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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Can I get my girlfriend's call logs or call records without taking her phone?

We love each other too much. But a few days ago, she started not wanting to share anything with me. That is why I want to see the call logs or call records from her mobile without having access to her cellphone.

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If you don't have physical access to your girlfriend's phone, you won't be able to use any of the spy applications listed in the VisiHow article below. However, you will still be able to spy on her phone by using what's known as a remote install spy application. As the name implies, a remote install spy application remotely-installs itself onto your girlfriend's phone and sends you her call logs, internet usage, and text messages so you can monitor who she is talking to. Here is a list of the most popular remote install spy applications:

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These spy applications are not as reliable as those that are physically installed onto a phone. Besides, they may be illegal in your area. Before you try using any of these spy applications, contact your local law enforcement to learn about your area's regarding cell phone spying.

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How can I monitor my girlfriend's phone and Kik on an iPod I borrowed her?

I think she might be cheating and I want to see who she texts and what about.


If the device is an iPod Touch, then you can install as spy app like TruthSpy to monitor her Kik. As for her phone, you can also use TruthSpy or check out mSpy and FlexiSpy for their package deals for two devices.

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Hi, please help me, my girlfriend calls on my phone. How can I divert my phone?

How can I get my girlfriend calls on my phone, please help me with this problem I have, my girlfriend calls on my phone, how to divert my phone


FlexiSpy allows you to record phone calls once the app is installed on her phone. Be careful though as many States have a two party consent law for recording phone calls which if you get caught with these calls you can be prosecuted. The apps that record calls also cost around $350 a year. You will get many more features like monitoring social media apps, emails, SMS and her browser history. You can also activate the microphone to hear background without her knowledge with some of the spy apps.

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I need to track my girlfriend's mobile history?

I should know my girlfriend's call history & text messages history

Distrust in a relationship should be discussed with your girlfriend before you install a spy app to see her call history and text messages. You should have a really valid reason for suspecting her of cheating or danger before you violate her privacy in this manner. Any one of the spy apps on this page will allow you to monitor what you need.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need to hack my boyfriend mobile texts and calls, we are engaged, but he is talking with someone. I need to live perfectly so that I wish to know those, just secretly?

Hack mobile phone texts, calls, images, videos, browsing history. I have tried: I tried many apps, but all seem as fake one. Could not download the files, even if I downloaded files I can't open it, again asking confirmation, password blah blah. I tried even those, but no option to open the downloaded file. I think it was caused by: I and my boyfriend are engaged. And he is talking with someone else; I got to know it from someone, I need to confirm It.. to save my life..please help me

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Hacking into the phone without being allowed to do so by its owner is not a legal activity. You need to do it legally by using three ways.

  • First, ask a female friend whom he does not know to test him for faithfulness over the phone messages. You can ask her to message your boyfriend when you are with him to see how he reacts.
  • The second action that should be performed by you to save your marriage is to contact a private investigator who would gladly help you with marital infidelity investigations.
  • The third way is following our tips on how to make your marriage work.
  • If you really must need to use a Spy app then install one from these recommendations on this page. Your issue with the password and installation may be that you did not follow instructions and go into his settings first to enable Download from unknown sources.
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Does the cell spy stealth software to which you gave the link work in India?

Does the cell spy stealth software to which you gave the link work in India?

Any spy software works regardless of one's location. The problem is that privacy laws may differ from country to country, and you may not be allowed to install a surveillance program according to local laws (for example, in some countries, it may be illegal to spy on your children without their consent). Check your up-to-date privacy laws before you continue installing the program.

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My husband is cheating on me. He has affairs. His phone was locked. Can I get details of his call logs and WhatsApp messages? I can't install any application onto his phone.

How to get my husband call details and records?

If the smartphone is locked and you cannot install any applications on his smartphone, then you have two ways. The first one is applicable if your husband uses your own SIM card. All you need to do is to contact your carrier via the control panel (self-service) on its Web site, a phone call, or point of sale and request a bill print-out. You will receive detailed information on numbers that were dialed, from which the phone received calls, to which it sent messages, and from which it received messages with all of the fees.

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The other method is hiring a local private investigator who will look into the case of infidelity.

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