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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Can't see keyboard on Samsung 3 How do I do this please?

I downloaded the keyboard but I can't see it on the screen when I come to write a message No idea how to make it visible please


If have not launched the keyboard app yet, simply tap the app on your menu. The app will then guide you how to add it to your system.You can also do the following:

  • go to settings
  • go to language and input
  • under keyboard & input methods, choose the keyboard app (check it)
  • you can now enjoy using your new keyboard

You'll need to install the keyboard app if you downloaded the apk file. Make sure to check a box called unknown sources in your settings>security before installing.


After installing, you'll also need to set the keyboard as your default. You can do this by going into Settings>language and input:


I have a Samsung S4 mini and I have chomp downloaded to use emoticons but I cannot use emoticons when I am on Facebook via my phone?

I have a Samsung S4 mini and I have chomp downloaded to use emoticons but I cannot use emoticons when I am on Facebook via my phone?


Facebook has its own set of emoticons (especially for chat), you can use the following as a guide:


All you need to do is copy and paste it to your Facebook status or message.

I can't see emoji when messaging?

I can't see emoji when messaging on my alltel Samsung Galaxy S3. I use go SMS pro


Both you and the sender will need to have the emoji plugin for go SMS pro installed on your phones in order to view them. Check the play store here for the add-on:


You might want to go an extra step by rooting your phone and installing the emoji font pack here:


Are the messages being sent to you from Go SMS Pro as well? If your sender is using the app with the Go SMS Pro Emoji plugins, you will also need to install them on your phone in order to view the emoticons. You can install the plugin from the play store, or from the play store site here:

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Why can I not receive Emoji but I can send them?

I can not receive, they show up as "??=??". I can only send.

If you and your recipient are using Android smartphones, make sure you are both using the same SMS app with the same emoji plugins. Unlike iOS iPhones, the emoji fonts are not natively built in for Android devices.

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For something that both of you can use and view, try the Go SMS Pro app with the emoji plugins. You can find them in the play store or at the site here:


Again, both your and your recipient will need to have these apps/plugins installed in order for you to send and view the Emoji.

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Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3
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Using Emoji on Facebook and Instagram?

When I try to move the fallback_fonts.xml file to fonts under system, I am getting an error message because this file is a "read-only"


System files are read only and the only way you can rename or move them is if you have root access to your phone. You'll need to weigh the pros and cons of rooting your phone and if it's really worth it to do so.

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Why cannot I see Emoji sent back?

I have downloaded apps but I still cannot get it to work.

The applications that are in the app store all do not work when being able to send or decode Emoji. I have been using the same keyboard on my S3 and S4 devices. I can in fact give you the best application that I have used in terms of being able to use Emoji successfully. I have been using this application for about a year now to be able to decode my Emoji.

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Here is the link to the application for you to be able to download the application to your device:


Use the link above to be able to download the app directly to your device or remotely. In order to be able to set up this keyboard on your device you are going to need to perform the steps below:

-Go to settings

-Go to language and input

-Select the keyboard Emoji Kit Kat by checking the keyboard

-Tap on the default keyboard option

-Select the Emoji Keyboard from the menu

From here you will be able to use the Keyboard to send messages and decode Emoji sent to your device.

Cannot text because of lack of keyboard?

I'm new to Samsung phones/iPhones. I cannot see the keyboard when I try to text. I can see a grid of very small squares and it seems the characters are somehow there but I cannot see a keyboard (however I can see the numbers keyboard). I have tried: Go to TEXT screen and I can see the area 'Enter Message". Below there is a grid of very small squares I cannot see the keyboard with letters to type

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