receiving on his phone, to my phone please help?

My boyfriend is sending messages I want to see. How can I do this?

To view these messages, you will need to use an application like the My Sy (mSy) cell phone spy app. There are other free apps you can also use that in many cases will let you simply view his messages, but they will not let you view internet activity. Please make sure to read the full guide, so that you're aware of the functionality of the program you end up using. Also, make sure to read the legal disclaimers, as they are an important consideration when spying on anyone's cell phone.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Why does he keep his phone in his trouser pocket and in silence?

I have never accessed my boyfriend's phone for last 3 years of our relationship! how can I access his email box I suspect he is cheating on me

To do this, you will need to install a Spy Phone application on his mobile device. There are laws governing this sort of thing, and you should proceed with caution. Perhaps some better advice might be to read our 33 signs your husband is cheating article, which will give you enough information to just end things and save the money you'd otherwise have to spend on phone spy apps, combined with avoiding potentially going to jail or facing steep fines for spying on a cheating man.

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Is there an app for this for the iPhone?

I need to know the name of the app we are on the same plan on Verizon

FlexiSpy has a non-jailbreak iOS version of their spy app. It is fairly easy to install and you get full monitoring of everything he does on his phone. He will not know the app is on his phone and it will not show up in the Verizon account other than he may have an uptick in data usage.

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I think he's seeing someone else. I would like to track and spy on his Android?

I would like to track and spy on my hubby Android from my Android 100% free of charge? View email, text messages, listen to voice calls along with internet access? I have an Android Samsung

The only free way to do that is by peeking at his phone when he is in the shower or sleeping. The only issue with that is if he deletes content then you will not see it. Do not trust any "free" spy apps as they are just phishing for your contact details. Some spy apps do have a 7-day trial.

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Who is he texting all the time, am I being cheated on?

He's avoiding me and spending time with this Marie chick

If he is spending time with another female and not including you in any way, it is time to move on from the relationship. Unless Marie is a long time female friend of his, there is no reason to be spending time with her. While he may not have physically cheated, he is definitely emotionally cheating on you.

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Just wondering if the spy app must be installed on the other party's phone. I want to check on my son's activity?

May I install the spy app to view his messages or must it be on his phone

Yes, you must install the spy app directly on your son's phone. If he is away from home at school, buy him an "upgrade" phone and put the spy app on his phone before you send it to him. These apps even have features such as capturing images or sounds from the room remotely. Do your homework to get a really good app before you purchase one. Always check the reviews. Even try to contact them through their contact details to see how long it takes them to respond.

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Want to confirm. So my Fiance told me multiple times she's texting someone?

My Fiance told me multiple times she's texting someone but won't let me see her phone, I am not sure if she's saying it to make me mad, or she is serious. I have tried: Talking and checking her phone. I think it was caused by: Disloyalty, party, drinking, smoking

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Playing games in a relationship is not the way to behave like adults. Whether she is texting someone or not, she made the threat. Most likely she is not since it is human nature to not out your affair to your significant other. It is usually only fun when it is secret. So chances are she just said this to make you mad because she is mad at you. The best thing to do would be to have a long conversation with her about if this relationship has a future and how to resolve your issues. Couples have great success when they have an "Unplugged Weekend" which means no cell phones. Instead, a no bicker zone where you can both attempt to reconnect with each other. If you both do this, no bringing up past issues is allowed. It is simply about enjoying each other in the present.

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How do I spy on my friend's WhatsApp messages without her knowing?

I think she is doing bad things behind my back so I want to know how to spy on her WhatsApp messages

Rather than purchase a spy app, speak with her about your suspicions. If you are not happy with her answers then end the friendship.

How can I see who he is texting without downloading a bunch of nonsense?

Need help, love him but do not want to invest time to be given none. I have tried: I have taken it while he was asleep but that doesn't mean he couldn't have erased them ahead of time. I think it was caused by: I'm not too sure

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Downloading a spy app only takes about 15 minutes or less depending on how technically advanced you are. This will be the only way to see deleted text messages from him. Since he leaves his phone around while he is sleeping, there is probably nothing for you to worry about.

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