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Get Rid of Chickenpox Scars

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Can I get rid of those marks in 2 weeks time?

I am a university student and I have that scar on my face. It is just one. Please help me get rid of it instantly


In two weeks time, Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter will begin to diminish the scar but will not completely remove it within that time frame. It is worth starting though so the scar will, at least, be less noticeable.

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How to get rid of chickenpox marks and redness on face?

After chickenpox disease. I had my pimples as well as scars, so I consulted a local skin doctor. She gave me a cream which reacted and burnt my face, due to this, my face had become reddish. So I need help to make my skin normal. I have tried: I tried many things for this, like home remedies and ayurvedic treatment as well homeopathic treatment. Finally, I lost hope in all things. I think it was caused by: I think this problem is mainly due to chemical reaction.

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She gave you a chemical peel which can take weeks to heal. Treat the burned area with the juice of a grated potato. Grate the potato and put in in a strainer. Put the strainer in a bowl and apply weight to the top of the grated potato. Use the liquid below to rub on your face and mix with Aloe Vera.

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How much it takes to clear skin from black spots when I use home remedy?

I was suffering from chickenpox last week, now my face was having many black spots. I have tried: Lemon juice, papaya, buttermilk, Aloe Vera, scar cream. I think it was caused by: Due to chickenpox


All the remedies you listed take at least a month to work. You will need to be patient and apply any of those remedies several times a day for healing to begin.

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