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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home

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Sir can I mix amla, hibiscus,Neem, Brahmi and Bhringraj to make oil for hair growth/regrowth? Or please tell which of these should be taken in making oil to promote hair regrowth?

Sir I am facing hair-fall since 1 year because of which my hair density has decreased and thin receding lines are forming in forehead,so I want to prevent hair-fall and at the same time promote hair regrowth in the fastest way..

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All of your ingredients and oils that you listed are excellent for thinning hair. You should also consider adding Castor Oil to the mixture or just use it alone with the hibiscus.

For making hibiscus oil..can the oil be heated first and then add the leaves and flowers to it?

For making hibiscus oil..can the oil be heated first and then add the leaves and flowers to it??


The oil should be heated to slightly warm temperatures to release the natural oils from the hibiscus flower and leaves.

Is dry bhringaraj and fresh bhringaraj equally effective in making hair oil?

Problem is Hair fall and premature graying of hairs


The bhringaraj is traditionally used in dry powder form to mix with the oil. People have also put fresh leaves in their oil along with the dried to infuse the oil even further while you store it. Dried herbs are often more potent because the concentration of the herb is higher per tablespoon.

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Making Hibiscus Hair oil, recipe calls for 5 flowers, I have organic dried?

How much of the dried hibiscus flower would equal to 5 flowers?

About 1/4 is equal to the 5 flowers. If you have the powder blend then only use 1/4 cup but the dried flowers can take the place of the whole fresh flowers if they are not ground up.

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Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home
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I want to make herbal hair oil for fallen, for grey hair?

1.fallen hair

2. black hair from greying -I used dye for a long times for black hair.

requirement herbal oil for all problems

Sage, hibiscus and Onion are great for thinning hair that is turning grey. Grate an onion and strain in cheesecloth. Squeeze out as much of the juice as possible and apply that your grey areas. Leave in overnight and wash out in the morning. You can add essential oils or hibiscus to cut down the onion smell.

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I have a very thick hair, and now I am suffering from hair loss, suggest me the best oil and method to make my hair healthier again?

I had very long hair but I had never applied oil and now I am regretting. please suggest me a suitable oil methods to make my hairs thicker, longer and shinier.

Grapeseed oil is excellent for thickening hair because of the high fatty acids and Vitamin E that it contains. You can add rosemary or lavender to the oil to add a pleasant smell and further benefits. Be careful to not use too much as the oil will weigh down your hair.

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How to stop baldness by using home made hair oil? Will pepper regrows hair in bald areas?

I want to use home made hair oil for my baldness as I am just 25 years old, my hair is falling rapidly, when I shifted my place for study purposes, my side hair and my forehead area is rapidly increasing just in a span of 7 months, so please help me, give me solutions to regrow hair in balded areas

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Cayenne Pepper has been shown to not regrow hair. You should use oils like Castor oil for the best chance of hair growth. Whatever method you choose, allow 30 days of using the method before you start to see any improvement, Here are some VisiHow articles that can assist you further in hair growth:

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Help-Dandruff, itchy scalp, heavy hair fall?

I have dandruff, itchy scalp and sweat a lot through hair. My hair became very thin in the past 4 months and my scalp at the front is almost visible. Can you please suggest how to reduce dandruff and also promote hair growth.. I have tried: I wash my hair every 2 days. If I use anti dandruff shampoo I have more hair fall and my hair becomes frizzy.. I think it was caused by: Dandruff?

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Want to start hair oil business in Malaysia please advice?

What is the cost and machine needed. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Nothing

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Can Hibiscus oil be prepared using Almond oil as base?

Hello,. Just wondering if I can replace coconut oil with Almond oil for preparing Hibiscus oil? If so, may I know the process please?. . Many thanks,. Regards,. K.T. I am not comfortable with very strong smell of Hibiscus oil prepared with coconut oil. Hence I am looking for mild carrier base. I have tried: I have tried Coconut oil as base so far. Sesame oil and olive oil are too hot for my body. I think it was caused by: I strongly felt coconut oil after adding hibiscus leaves and petals have too strong smell to handle.

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